Blackmailed and fucked ex-girlfriend before marriage – sex story

Blackmailed and fucked ex-girlfriend before marriage – sex story

Hello people, I am Ravi(name changed) from Chennai, working in IT for the past 4 years. My age is 28 and my lover’s age is 27. Her name is Nandhini (name changed). Let me describe her body to you all. She is a bit dusky and guys always look at her boobs. Her stats are 36-30-34. This is a true story.

We are in love for more than 2 years since her college days. I used to take her to films in EA, Mayajal, Sangam etc, and play with her boobs really hard. I always get a special hard-on when I touch her boobs as it is in perfect shape to hold and suck. She was my love and I did not have any bad intentions for her and did not plan to take her to bed.

Then everything got changed, once she started earning. She started to maintain her body and started wearing tight tops and jeans which showed off her top view.

Later, I started questioning her about her dressing sense as I really didn’t like it when others saw her with crooked eyes. She had an answer for all my questions and told me to be broad-minded or else she said we should end our relationship.

A few days later, she introduced me to her officemate, Madan. As days passed, Madan and I became friends and used to hang out in the bar. He used to say that your girlfriend’s appearance has changed a lot in the 8 months from her date of joining.

He told me, “I want to be franker with you. I have a few special photos of her. Please see those and tell me how your girlfriend is behaving in office.”

I was stunned to see her photos. Many guys were ogling at her boobs daily. Madan asked me directly, “Have you fucked her?” I said, “No, apart from touching her boobs and pussy, I haven’t had real sex with her.”

He cursed me for that and told me to fuck her well, if not she will leave me one day. After some mixed feelings, I thought about what Madan had said and directly asked Nanshinito have some real fun. She said, “No,” and we had some misunderstanding and our relationship broke up.

After 6 months, in November 2019, she called and told me that her engagement is fixed and she has decided to move on with her life. I was deeply hurt and told her that I wanted to meet her one last time before her marriage.

In the meantime, I got a call from Madan saying that Nandhini had an affair with her manager for promotion. She is a perfect sex bomb as our manager used to fuck her regularly in his ECR guest house for nearly 1 month until he released the promotion offer.

After hearing all this, I decided to fuck my ex-girlfriend hard and make her a bitch before her marriage. I made a call to her and told her what I had heard from Madan. I told her that you have to satisfy my needs before you get married.

Now I was in a position to demand what I wanted. I told her, “Your no more my lover, but I want you to be my bitch for 2 days. I want to fuck you well in both your holes.” I also told her to get ready for a trip to Ooty. She should inform her parents that it was an official trip and we would spend the weekend together.

On Friday night, as we had planned we met at the Central Bus Depot. I was stunned to see her. She looked like a perfect bitch with big boobs and ass.

I said, “Nandhini..ha..ha what a body. I must say that now you can handle more than 2 boys at a time. I don’t have any love for you. I just want to fulfill my lust and throw you out of my life.”

She was ready for everything that I said and commanded her to do, as she didn’t want to spoil her wedding. Once we reached Ooty, I told her not to wear a bra and told her to go to a nearby medical shop to buy a condom pack.

When she was buying it, I could see the lust of the boy in the shop and he started adjusting his dick. I was very proud to have such a girl with me and cursed myself for not having fucked her till now.

I had an idea to even share her with her office mates who were in lust on her body and informed Madan that were in Ooty. I told him, “Let me fuck her well and later will inform you. Please be ready and inform your friends also. We can have gang-bang with her.”

Once we reached the hotel, I told her to get undressed and we are going to be in room only for the next 2 days. She was wearing rose-coloured churidhar and a pink bra. I started to kiss her from the top to bottom.

I made her kneel down and told her to unzip my pants and suck my cock. She was very shy and once she had my dick in her mouth, she started to suck it. I was in a dream to see her hanging boobs in her bra. It was such a wonderful view. So that was the reason why she got such a quick promotion.

In order not to cum soon, I had taken a Viagra and told her to lie on the bed. I started to kiss her neck and tore her bra. Her boobs were jumping and I saw a mole in the center which added even more mood to my dick.

I started to suck her boobs for nearly 30 minutes and removed her panties. She had a clean shaved pussy. I started to lick it and later she was turned on and started begging me to insert my dick. She told me, “Don’t treat me as your lover now, fuck me as your bitch. I need a dick in my hole and not your true love.”

I told her to put on the condom and started pumping her pussy. I continuously fucked her for 1 hour because of the Viagra effect and the room was full of her loud moaning.

We both were much satisfied. Then she told me, “Now I have given you want you wanted and had become your bitch for 2 days. After this, you should not disturb me in my life.”

But I had some different plans. I shall describe them if I get a good response to this story.

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