College senior guy blackmails, gets BJ from junior girl – Story

College senior guy blackmails, gets BJ from junior girl – Story

Hi all! This is Rahul from Hyderabad. This is a real incident that happened when I was in my college. I was studying for B.Tech from a reputed college. So there was this day when I had to give my 3rd-year mid-semester exam.

I completed my exam quite early and left the classroom. All the corridors were quiet and there was not a single person around due to the ongoing exams.

I felt like peeing and went to the men’s washroom which is quite far away and in a secluded spot at the back of the department. This washroom was is usually less crowded and barely used by other department people.

I went to that washroom and there was no one visible to me. And I started peeing. I was using the urinal. There is a room behind me where people use as a toilet. That room had a door that was facing my back.

As I was peeing, I heard a door creaking sound and quietly being opened. As a normal human gesture, I turned behind to see who it was. I was shocked to see a boy and a girl was coming out from that toilet.

They were also shocked to see me and they quickly left the washroom.

I was in shock holding my dick in hand. For 10 seconds, I didn’t understand what had just happened. Finally, I came to my senses and completed my job and went outside to check on them. But they had disappeared.

I could not believe what I had just seen in the washroom. I immediately called my friends but none of them answered since they were all in the exam hall. I don’t remember their faces fully but remembered the color of the dress she was wearing.

I started to leave college for the day and went to the parking area to pick my bike. There I saw this girl but was not sure about her face. But the dress color was matching what I had seen. So, I wanted to ask her about what I had just seen, but I was not sure about it. I went to her and said,

Me: What was that thing you did there?
She: It was not my fault, he took me there.

This was the confirmation that I needed. I asked for her details and came to know that they were both newly joined 1st-year students. The boy who took her there was her classmate.

I asked her to tell me all the details of what happened inside the washroom.

She confessed that he had taken her there and she had no clue that it was a washroom until he took her in. She said they had done nothing but were only talking to each other.

I told her that I would take her to the HOD. Then she admitted that he kissed her and hugged her.

I kept telling her to admit everything. I asked whether they had sex and all.

She said, “No.”

I asked her to bring him to see me tomorrow. She gave her number to me when I asked her for it.

The next day, I messaged her to bring that guy to me during lunchtime. When he came, he too told me the same story. I warned him and took a letter from both of them describing the incident. Then I asked him to leave.

I told the girl to always respond to all my messages at all times. I used to send her all my assignments to complete. She used to write and return all of my assignments throughout the semester.

I told her not to disclose our conversations to anyone not even to that guy or any of her friends. She agreed. Slowly, I began to ask her for meeting me whenever I said and wherever I called her. She used to come but kept quiet. I took selfies with her.

One day while messaging her, I praised her beauty. She said, “Thanks.”

I asked her to send sexy photos of hers. The junior girl was reluctant initially but then she sent her pics and I enjoyed them.

Then one day, I called her on a video call. She said her family was present and cannot make a video call.

But I persuaded her to follow my instructions. She went there and then I told her to remove her top.

The junior girl hesitated a bit at first but I managed to convince her to remove her top and then she showed her boobs to me. They were round and juicy looking, with small brown nipples.

I then told her to remove her pants and underwear. Suddenly, someone called her from outside the washroom. She cut the call and left. I too understood the situation.

That weekend, I asked her to come to a park. She came and I hugged her. She was hesitating but not resisting. I started pressing her boobs. Then I took her to an isolated spot in the park and started kissing her.

The junior girl he started responding to my kisses and boob presses. Slowly, I tried to touch her pussy area. She was removing my hand. So I took her hand and made her feel my erection.

She started feeling my dick. I was pressing her thighs in the meanwhile. She was getting excited at the same time but was scared of being caught by someone.

I lifted her top and started sucking her firm boobs. She got worried. I sucked her for 10 minutes. Then I asked her for a fuck. She requested me not that day. I told her to at least to give me a blowjob.

She told me she had never done that before. But when I insisted, my college junior girl opened her mouth and tried to take my cock in her mouth. But she could not do so and she was touching my erection with her lips.

I asked her to take it on her tongue. She opened her mouth a little more and tried to take it in a little more.

Suddenly, I thrust my entire dick into her mouth and held her head for 30 secs. She started coughing and choking. Then I could not control and landed my dick between the junior girl’s boobs and started to bang her boobs for a while. I rubbed my dick all over her face as well.

Again I tried to put my cock in her mouth. She requested me not to thrust but to do it gently. I agreed and didn’t thrust it in. Slowly, she began to get the feel in her mouth. This time, I started to move my dick in her mouth.

I started to move a little faster as I was reaching my climax but I didn’t tell her. I kept my dick deep into her mouth and cummed into her throat! She tried to spit it out. But it was late. She had taken some inside and spat out some.

Then we cleaned ourselves and started to leave the park. It was getting dark in the evening so we took a common auto.

We sat by side and the auto got crowded as well. We were having our bags on our laps. Since it was dark, I tried to reach my junior girl’s pussy again with my hand under the bags. I could only reach her pussy area partly.

My fingers were able to reach her pussy. Then I started to insert my finger. She was feeling excited and tensed. She bent and slept on her own lap so that no one sees us. Also, she would cover her facial expressions that way.

The junior girl was getting wet in her pussy. I continued doing that till her stop arrived and she then got down.

Later we met many times at our houses as well and became fuck buddies. We fucked many times with protection but made promises not to get into a relationship.

We continued till my college term ended. She is still in my contact and also have a boyfriend. We became buddies too.

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Thank you.

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