Consoling Mitali With Hot Wild Sex After Her Break Up

Consoling Mitali With Hot Wild Sex After Her Break Up

I am Rahul, here again, to narrate another story about Mitali’s break up. I hope you like my series of stories. I recommend you to read my earlier stories to have a better understanding. Our best friends group of me, Rohan, Ayesha, Khushi, Mitali, and Ishita, was slowly turning into the best friends with benefits group.

I had fucked Ayesha (Rohan’s girlfriend), and Rohan had sex with Khushi (my girlfriend). I will also narrate the story of Rohan and Khushi if you people want. You could comment below if you want it.

So let’s start this story. I, Khushi, and Mitali had planned to watch a movie at their flat. While we were watching the movie, a scene came in which the hero and the heroine indulge in a passionate kiss. So Khushi and I started kissing each other. But I saw Mitali looking a bit sad while seeing us.

Suddenly Khushi had a phone call from Ayesha. She was calling Khushi to her home. So Khushi left, and now Mitali, and I were left alone. We continued watching the movie. She was still sad, so I asked her, “What happened, Mitz? Why is my best friend sad?”

Mitz- Dude, my boyfriend broke up with me, and I am feeling lonely.

She kept her head on my shoulder and started crying. I hugged her and wiped her tears.

Me – No, Mitz, why are you crying, he should be the one to cry as he has broken up with such a nice girl like you. Where would he get such a fit body like you?

She hugged me and said, “Thank you, Rahul, you are so good and a good friend of mine.”

Me – I can do anything for my friends if that makes them happy.

Suddenly a hot scene came in the movie. I instantly had a hard-on and a bulge over my shorts could be seen easily as we were in casual clothes. I saw her staring at my bulge and biting her lips and smiling naughtily.

She was also aroused. I saw her nipples protruding out of her top. She was also in casual clothes and possibly didn’t had a bra inside her t-shirt.

Mitali – Rahul, as my boyfriend is not with me anymore, I am missing something.

I knew what she was trying to say, but I acted like I didn’t know.

Me – What are you missing, bae? I will bring that thing to you no matter how much it costs.

Mitz – It won’t cost anything. I want that same thing that Khushi had in her mouth on your birthday morning.

I just felt so happy inside that I would get to pop the cherry of such a hot chick. But still, I said, “Are you serious, you want the dick of your best friend’s boyfriend.”

Mitz – Yaa, I am serious, and you can’t say you don’t want to get a piece of me. I know what you and Rohan do seeing my Images.

I submitted to her and said, “Yaa, that’s true, then do what you feel like doing.”

I was sitting on the couch. She came and kissed me on my lips and sat down, pulling my shorts and undies. My fully erect cock was out saluting her beauty. With her lust full eyes, she held my cock and started to give me slow and nice strokes while playing with my balls.

Her touch was heavenly, and making me go mad. She then kissed my cock’s tip and started to blow my dick. She was such a pro at sucking cocks. She was giving a deep throat blowjob to me, taking my dick completely in her mouth. I was fucking her mouth now.

Me – Ah, suck that dick, you bitch suck that, I am gonna cum.

Then I came and shot my load in her mouth, and some of the semen leaked out of her mouth. Then I lifted her up, and we started wild kissing. We literally just ate each other lips. I removed her t-shirt, and she continued to stroke my dick and play with it.

With one hand, I was pressing her boobs, and with another, I was rubbing her pussy over her shorts. Then I turned my attention towards her massive melons, which were hanging like balloons. I started to squeeze and suck them. She was high now and had started to moan.

I continued to suck her boobs, which were so soft and round. I pushed her on the couch, removed her shorts, and she spread her legs wide. She said, “Come on, Rahul, this thirsty pussy is waiting for you to treat her.” Like a hungry tiger, I just latched onto it and started to lick her wet pussy.

I was now licking her clit and had put my 2 fingers in her cunt. She was moaning, “Oh, yes, Rahul, please don’t stop, baby. Your tongue is much better than my ex. I am gonna cum Rahul,” and she squirted all over my face.

Mitz – Now don’t wait anymore. I am dying to take that huge cock in my pussy.

Me – I am going to make a mess of that pussy today, you bitch, don’t worry. I am going to fuck you like an animal today.

I held both her legs and put them over my shoulders. Then I took my hard cock near her pussy and inserted it in her wet pussy. Her pussy was a bit tight as she didn’t have sex for a long time. So I was giving slow thrusts, and finally, my complete dick was inside her pussy.

She was in complete dreamland and was asking me to fuck her faster. She said, “Rahul, fuck me harder. Your dick is amazing. Fuck my pussy, fuck me hard.”

Me – Yaa, you bitch I will fuck you faster, my slut, my whore I am gonna drill your pussy hard.

Now I had increased my speed and was pushing my cock deep inside her and was squeezing her massive boobs of which I was so fond of.

Mitz – Yaa fuck me, Rahul. I am cumming.

Soon she came, and I could feel my cock being wet by her juices.

Me – I am cumming Mitz, I am cumming. Do you want to taste it?

Mitz – No, I want you to cum inside me and fill my pussy with your hot juices.

Me – You are such a horny slut, Mitali.

And then I ejaculated a huge load in her pussy. We were smiling, and I fell on the bed while she laid on the couch.

Me – Is it ok now, you bitch ?

Mitali – No baby, no, it’s not. I want you to fuck me in the doggy style and spank my ass hard. Put your monster from behind as you did to Khushi on your birthday night. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off from you both that night.

Me- Yaa, I would happily do that. I have always jerked off thinking fucking you doggy style and slapping that huge ass of yours. It is bigger than Khushi’s.

Then we came in 69 position and started to oral fuck each other. When my cock regained its energy, she sat on her knees and hands in the doggy style. I spanked her ass and said to her, “Bitch, say you want to get fucked. Say you want my cock inside your pussy.”

Mitz – I want to get fucked by you in doggy style master. I want your cock inside my pussy.

I pushed my cock inside her pussy and started to bang her hard from behind. I was fucking her like an animal and was spanking her ass cheeks hard.

Me (spanking her) – Who’s your daddy, bitch, who’s your daddy?

Mitz- You’re my daddy Rahul. Yes, fuck me.

Me (spanking her hard again)- I didn’t hear it. Say it loudly, my whore.

Mitz – You’re my daddy Rahul. Please fuck me.

Me – I am going to punish you today, Mitali, for getting so late to give me your pussy.

Mitz- Please punish your little girl, daddy. Make that pussy swollen, fuck me, you bastard, fuck me.

I was getting more and more hard by her words and started to pound her even harder with more force. Soon we both came simultaneously and fell on the bed exhausted.

Mitz- Now, I know why Khushi remains so happy.

Me – Why?

Mitz – It isn’t possible that this huge cock of yours bangs someone, and she won’t be happy. Such is the power of your dick.

Me – Thank you, Mitali. I had already fucked in you inside my mind while fucking Khushi. I had sometimes called your name too. And regarding happiness, you should include Ayesha too because she also has tasted it.

Mitz – Oh my god, that horny slut also got your dick? She is too horny to handle, I should say. You and Rohan have already swapped your hot girlfriends.

Me – But swapping in front of each other is something else, and I want to do it too.

Mitz- Oh, you are such a dog. Ishita has become more slutty now.

Me – Why and how?

Mitz – she was a virgin 20 days ago, and now she has already had 2 cocks in her pussy. First Aarav and then Rohan too.

Me- Oh fuck, Rohan, but I am glad that I tasted you before him. He too jerked off seeing your provocative images.

Mitz – Yaa, I know, but I won’t deny him if he offers me to ride his dick. I saw images of his dick on Ayesha’s phone, and I was impressed. But your cock is the best.

Then we had one more session in which she rode my cock, and we also recorded that sex of ours.


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