BPO guy meets bold and sexy Bengali colleague – Desi Tales

BPO guy meets bold and sexy Bengali colleague – Desi Tales

Hey everybody, greetings of the day! My name is Star boy. Today, I am going to share with you my real experience which I had with my colleague in the year 2018.

I always seek an opportunity when it comes to sex. For me, sex is something that involves ecstasy, intimacy, seduction, love, romance, hardcore-fucking, etc.

Let’s begin the story.

Back then in 2018, I was working with a BPO firm as a chat expert. My job there was to provide solutions to my clients who were abroad.

I had some experience with different organizations and I also had the advantage of being outspoken in front of new people. (If you ever had an experience with a BPO, you can understand how much an individual can enjoy at this workplace.)

Most people have told me about their honeymoon period which they had during their training period. Finally, the day arrived when my actual honeymoon period started when I first saw this girl of my fantasies.

She was a perfect Bengali girl with a clear complexion and an athletic body. She used to practice karate (she told me that during her introduction when she joined my firm) and this was her first job.

I immediately had an idea and tried to build some conversation with my sexy Bengali colleague so that I will get to know more of her. Her name was Miss P Roy. At that time, I wasn’t aware that she would be the one who will fulfill all my fantasies and desires and would be the one to take me to the next level of friends with benefit.

As I told you, I was trying to build some conversation with her so I did my best. And finally, I got my hot Bengali colleague’s phone number.

One night when I texted her over WhatsApp, she replied to me.

Me: Hey!! How are you?
Miss Roy: Hi, so tell me what brings you here?
Me: Just you. (I was literally shocked how could she say that, I mean directly I was confused between 2 statements).

Miss Roy: I can sense some sort of flirting vibes over here.
Me: Of course!! How can somebody resist? (Immediately I got the point that our chat will go further, all I needed was to provide the path).

Miss Roy: No need to worry buddy, come over the phone call. I have heard late-night calls are more effective than anything else in the world.
Me: Certainly (My eyes were glittering. Meanwhile I was thinking about how to take control over her mood).

Suddenly, I got a phone call and I was on cloud 9. The voice which I heard near my ear was the voice of that girl who will be fulfilling all my desires.

She was the one who was going to help me reach my level of ecstasy. We started talking over the phone. I will not take you to that part. Let’s come to the point which you want to hear from my side.

I simply asked her a question, and the question is: “Will you be able to take me to the next level of everything?”

She replied, “You have guts because you have asked me directly about it.”

“I don’t know how and I don’t know why I’m talking to you, but when I first saw you, I first immediately got attracted towards you. I did some background verification of your profile and you seem genuine to me. Definitely, I will give you whatever you want from my side.”

(Trust me guys, when I heard this at that moment I was overjoyed. I cannot forget it in my life. This was my first time when I was hitting on a girl directly.)

I never had this type of experience before. We talked about almost everything regarding our career, our office work, family, friends, and one and a half hour quickly passed by.

After that, our main conversation started. It started with a kiss, a kiss full of desires, lust, and intimacy. My Bengali co-worker was a desirous lady who would lead me towards the urge which she was carrying herself.

While talking to her, I was checking on her. I was trying to find out how much she will be comfortable with me in the bed.

There is a good thing about me. I always go for free consent when it comes to intimacy, so I immediately asked her how do I look and trust me guys hopefully everything was in my hand and she responded to me very well.

Her responses made me hornier for her. We were kissing over the phone call like anything. I was getting mad. I started exploring her over the phone call as if I was sitting in front of her.

I examined her very well during my training sessions so I took advantage when I was with her over the phone sex. I started kissing her madly by praising the Bengali colleague girl’s beauty which she carrying herself.

She had an amazing body which I won’t be describing as her figure right now. That we will discuss later on. She was the one who witnessed each and every feeling which she had for me on the very first day over that phone call.

While discussing such things, I immediately got an idea. I should stop this to get the real interaction with her and to feel the thrill and fun. So I made her comfortable and pampered her.

As I told you guys about the two statements which I had when she first asked me. Why are you here? Try to remember if not then go to the beginning of the story.

The first statement was, “I am here to fuck you so hard that I’ll become marijuana to you.”

The second statement was, “I am here to make you comfortable so that we can chat or talk further.”

In my next part, I am going to tell you how I am met with my Bengali colleague at my place. How she will become my sexy angel and “The goddess of my desire.”

Please feel free to provide your feedback to [email protected] On the basis of your responses, I will post my next part. So guys, make sure you give a fair judgment.

Thank you for reading.

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