Best Friend To Boyfriend – Indian Sex Stories

Best Friend To Boyfriend – Indian Sex Stories

Ok, so this is a story about how my neighbor. We went from not talking to practically texting me every day and I became a best friend to boyfriend.  I hope you like it. Let’s go!

My name is Rachit. I live in Mumbai. I am a 19 years old boy, wheatish skin tone, 5 feet 11 inches tall, average body build. I have a thick beard and mustache. I enjoy cricket and like making different dishes and trying cuisines.

I shifted into the building where I live, over 14 years back. I have been living here ever since. In 2008, a family shifted to my building from a place called Wadala in Mumbai. They were a simple Mallu family and consisted of a mother, father, the father’s parents, a daughter, and an elder son.

The daughter of the family was around my age. Her name is Arpita (name changed). She is a year older than me but started school a year late, so she studied in the same grade.

We went to the same school since Grade 4 and were close friends initially.  However, over the years, we drifted apart and became just ‘Hi-Hello’ friends. There was no urge to talk to the other person or even ask how their day went.

Cut to the present day. The social situation with Arpita is the same, and now, we are adults. To be precise, I am 18, and she is 19. And Arpita is no more a kid. She is a young, mature, and beautiful woman. To be honest with you, I have a crush on her.

However, it is not a ‘love’ crush or an ‘attraction’ crush. It is based on complete lust and hunger for the body. She has a curvy waist, ebony skin, curly and wavy black hair, a plump and slightly bulging ass, and big, soft, and juicy boobs. They must be at least 34C or 34B, at least.

She generally wore t-shirts and miniskirts or shorts. She somehow always managed to make sure that her curves’ shapes were seen, just a little bit. Never too prominent, never too absent. She would keep her hair open most of the time or had it in a ponytail.

She would also make a tight bun at times, which would look very gorgeous. And we all know what puberty does to you. Hormones fuck you up, and take over your body. You begin having an increased sex drive, mentally, of course. And now we get into the real deal, ladies and gentlemen.

We are now, as I told you, adults. On my 18th birthday, I had kept a small party and had only invited my school friends. I was not close to my friends in society. I had taken them for a movie and then for dinner. All of us had a great time, and I thoroughly enjoyed that day.

After the party, I was on my way back home. I went up to my floor in the lift and rang the bell of my house. Right then, Arpita stepped out of her house. I saw her and could not take my eyes off her. She was wearing a black sari, which had a slightly low-cut blouse, and had no makeup. She did not need any.

Her back was visible in the sari, and she wore the sari such that it ended close to her lower back. She had tied her long, shiny and wavy hair in a long ponytail, ending right above her hip. Man! I just could not take my eyes off her. She looked so gorgeous and hot in that sari, I got a boner right away.

She noticed me and said, “Hey, Rachit, how are you?”

“I’m great! What about you?”

“Off to a wedding.”

I swear to God, I did not say anything after that, just kept looking. All I felt like doing at that point was taking her in my arms and smelling her scent. Caressing her ass, cupping and gently pressing her breasts, which her blouse could barely contain. She kept adjusting the blouse and pulling it down.

“Hi, you ok?” she chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah, never mind.”

“Alright, I will catch up with you later!”

“Yea, have fun!”

And she left. That night, all that was in my mind was just having her near me and having sex with her. I masturbated to her that night and slept.

A week later, I was talking about a walk-in my society and happened to run into her. She, however, was not in a happy mood. That looked very suspicious to me. I walked up to her and asked her.

“Hey Arpita, everything cool? You don’t look ok.”

“No, it’s nothing, just some stress.”

“It’s fine. You can share whatever you want to share with me.”

Her swollen eyes looked at me for around a minute with no change in the stare. It was not a weird or angry stare. She was simply looking at me.

“Arpita, what happened? I am starting to worry now. Please just quickly tell me. I will…”

The next moment, she just burst into tears and turned away. That shocked me. I had honestly never seen her cry or even look sad. I kept my hand on her shoulder and turned her around.

She then told me in a soft voice, “I don’t want to talk right now. I guess I will just go home now. Thanks for looking out for me.”

“Hey, if I were in your place, I would have expected the same. I will see you later. Take care.”

She left after that, and there I was standing, all confused. What the actual hell was that?! All that happened in just 2-3 minutes. I just could not process any of it.

I was left with so many questions, like was I the reason, because I was looking at her, or did she have another problem. Did I say something? Man, those were 5 anxious minutes I spent walking nervously, knowing absolutely nothing.

Then something unexpected happened the next day. I was talking a walk downstairs when Arpita came from behind.

“Hey, how are you?”

“Hi, Rachit! About yesterday…”

“Hey, listen, there is no need to apologize. You needed help, I gave it, easy.”

“No, I was saying that. I wanted some more help and wanted to talk to you about it.”

“Sure! When?”



I had absolutely no idea where she would take me and the conversation we were going to have. But I kinda felt really excited to be alone with her. So, she took me behind the clubhouse of the society, where no one would go. It was a silent place, and there was a tube light over there illuminating the place brightly.

“Ok, Arpita, tell me, what happened?”

“First, promise me that you will not judge me.”

“Of course, I won’t! Come on, tell me what it is.”

“I will be honest with you. I have been facing a lot of issues with my parents. I am pursuing law, and you know how hectic it is. I can only meet my friends once a week and that too for only 2 hours. I just keep working all the time. I have also started to go to the gym.”

“But it’s just not enough. Mom keeps saying I must excel with a good percentage, or in other words, ‘Top the whole class.’ Dad is anyway not happy I am doing law, so you can see where I am stuck.”

“I know, I hardly see you walk around here. Woah! I had no idea it was that bad. So, have you ever tried talking to them?”

“No! They will kill me if I ever try to ask for any freedom or lease in this situation.”

I saw this is as a plan to get a treat in both my hands. This is where I could swoop in and do something memorable.

“I just don’t know how I will do something about this. I trust you in all these things because I have seen you be so positive and motivated in the toughest times. I just need some help from you. It kills me why I can’t…”

“Do you masturbate?”


“Tell me, do you? Be honest.”

“No, I mean, I don’t get time, and I feel a little weird thinking about it.”

“That’s because you never had someone do it.”

“What do you mean, Rachit?”

“It is a million times better when someone does it to you. It’s like you have no control over yourself, and it makes it so much hotter!”

“Woah! You know too much. Have you had it done for you?”

“Once, it felt like I was on Cloud 9!”

I lied to her about that. She was or could be my first one. All this talk had me visualizing her naked in my arm. I wanted to kiss her neck and gently moving my hands over her smooth, ebony-colored skin. I instantly got a big boner in my pants, and it wasn’t long before she took notice.

“OMG! What the hell is that!?”

I felt really embarrassed about it. I quickly covered it up and just brushed away the topic.

“Oh, that’s just, you know, just, never mind, so coming back!”

“No, I mean, I wasn’t scared or feeling embarrassed.”


“I obviously know that when you feel, like, a little excited, stuff like that happens. Wait…. Are you, umm, excited right now?”

There was no fucking way I could tell her that. But I had an idea in mind, and I just could not let go of it. I HAD to do something.

“Well, my plan is related to something like this. Listen, I will tell you something. You go home and try it. Trust me on this. I really want to see you happy.”

“Ok, what it is?”

“It is, is a thing, that, I, not me only, all ‘people’ do, when, when, you…”

“Rachit, I swear to God, this suspense is killing me! Just tell me!”

“Ok, ok, I will tell you. You should go home. And try to… try to… mas- masturbate.”

Right after I said that, she stopped looking all tense and worried. That scared me even more.

“Say that again.”

“I said you should go home and try to masturbate.”

She just kept looking at me, and it was not funny or cute anymore. It became weird and scary. For around 5 minutes or so, all she did was look at me and then the ground.

“Arpita, this staring and the silence is just making it weirder. Tell me what it is.”

“I have no idea what it feels like, and I am just scared to know. My friend once told me that doing it causes headaches and back pain all the time! I really want to know what it feels like. If there was someone who helped me or told me what to do, it would help me. It’s ok, I will just Google it.”

“No! I mean, what is the need? Whoever that is, is just overdoing it a lot. By the way, there is someone who can help you.”


I was very hesitant to continue speaking. My biggest fear was her disliking me or wanting to just slap me!

“Well, I can help.”

That is it. I could see the planets colliding and stars falling on the earth, explosions, and guns firing. Oh, how the world was ending. But amidst all those rushing feelings, a hand came and held mine, saying.

“Please, show me.”

What!? For real!? I could not believe my ears.

“I really need to know what this ‘feeling’ is, and I want it to be with someone I know. I mean, I know you somewhat, so yeah, why not take the chance.”

“Alright, I will show you,” I said in a quaky voice.

“What should I do, Rachit?”

“Well, for starters, remove your pants and panties, and umm, put your middle finger on your clitoris.”

I could not believe it. My dream was becoming true. All those times, when I thought about holding her, seeing her naked, feeling her close to me, they were happening. Gathering my senses, I came back to her.

She removed her panties, and I saw the best sight in the world. Her chubby vagina and curvy thighs. Her pussy lips were big, thick, and dark.

“Woah, Arpita! That is a fat pussy, oh I mean, vagina.”

“Duh Rachit, I know it’s called a pussy! I’m not 12!”

“Those lips! They look beautiful!”

Not only that, but she had shaved it also. I just won’t forget that sight, ever.

“Thank you!”

“Alright, let’s get down to business.”

“Well, where exactly is my clitoris?” she asked me.

I held her hand and put it on her clit. She looked at me for a second or two and asked, “Why are you helping me?”

“Well, I just am. That’s me!”

She just shrugged and chuckled at it and asked me, “Are you even sure what you are doing?”

“Yes, trust me here.”

I put my finger on it, and she gave out a little gasp. She tried to resist it, but I calmed her down and told her to just close her eyes and feel it. I slowly started rubbing it and then increased my speed. And with it, her gasps and moments of shock.

“Woah! What is that?”

It was amazing. Her pussy was getting wet instantly, and she kept gripping my hand, and it just became tighter and tighter.

“Go slow, Rachit! Slow!”

But I did not listen. I was enjoying it as much as her. I kept looking at her pussy and her belly, which just kept going in and out from all the heavy breathing. And her breasts were just mesmerizing! She was wearing a thin t-shirt, and her nipples had become hard. And then, she came closer to climax.

I started pulling her lips, and it was so good! They were like little rubber flaps. When I touched them and tugged at them, it was really satisfying. She would moan deeply and bite her lip.

“Oh, it’s getting wetter, Rachit!”

“You know Arpita, that day, when I saw you in that black saree, I just could not stop thinking about how gorgeous you were looking. Those curves, the long and shiny hair, the tight blouse, that low-cut saree at your back. I was in love,” I whispered into her ear seductively.

I then stopped rubbing her and put my finger into her pussy, and damn, it was flooded! All wet with her pussy juice, I could not resist myself. I went behind her, hugged her, dug my finger inside her deeper. She shrieked. I lifted her up and made her cum.

“Aah! Rachit! Fuck! Fuck! That’s it! Deeper! Deeper!”

I was so excited about all this. My boner became harder, and I started pressing my rock-hard dick against her clenching asscheeks. I was standing behind her to see down her t-shirt, and I clearly saw those big, juicy boobs with hard puffy nipples getting excited.

“Oh! Oh god, wh-wh-what was that!?”

“SSShhh! Someone will hear us! That was an orgasm. Doesn’t it feel good?!”

I removed my fingers from her wet dam and saw all that dripping juice on my fingers. She looked at it and was really confused. “What is that?”

“That’s, that’s your cum. It’s so fucking sticky and hot. You want to taste it?”

“What?! I am not mad to do that! What if I get an infection?!”

“Relax, nothing will happen. Here have a go.”

I put my hand towards her mouth, and she hesitantly opened it and, taking my fingers in, she looked really scared. She wrapped her lips around my fingers and slowly licked the juice off.

“It is, its, sweet, and a little sour.”

“That’s the best.”

Turning around, I saw her face, all covered with sweat. Her smell was just making my dick throb harder and harder. I was lost in the moment. I kept staring at her boobs and how they were going up and down.

She did not notice me staring. But when she looked at me looking at her breasts, she did not get angry.

“It does, but, Rachit, I think it’s time I help you.”


I knew I had hit the ball out of the fucking park. She took my hands and placed them on her boobs. Oh, my God! They were so soft! Like 2 pillows, and her nipples were rock-hard. She just looked at me with this look of love and satisfaction and kept coming closer and closer.

“Thank you, Rachit.”

And then we kissed. We kissed for a long time. It was steamy, hot, and arousing. I put my hands on her waist, and pressed her ass, started feeling her curves while her quaky hands were going through my hair. I started kissing her neck and then went on to remove her t-shirt.

“Wait, let it last longer, wait, wait…”

Man, was she enjoying this or what! The sweat from our faces, our steamy, and sticky bodies. Her curvaceous figure was all adding to the moment so much. She was caressing my back with her warm fingers and kept kissing my chest slowly, in a lustful manner.

I then went ahead to lift her t-shirt again and take it a step further. Suddenly she stopped me.

“I don’t like my breasts.”


“They are just too big and weirdly shaped.”

“There is no such thing, Arpita.”

I placed my hand on her cheek and told her, “It’s me. Just trust me here.”

I lifted her t-shirt. And. I did not regret it. Her breasts were like those of a Greek Goddess. Plump, hot, and soft breasts. Dark-colored areolas on a big bust. Man, my dick was about to explode! I gently cupped them and started caressing them.

I looked her in the eyes, kissed her again, and told her, “Arpita, you are just so beautiful and sexy.”


“Yes, I love you and your body, your soul, your heart.”

“That means so much to me, Rachit. No one has ever told me this. I always thought no one would take me seriously or feel anything about me. But here we are. Now, I think I need to see something.”

She went down and pulled my pants, and my dick came springing out! My 6.5-inch member had her in awe.

“Do you like it?”

“I love it, but I don’t know if I can take it all in me.”

I quickly picked her up, and pinned her against the wall, looked into her eyes, and put my dick on her pussy lips.

“Rachit! Slow! Someone will hear us!” she whispered.

“Are you ready?”

“I don’t know, I am still…”

I didn’t want her to fear this anymore, so I just went for it. As my tip just entered her vagina, her eyebrows became tensed, and she looked down at my dick.

“Oh, my God!”

I covered her mouth with my hand and went in. As my penis dug deeper, her face became more and more tensed and longer. I could tell that she had never even thought about such a feeling. Then I started thrusting slowly.

“Ah! Slow, Rachit, it hurts, b-b-but, it’s nice,” she said in a husky voice. I put my face into her warm breasts and started licking and kissing them. “Yes, like that, like that!”

I actually felt like lifting her up but was skeptical about doing it.

“Go harder, Rachit! I need that dick of yours!”

And I did. I was slowly edging closer and closer to cumming. I decided to make the act a lot more unique and memorable.

“Arpita, climb on me.”


I didn’t think much and lifted her in my arms, just how they do it in porn. She wrapped her legs behind my back, put her hands into my hair while I banged her against me, and started fucking my best friend. The sound of her ass and thick thighs hitting me and my balls touching her warm ass was just next level.

“Oh shit, Rachit! What the fuck is this? This is like they do it in porn videos and stuff!”

“I want to give you all of me!”

And I thrust even deeper. I was so deep, I could feel her vagina clenching at the end. She yelped louder and kept telling me to go harder and deeper. But I was getting closer. She would smile, moan, kiss me, and I would just go harder than before. After another 10 minutes, I could not hold myself back anymore.

“Arpita, I am going to cum inside you.”

“Yes, me too. I want to feel your love in me!”

I was seconds away from blowing all my hot semen into her pussy.

“Ah-ah-ah, here, it, comes!”

And I let all of it burst out into her pussy. Her pussy juices and my cum mixing felt like an elixir to me. She climaxed a second or two after me, and I could tell that this one was far better than the first one. I was still hard, and I felt her pussy clench onto my dick and wrap itself around it.

She hugged me tightly while she was in my arms and shivered from the trembling orgasm she got. I could feel how it was, like, her whole pussy was throbbing inside and clenched onto my hard dick so much. I let out some more cum.

“Rachit! Shit! I’m- I’m so wet!”

She was trembling a lot, and I could see it on her face.

“Ar-Ar-A-Arpita, you are trembling!” I said with a rushing breath.

“I know, I know, it’s just so intense and-and-and wet right now.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

She looked at me in the eyes, and let out a chuckle, and then whispered into my ears, “Rachit, this was more than enough for me to love you more now.”

“More? Wait, does that mean that…”

“Ssshhhh Rachit. We both now know it. Let us enjoy ourselves now. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, babe.”

When I said babe, believe me, she gave me this look that a kid will give you when you give them their favorite toy or candy. She smiled and just kept smiling.

All I could do was adore her pretty face and feel her body against mine.  Her smell was just so enticing, and her warm breasts were pillows just rubbing against my bare chest.

That was how my romantic fantasy turned to reality, guys. I hope you liked it. I will put out another one in some time, so stick around. Bye for now!

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