Brenda sex stories

Brenda sex stories

Brenda sex stories She waited in the bar. She waited with anticipation. She looked at her watch 7.26. He would be here in 4 minutes. She felt a hint of excitement. But then a bit of guilt. Her husband at home with the children. She sipped her wine. Watching the other people in the bar. She told her husband she had a meeting tonight.

Brenda was 35. She had long dark hair 5 ft 10 D Cup bust. Blue eyes and a slim fit body. She wore a sleeveless white round neck dress that hugged her body with a keyhole on the front catching a glimpse of her cleavage. The dress sitting mid thigh. She got a text from her husband. ‘ Kids in bed. Hope your having a good meeting. Bye see you later.’ She looked up and saw him. She waved as he saw her.

Kevin a 55 yr old businessman 5’11 short graying hair wore a suit well tailored. They sat and talked.

7.45 they got into the lift up to his hotel room. She walked to the balcony looking out at the city lights. She turned as he stepped out and kissed his lips. His wife back home a 1 hr flight away.

” Good to see you ” he said.  Slim Jism wali Behn ko Choda
” You to ” she replied.
” You look amazing ” he said his hand on her hip.
” Thanks ” she said to her father in law. She kissed his lips again. They found there way to the lounge they kissed he fondled her. She sat on the couch undoing his trousers pulling them down. His cock springing to attention. She grabbed it stroking it. Her lips finding there way over his knob. She sucked his full length gagging as she deep throated him. He held her head pushing his cock into her mouth. She then stroked it as she licked his knob and shaft. He removed his shirt and tie. She stood up. He kissed her lips fondling her body.

He turned her around unzipping her dress letting it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it. He walked pulled out the handcuffs handcuffing her hands
” On your knees ” he ordered. She got onto her knees and Kevin picked up his phone dialing. ” ” Ready ” he said. He waited a minute and circled his cock around her lips as there was a knock at the door. He blind folded her and answered the door naked.
” Greg ” Kevin said letting him in. Brenda heard them talk as Greg undressed. “Here she is ” Kevin said. “My daughter in law.” Brenda on her knees blindfolded wearing a white lacy bra and matching g string.
” Nice ” Greg said she felt a knob on her lips, she opened her mouth as Greg pushed his cock in her mouth holding her head deep throating her. She gagged as after a while they swapped cocks.

They stood her up and standing each side of her fondled her body rubbing there cocks against her hips. They squeezed her breasts over her bra.
” Nice big tits.” Greg said kissing her cleavage and then her lips as Kevin slid a hand to her groin rubbing over her underwear. Greg unclipped her bra lifting it over her breasts. They fell out. Greg fondled them and sucked her nipples as Kevin knelt pulling her underwear to the floor. She stepped out of them. Greg undid her handcuffs. He pulled her bra off. They lay her on the bed. It was now dark outside. She lay there as Kevin licked her pussy out as Greg fondled and caressed her breasts sucking her nipples. Kevin circled her clit sliding his fingers in her juicy pussy. Greg then lifted her head guiding his cock in her mouth. She sucked it as Kevin’s tongue found it’s way to her vagina opening. Kevin lifted her legs and she opened them wide. Greg guiding his cock in her mouth.

After five minutes they swapped. Greg licking her clit and pussy lips as Kevin’s cock found it’s way into her mouth.

” Fucken nice pussy.” Greg said tasting her juices.
” Yeh ” Kevin said.” It is. Greg lifted his cock to her pussy rubbing it with his knob. He found her vagina opening with his knob and slid his cock deep inside her. She groaned as Greg fucked her with Kevin’s cock in her mouth. Greg reached up fondling her breasts as he plunged her hard and deep. Kevin got up uncuffing her. Greg withdrew they repositioned her. Her arse on the end of the bed. Greg stood lifting a leg her ankle on his shoulder. He guided his cock back into her thrusting her pussy. Kevin knelt above her her head back he put his cock in her mouth. He held her hands as she sucked and Greg fucked her. A few minutes later they swapped. Kevin slid his cock in her as Greg put his cock in her mouth. They then knelt at her side.

” Open your mouth.” they ordered. They wanked there cocks. Greg lifted her head his knob on her lips. He cum. He filled her mouth with semen. She licked it off his cock and swallowed it. As Kevin did the same Greg licked her pussy.

They cleaned her up giving her a drink. They stood her up after a few minutes. They stood her at the end of the bed bending her over handcuffing her hands to the bed rail she bent over Greg slid inside her standing doggy style with his re hardened cock. Kevin stood watching sipping a drink watching his sons wife been fucked. Kevin picked up a tube of lube from beside the bed. He set his drink on the bed side table he stepped next to her watching Greg fuck her doggy. He squeezed lube over her arse rubbing it between her arse cheeks. He rubbed it over her anus sliding a finger inside her, he stood finger fucking her anus as Greg fucked her pussy. Her anus now getting wider and lubricated. Greg pulled out of her pussy as Kevin squeezed lube on Greg’s cock.

Greg rubbed it over his cock as Kevin patted her arse cheeks. Greg rubbed his knob around her arsehole, she took a deep breath as he slid it in her arse.

” Never had it up the arse bitch” Kevin said as she groaned and winced. It hurt a bit but she enjoyed it.
” No ” she said as Greg fucked her arse. Kevin got on the bed putting his cock in her mouth grabbing her head pulling her head into him. She gagged as he deep throated her. Greg slapped her arse as he fucked it. After a while they swapped. Kevin lubed his cock penetrating his daughter in laws arsehole holding her cheeks open as her fucked her. She moaned as they stood at her rear taking turns in her arse. Eventually Greg cum in her arse. He pulled out for Kevin to re insert himself. Greg’s cum and the lube lubricating her. Kevin eventually cum in her arse.

They untied her and lay her on the bed. They re hand cuffed her. Both guys went and showered. She felt the semen running out of her arse as she lay there.

Minutes later Greg returned sitting next to her. He ran his hands over her body. Her breasts and pussy and face. He kissed her lips as Kevin returned sitting on the other side doing the same both guys rubbing her pussy her breasts .

” Better let you get home to your husband.” Kevin said. They uncuffed her. She showered and dressed. She left her pussy and arse feeling like they had been fucked.

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