Cleaning woman becomes my wife for a day! – Sex story

Cleaning woman becomes my wife for a day! – Sex story

Hello readers, I am 19 years old with a hunky and fit body and with a height of 5’9″. I do regular workouts and have maintained my physique over the years. desi chudai ki kahani 2022

This incident happened 2 years ago during the month of October. It was Diwali season and 2 weeks before that, my parents had to leave for the village due to some family dispute regarding ancestor’s land. I couldn’t go with them because after Diwali, I would be having my semester examination and also, I couldn’t miss my prelim tests in my coaching class.

Since I was a top-ranker, in my academics, my parents were stressed about leaving me alone. My parents instructed me about everything. I knew how to cook.

The day arrived when my parents left for the village. I went to drop them at the station in the evening and returned home only around 9 pm. I thought that I should order some food from the restaurant so that I can eat it when I reach home. I reached my place and freshened up.

Then I tracked my order and it was 10 minutes away from being delivered. I poured some drinks from my father’s mini-bar and turned on the TV. It was some south movie playing on the TV, which I was least interested to watch. I was just exploring my phone and having my glass of scotch.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and there was the delivery guy at the door. I took the order and paid the bill. I had my dinner, cleaned up the mess, and went to sleep. As the next day was Sunday, I was stress-free to get my rest and do things at a leisurely pace.

Our building committee had outsourced the clearance of garbage to a garbage collector and the cleaners. So, every morning at 9, the cleaners come door to door to our house and collect the garbage.

On my floor, there are only 3 flats, including ours. One of the flats is vacant and nobody was stayed there. In the other flat, there lived a newly married couple as tenants. They leave early for their office.

I went for my bath and suddenly, my doorbell rang. In the middle of the shower, I wrapped my towel, came out, and ran to open the door. The water on my body was flowing down and soaking into my towel. I heard the voice of a female, screaming, “Kachra.” I guessed who it was and brought the dustbin and opened the door.

There was a woman in her early 40’s wearing a churidar. She had brown tone-colored skin and looked in good shape. She was well dressed and had covered her with a dupatta, leaving her eyes and forehead uncovered. She was staring at me, seeing me wearing only a towel and being topless. Since I used to do regular workouts, I had a lean muscled body with a few packs.

The steam of hot water running on my body just made that scenario cozy enough. I opened my safety door and leaned forward to put the garbage into the dustbin, which she had kept in the corridor. I completed putting it inside, and look up straight into her eyes and we were building eye contact with each other.

After that, the cleaning woman bent to pick up the garbage can. When she did that, I had a glimpse of her cleavage which was so deep. She had a tiny black dot on her left boob which was so seductive. I had a hard-on then and there!

She raised her eyebrows and started to descend the staircase to go down. I was looking at her ass which was swinging so perfectly when she was walking down.

I closed the door in order not to make her feel that I was a desperate horny guy. I went inside and masturbated thinking of her cleavage and boobs.

The next morning, I woke up early at 5 am and started to study. Till 8:30 am, I had done with my job and thought of taking a break. I went to see if there’s anything in the kitchen to eat, but I couldn’t find anything.

I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. I took my wallet and keys and went down to the grocery shop. I bought a packet of milk, brown bread, and half a dozen eggs. When I entered my building wing and climbed the staircase, I saw her taking her empty garbage can and climbing the stairs to start collecting garbage from the top-most floor.

She turned around and saw me. I gave her a smile. She was in a confused way and returned the smile. I was walking behind her and was enjoying the view of her ass which was swinging just like a pendulum from right to left.

Later my floor arrived. I opened my door and went inside. After a few minutes, my doorbell rang. I knew it was her. I took my dustbin and opened the door, and there she was.

She was wearing a green churidar dress and her neck-cut was so deep that day that I could clearly see her cleavage. She hadn’t covered her face today, and her lips were so sexy. She had applied eyeliner and some lipstick which was making her look sexy.

I opened my door and she took the box from my hand. She bent down to drop the garbage from my dustbin to her box, and I can see her cleavage again which was making me go crazy looking at her. I was mesmerized at that moment and was feeling numb and stood still. She broke the silence and asked me, “Where has madam gone?”

I told, “My parents are both out of town.”

She: Ohh, that’s why you opened the door when I rang the doorbell. Good.

Me: What’s your name?

She: Rubina.

Me: Okay Rubina, thank you for the service you give us.

I was trying my best way to have a conversation with her and trying to make her comfortable with me and to know more about her.

Rubina: Okay sir, now I have to leave or otherwise, I’ll be late.

Me: Yeah, by the way, it was really nice talking with you. I enjoyed having a conversation with you in person. I hope to continue the next time.

She really found my words so sweet, maybe because she had never received kindness from any house owner or any person talking with her so politely.

Rubina: Thank you Sahab for your kind words. I’ll see you tomorrow.

I was feeling so bad that I couldn’t take her up to my bedroom but I didn’t lose hope and was thinking about how to get closer to her.

One week passed and we used to have a little conversation and all. So, it was near Diwali day. Our society members had told all the cleaners to wash the staircase of every building with water.

Rubina came at her usual time and started with her work. The committee had decided that every particular floor should contribute one bucket of water for cleaning the floor. So Rubina came to my floor and rang my doorbell.

Rubina: Good morning, sahib. I need a bucket of water to clean the floor.

I went inside and brought a bucket of water. While bringing the water, I spilled some water on the floor. I gave her the bucket and was watching her cleaning.

I don’t know, but maybe purposely she was showing me her cleavage, which was driving me crazy! Due to the lack of presence of people on my floor (as my house was the single one in which someone is staying at the moment), I had to give her one more bucket of water.

When I was carrying the third bucket, my leg slipped on the water which had been spilled earlier. I fell down with the bucket of water and it got splashed all over my house. While falling down, I had shouted in pain. At that moment, Rubina had heard my voice, and she opened the door which was half-open. She leaned inside and saw me fallen down in the pool of water.

She ran towards me and picked me upholding my biceps. I had injured my ankle which gave me severe pain. I wasn’t able to walk. Rubina helped me to stand up. One leg was off the floor and in the air, which had got bruised. With one hand on her side hugging her on her shoulder, I was able to hop.

Her boobs were huge and I could feel them as I was standing with her so close. She took me to the living room and made me sit on the couch. She took my injured leg and kept it on the table.

She asked me, where the first aid box was? I told her that it was inside the drawer in the cupboard. She brought it, and sat in front of me on the floor. She took my leg and kept it on her lap, and started to apply balm on it very gently. My foot was so close to her boobs that it was touching them. I was not doing it purposely. I was feeling like I was in heaven.

She applied the balm and went to clean the water which had fallen in the passage. She finished doing the spilled water cleaning and told me, “I’ll come in 20 minutes after the cleaning of floors.”

I sat there on my couch and was imagining about her. I was feeling so lucky with the happening of this incident. After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door. It was Rubina, she closed the door and came inside, and asked me about my pain.

I replied, “It’s slightly paining me, but soon I’ll get relief…Thank you Rubina, if you would not have been with me today, I would not have been able to manage.”

Rubina: Sahab, you don’t have to say that. You have always been so nice to me. When you were in trouble, I couldn’t figure out how to help you.

Me: Thank you, Rubina you are so kind. So tell me something about yourself, Rubina?

Rubina: I stay near the outskirts of this area, near that municipality school.

Me: Oh, so you stay there.

Rubina: Yes.

After a few minutes, she asked me, if I had eaten something? She told me that she can cook for me.

Me: It’s okay, Rubina you don’t have to bother.

Rubina: No, I won’t listen to you.

Me: Ok, but you’ll have to join me for lunch. That’s the only condition by which you would be allowed to enter the kitchen.

Rubina: Okay (with a smile on her face).

She went inside the kitchen, and in few minutes I followed her jumping on one leg and holding the wall (to be honest, I had a huge relief and I was just playing my cards).

I went and saw that she was figuring something out. I went near her back and stood behind her. My crotch was touching her ass. In the meanwhile, she turned and was surprised to see me.

Rubina: Why did you come inside?

Me: How would you know where the things have been kept?

Rubina: Ohh… yeah, take this stool and sit here.

Meanwhile, her cleavage was visible and it was so deep. I instructed her and she made scrambled eggs (burji) and then took the bread to heat it. She took the dishes and went to keep them on the dining table.

She came back and helped me to the dining table. We were seating opposite each other. She served me food and then she took it for herself. We were chit-chatting with each other.

Me: Are you married?

Rubina: Yes (her face fell down, and her expression got totally changed).

Me: What’s wrong Rubina, what’s the problem?

Rubina: Nothing, sahib.

Me: I don’t know what’s going on in your head, but if you feel a little comfortable with me and feel a little secure with me, please share your feelings.

She looked into my eyes with thoughts running in her mind and she broke the silence,

Rubina: It’s just that my husband has married again and has another wife too. It makes me unacceptable to accept this thing.

Me: Ohhhh, you haven’t told your parents?

Rubina: I was 25 when I had been married my husband. A few years ago, he had married that other woman.

Me: So, what was the reason he left you?

Rubina: He hasn’t given me a divorce. I got one kholi (room) from my dad which he wants me to sell to get a divorce. Now, I’m staying over there. How can I even think of that?

Me: Oohhh… So he doesn’t treat you well?

Rubina: He used to hit me and abuse me.

Me: You don’t have any children?

Rubina broke into tears and her eyes became moist as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Rubina: This was the only reason for which we had a fight, he was impotent.

Rubina was crying and I couldn’t see her like this. I stood up and went to hug her. She hugged me back, crying and in few minutes she stopped. I couldn’t believe myself, how could I have a hard-on at that moment. I took a glass of water and made her drink and made her stop crying.

Me: If you need anything just tell me, I’ll always be there for you, sweetheart.

We had an eye contact, and were still hugging each other. She stood up and leaned forward as I kissed her. She couldn’t stop and we just lip-locked each other. I pushed aside the plates on the dining table. I then grabbed Rubina’s ass, lifted her and placed her on the dining table. We both were busy exploring each other’s tongues.

She removed my t-shirt and started to kiss me on my chest and on my nipples. I removed her churidar and she was in her black bra. I could see the black dot on her left boob. I kissed her on her neck and between her boobs. She lay down on the table, and I removed her pajama pants. Inside she was wearing red colored underwear.

I removed my pants and got naked. I removed her bra and started to suck her nipples. I bit her nipples and she moaned loudly.

Rubina: Ohh..Sahib, don’t stop.

I sat on the chair and she sat on her knees and flipped her hair backward. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it. She then started sucking my dick and to my surprise, she was good at it. I just cummed on her face.

Then I removed her panties and started to lick her cunt. To my surprise, she was smelling good. I licked her so fast that she squirted all over me. She apologized to me and looked frightened.

Me: This is a fun thing to have.

Rubina: My husband used to hit me for this when I squirted. He thought that I was purposely peeing.

Me: Screw your fucking husband. Nut I don’t have a condom.

Rubina: Screw the condom. I want you to fill my insides.

I sat on the sofa and made Rubina sit on my dick, with her face towards me. She was jumping in the cowboy position and she was good at tweaking her ass up and down. I grabbed her hair and with one hand I was ass spanking her. Her ass was so huge. We were kissing each other continuously in that position.

I picked her up, with my dick still inside her vagina, and took her towards the wall. While fucking her, her boobs and hair were bouncing. I took her to my bedroom and we fucked in doggy style, and later I fuck her in the missionary position.

We had our session completed and then went for a shower together. Again there I fucked her and massaged her boobs with soap.

I picked her up and fucked her again in the shower. I was very fast in hitting the insides of her vagina with every thrust of my cock. It was also sounding hot, due to the water running and my body hitting her ass.

I made her turn over and tried to push my cock in her other hole. She didn’t expect that. She begged me to stop, but it was too late. Slowly, her anal pain started to turn into pleasure. I fucked her anus and she enjoyed it a lot. We soaked our bodies with each other’s cum and then came back to my room.

I offered her my mom’s wardrobe. She stayed for the night with me and wore my mom’s dress and she cooked food. For that night she had become my wifey. I fucked her brains out. She was really very happy to have my cock in her pussy and ass.

The end.

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