Birthday gift for an actress from a friend – Hot sex story

Birthday gift for an actress from a friend – Hot sex story

Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. So, I am 30 now and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6″, good looking and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any girl, woman, milf, etc. I am half Muslim.

You can read my stories here, and yes, they are real-life experiences just like this one about a birthday gift. I write these experiences as I want to share them anonymously with you guys. I am thoroughly enjoying speaking to the ladies and gentlemen who wrote to me with feedback.

I had been feeling bored and lonely lately and decided to make some new friends on social media. I had sent a girl named Dipannita a friend request, and she had accepted. We spoke for a couple of days.

We had mutual friends, and I came to know she is 20, from Siliguri. She is a theatre actress here in Kolkata and does some small TV roles. She was 5′ tall, dusky, with big Bengali eyes. We met for coffee once. On a Saturday, I messaged her, and our conversations started in Bengali.

Me- Hey, are you free today?

Dipannita- Yes, no shoot or rehearsals today. Why?

Me- Want to catch up?

Dipannita – Good that you asked me. Else I would have asked you to meet today.

Me- I guess it’s a win-win for me.

So, we planned for an outing. It was pre-Diwali, and the weather was very lovely. I picked her up from her PG. She was wearing a long loose dress. We went for a drive deep into Newtown. We settled down to watch the sunset across a lake and started chatting when I remembered something.

Me- Isn’t your birthday sometime now?

Dipannita- It’s today.

Me- And you had no other plans?

Dipannita- Well, no one else asked me, and I haven’t spoken to anyone in the past few days.

Me- Why?

Dipannita – I don’t like most of the people around me.

Me- Understandable.

Dipannita- You want to smoke a joint?

Me- You have weed?

Dipannita- I’m from Siliguri, of course, I do.

Me- Light it up.

She lit up the joint, and we were smoking it up when she asked

Dipannita- Is it nice?

Me- It’s the smoothest I’ve had. Probably because it’s been to your lips.

She gave me a half-smile smirk at me. Honestly, I didn’t know if she wanted to slap me for my cheesiness or was generally surprised at my attempt at flirting. She spoke

Dipannita – Just because I work in bad TV shows means you will give me those cheesy lines?

Me- A man needs to try.

We finished the first joint and lit up another. She had snuck close to me, and my hand was around her shoulder. There was no one around for as far as I could see, and the Sun had almost set. I told her we should leave now. She got up and stumbled a little.

I realized she had felt the buzz from the joint. I was fine, though. I had my arm around her for support, and she had her arms around me.

We got in the car, and she reached in to kiss me. She missed my cheek and kissed my neck, and it really made my body tingle up. She had her arms around my neck and wanted to kiss me more. She got up on the seat and started kissing me. I tried to stop her as I felt she was high, and maybe she wasn’t herself.

Me- Stop it. Maybe you’re just high and doing this.

Dipannita- I know I’m high. I just need the joint for some courage. Now shut up and let me have some sweets to get me higher.

She put her leg across and got on top of me. I pushed my seat back to give her space. She started kissing me hard. We could smell the weed off each other’s mouths. I started pressing her boobs, and they were so very soft and supple that I started getting hard in my pants.

We made out for 5 minutes, and I had to let my dick out of my pants else I would have died. She saw that and got back on her seat, bent over, and grabbed my dick.

Dipannita – Fuck! This is a big cock! I am going to smoke this harder and longer than any joint!

Saying that, she started blowing me. Now, this was truly and honestly, the most pleasurable mouth that has roamed my cock. Her mouth was hot and wet. Her tongue was running circles around my dick, making me lose my mind.

It was dark now and completely silent except for our moaning. I was moaning louder than her. This 5-foot-tall, 20-year-old girl, was giving me the blowjob of my life, and I loved every second of it.

She was licking my dick’s pink top, driving me insane, when she flicked and ran her tongue in the slit of my penis. It was amazing and beautiful. She licked my dick from top to bottom and kept sucking. Sometimes hard, and sometimes she slowed down.

She was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime, and I knew I had to make up for it.

Dipannita – Oh, I love this cock so much. It really feels so right in my mouth. Fuck yes!

She kept sucking. I got up and grabbed her by the waist, and put her legs over my shoulder. I lifted her dress up, expecting to find her panty, but there was none. She said

Dipannita – Don’t be surprised. I came to you with an intention. Now give me my first birthday gift.

I was over the moon, and I started licking her pussy. We were in 69 position in my car. This was the first time for me to do this. I was thrilled. Her pussy was already wet, and that turned me on more. She felt dick twitch in her. There is nothing sexier than a person who gets horny from pleasuring their partner.

Her pussy tasted fresh and very lovable. I really wanted to make sure I returned the favor of pleasure this young dusky girl was giving. So I licked her hard and with passion. I don’t know how long it had been, but I could feel her orgasm building.

She was arching her back and gripping my dick tight. Her body was starting to vibrate a little. I knew she would burst soon, and I wanted to taste more of her. But she surprised me as we got off suddenly to slide my dick in her wet hot pussy. Her hip was vibrating as she took me in.

She adjusted and started riding me slowly but took my dick in very, very deep. I was overwhelmed at her skill and was staring at her, but she had her eyes closed. She was fucking me very well, and I was enjoying it. Since she was already close to her orgasm, I decided to push her.

Suddenly, I started thrusting in her from below, and I could feel my dick go in deeper and enter her cervix. She was surprised. She couldn’t stop herself and opened her eyes wide and screamed a little.

Dipannita – Fuck, fuck, fuck! Your dick is tearing me up. No dick has gone in so deep! I’m cumming! Oh, fuck, yes!

She vibrated, and I could feel a dense gush of her cum flow down my dick. Her pussy contract my dick very hard. She reached down to smooch me while panting hard and moaning.

Dipannita- This is the best birthday gift I could have asked for. What a dick you have! You don’t know how happy you’ve made me.

She kissed me and lied to me. My dick still hard inside her, but she needed to take a breather. Suddenly we saw a pair of headlights driving towards us.

I know this story was extremely long. But if you want to know what happens in the next part, send me feedback at [email protected] or on Instagram – writer_abhi.kapur. Also, don’t ask me for the contact details of the girls in my stories.

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