Bollywood actress aspirant girl fucked by producer – Sex story

Bollywood actress aspirant girl fucked by producer – Sex story

Hello friends, my name is Reeti Sexsena. I am a 21-year-old girl from Bihar. Eight months ago, I came to Mumbai to become an actress. I wanted to become a Bollywood star like Alia.

I started living in Andheri with two other girls who used to work as nurses. But now they have gone to their hometown, so I am alone.

For the last two months, I have no job and no audition to go to. So my producer friend suggested that I write stories. From school time, my English is very good. So he encouraged me to write stories from my experience.

Now my papa sends me money for food and rent. But I want to earn my own money. If I write a good story, then maybe I can sell it for money. My producer friend told me to use different names, so I will change the names of all characters.

Let me start by describing myself. I am a fair thin girl with long black hair. My measurements are 34-23-34. My bra size is 32B. Everyone says I have a cute face and doll-like body.

I am not a virgin. One year ago, my uncle Girish took my virginity and taught me everything about sex before sending me to Mumbai. Girish and I are not related. I just call him ‘uncle’ because of his age. He said I will need it to become a successful actress.

Also after coming to Mumbai, I started wearing bold clothes, sleeveless tops, and shorts for all auditions. With so many adult web series coming, I wanted to show them that I can do bold scenes. I tell them this during the auditions but they reject me saying I have small boobs.

I want to change their mind so I want to share my sex experiences using these stories.

Getting to the story, the first time I had sex in Mumbai was with a producer named Dhiraj (name changed).

When I was in Bihar, two years back, my uncle told me about his producer friend Dhiraj Kapoor. He was the one who found me a room for rent in his building. He was a 45-year-old married man with a son of my age. He had a wife but he had also made girlfriends outside.

Also, every month once or twice, I go with Dhiraj to parties as his girlfriend and in return, he promises to get me auditions. There I get to see many TV actors and actresses and make contacts with new producers. So far I have done two small appearances in TV shows. But I am still waiting for my break.

Now, let me start with the story. I came to Mumbai last year in October. I arrived at CST very early in the morning, around four. There I was supposed to meet with uncle’s producer friend Dhiraj. I did not see what he looked like but Uncle gave him my photo.

I was sitting alone on a bench outside the train station. There I saw a fat bald man approaching me. He was so fat that his shirt buttons were stretched and I could see his belly from there. I was disgusted by his looks so I turned around. But the same guy came to me and introduced himself as Dhiraj Kapoor.

I joined hands to say “namaste” but then he pulled me close for a hug. He was squeezing me tightly when he said, “This is how we say namaste in Mumbai.”

We sat in a taxi to go to Andheri. Dhiraj sat next to me. I called him “uncle ji” but he corrected me saying, “Call me Dhiraj.”

Sitting in the backseat, Dhiraj talked to me about home and my parents. He knew everyone in the village.

Then he asked me about what I know about acting. I had done a lot of acting in school plays but no theater. We didn’t have a professional theater in my village.

The producer then said, “It will be difficult to be successful like this so you will have to join a class. Don’t worry.” he said and then kept a hand on my thighs.

That time, I was wearing a blue Punjabi dress along with a dupatta. So my body was fully covered. Still, I was scared. But my uncle told me to do as Dhiraj says and never talk back. So I did not resist.

Then he started slowly massaging my thighs. He continued to talk about acting and asked which actresses I like. But slowly his hand was going close to his pussy. My legs started shivering. Even after having sex with Girish uncle five times before that, I was still scared.

It took us a very long time to reach Andheri and by then, Dhiraj had slipped his hand inside my underwear and was rubbing my wet pussy. Every time I looked at him, he smiled back showing his reddish-brown teeth. Dhiraj eats a lot of paan so his teeth are not good. While in the car, Dhiraj made me have an orgasm!

When we got out of the taxi, the driver smiled at me. I did not make any sounds, but he must have seen me close my eyes when I came.

That moment, I knew that he was a pervert. (The driver’s name was Raju and since that day, he kept his taxi booked to take me for auditions. Also, I have had sex with him during one late-night audition. But that’s a different story.)

Producer Dhiraj took me to his house on the ground floor to introduce me to his wife Bimla and his son Ajay. Ajay was a good looking muscular guy of my age. I was very much attracted to him when I looked at his biceps. He had just come from the gym at that time.

After giving tea and biscuits, I talked to Bimla aunty for some time while Dhiraj changed into house clothes. I was feeling very uncomfortable because my underwear was wet with my juices. When I got up to greet Bimla aunty, I saw a wet stain on the sofa where I was sitting. So I did not move while talking to her.

We talked for ten minutes. Bimla aunty too knew all about my family and my village.

Then Dhiraj took me to my room on the second floor. The room was locked because the two nurses who were supposed to live with me had not returned from their night shift at the hospital.

The room was a good, small 1BHK apartment with a small kitchen. Even though I came later, Dhiraj said he made a special arrangement so that the nurses will have to sleep in the hall and I got the bedroom for myself.

Inside, he said he had a surprise for me. He opened the cupboard to show me the new dresses he had bought for me. I was happy to see them but they were too revealing compared to the kind of dress I used to wear.

“Try it on,” he said, picking one of those dresses.

I picked them and was going to the bathroom. But then he grabbed my hand saying, “Change in front of me.”

My hands were shaking but I slowly took off my clothes. When I was wearing just my bra-panty, he told me to take them off saying, “You don’t have to wear them while you are in Mumbai.”

When I took off my underwear, I kept my hair forward to cover my breasts and my hands to cover my pussy. But then he requested to show him my body.

He was sitting on the bed with his legs wide open. I could see his erection inside the loose lungi he changed into after coming home.

For the first time, I was naked in front of a man! Not even my uncle had seen me completely naked when we had sex. I was so embarrassed. Excited, Dhiraj took his dick out and started stroking. I closed my eyes and looked away. He called me saying, “Girish told me you are not a virgin, let me just confirm that.”

He invited me to come and sit on his lap. I did as he said. He made me turned around and slowly, he inserted his dick in my pussy and started fucking. He held me by my hip and started moving me up and down. I was small compared to his huge body. He fucked me for two minutes in that position.

Then he made me rest on the wall as he fucked me from behind. While he did that, my feet couldn’t touch the floor so I had to balance myself on one toe. When he was close, he told me to get on my knees. Then he sprayed his cum on my face. He was happy to know that I was not a virgin.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of the door unlocking. They were my new roommates. So he told me to run to the bathroom with the clothes. I did exactly that.

This was my first sex experience with a film producer.

Now during the lockdown, while I live alone, every two-three hours he comes to my room to check on me and then we have sex.


Please, boys and girls, I am waiting for your feedback. Also, if you know any film producers, please let me know.

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