Call of booty from my hot reader – Virgin sex story

Call of booty from my hot reader – Virgin sex story

Hello XIS family! I hope you all are doing good during times like these. Thank you so much for your feedback and support for my previous story and those crazy-ass nudes and videos. It really turns me on watching you all finger yourselves.

This story is about how I took the virginity of a hot sexy woman after getting a call of booty. I receive a lot of e-mails from all you readers all over. One fine day I came across an e-mail from a woman name Saumya. She began to compliment me about my stories and how she got turned on by it.

Let me tell you all about Saumya. She had quite a height, around 5’9. She was 24. She had an amazing dusky skin tone. She was quite chubby, but she looked damn hot. Since she was chubby, she had an amazing body. She had big jugs and thick as fuck because she began to workout.

Those squats finally paid off because she had a nice big round ass, which used to drive me nuts. We began to chat and get know to know each other more. I tried to gain her trust. She told me that she was a virgin, to which I was quite shocked. Because she looked really damn hot.

She told me that guys used to often reject her because she was chubby. So, she finally began to workout. Our chats kept getting wild day by day. We used to chat till 4 in the morning for 4-5 hours. Soon we began to video call. She was quite submissive and really horny.

She finally began to vibe with me and wasn’t embarrassed anymore. On the video call, I used to order her to insert cucumber and carrots up her vagina. She was really very horny, and she could make any guy hard. She finally found someone with whom she could be free and open without feeling embarrassed.

She used to tell me to video call her while I was showering. Sometimes watching me even she used to get wet in the shower. She used to use the jet spray on her pussy and finger herself, and also moan. She used to masturbate at least 3-4 times a day.

I used to tell her to face her ass towards the camera, and I would tell her to spank herself with the belt. She used even moan like crazy while rubbing her pussy. She really enjoyed doing all this. This was going on for a week at least.

She finally couldn’t control the urge of sucking and getting her love hole drilled for the first time by a real cock. She told me that she wanted to take things further. She wanted me to spend a night over. She told me it’s her first time and not to disappoint her at all costs.

I told her, “Try me, and you shall never regret it.” We booked an Oyo room for a weekend. The day arrived, I finally got to meet Saumya. I see her waiting in the lobby. She was wearing a casual tight top and those tight jeans. Her ass looked amazing, curvy as fuck.

We finally took our keys and boom off to our room. As soon as I shut the door. I grabbed her ass, pulled her closer, and began to kiss her. She began to respond very well. We kissed each other so passionately that she literally bit my lip.

I put her against the wall and began to kiss her from behind, all over her neck, ears, cheeks, etc. I could feel my hard dick rubbing on her ass. I pushed her on the bed and began to undress her and kiss every part of her body. She also began to play with my dick with her hands all over it.

I went licking right down to her vagina. I went down, kissed her inner thighs, and then kissed her wet pussy. I began to eat her pussy like crazy. Her moans kept getting louder. We then did 69 position, feeling lusty and sexy . I fucked her mouth with my dick while eating her pussy.

It was so amazing, and she was enjoying it. Finally, I went to insert in a missionary position. I slowly put it in. She felt pain as it was her first time. I began to fuck her very slowly. She felt pain in the beginning. We took a break. We had some oral sex, which was amazing too.

I kept eating her pussy more, trying to loosen it up. I then tried fucking her in the doggy style. She began to enjoy it now. But her moans were fucking loud. Her body was literally shivering. I began to increase my pace even more while spanking her from behind.

I put her panty in her mouth and began pounding hard cause she was damn loud. I then took her to the bathroom. I put soap all over her body. I massaged those big melons of her and even that thick ass booty. Even she put soap on me and began to stroke my dick while we kept eating each other’s lips.

It was really amazing. I even dried her up with the towel and took her bed, cuddling and kissing her all over her neck, ears, boobs. We slept naked, hugging each other.

The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast. Then we began to have the last session before check out. My cock was damn hard due to the morning boner when I woke up.

I made her suck my dick before pounding her. We did all sorts of cool positions, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and many others, until I came on her tits.

Fake accounts, please stay away. I won’t be entertaining anybody that keeps asking me to share contacts of women. I keep all this very discreet and confidential.

Any fun couples, divorced, unsatisfied housewives, or any woman who wants to spice up their sex life, feel free to hit me up. You won’t be disappointed. I hope to be back soon with a wild reader of mine. I love fucking my readers, especially when they’re housewives. I love satisfying you all sexually.

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