Cousin Brother Made Me His Wife – Indian Sex Stories

Cousin Brother Made Me His Wife – Indian Sex Stories

Previous Part: Gave Cousin Brother My Virginity Birthday Gift

I am Tamanna.  I am going to narrate this true story of my sexual experience with my cousin brother, Vinay (name changed). This is the second part of how I became his wife.

As you already know, I have been cheated, and I have no option but to do what he says. He is a tech guy, and he can really make this video viral. So I agreed to his condition. The next time I came to Delhi, he asked me to stay at his flat instead of Noida.

He had taken a new flat, with one room, especially for my needs, and his pleasures. He said that he was doing this for 3 reasons.

  1. He would not get a girl as hot as me. Which was true. I was fair, slim, with nice assets. I looked like a model.
  2. He knew my compatibility and taste since he knew me from the beginning.
  3. He did not want any other boy to enjoy me.

So he asked me to come with him. In the next few visits, all he did was create a line of false documents, like voter card, pan card, passport, and, most importantly, a marriage certificate. In an expenditure of less than 20,000, I was his wife, legally.

For the next visit, he said that he wants me inaugurated. I planned for next weekend. But I was surprised by the word inauguration, especially when he had already fucked me once. I reached his room and opened it with the spare key from the guard. I was able to get that because I was his wife.

I saw his timetable for the day, which said, ‘12-3 do movie’, ‘3-7 do shopping,’ ‘7 onwards do party as much as possible.’ By that time, I took a round of his new flat, which had special arrangements for sex. I was in salwar kurti and asked him about this inauguration thing.

He said that meant I was to live an entire day with him as a wife. This meant that he’ll take me to movies, shopping and he’ll take me to top parties that he attends. He said that he would be piercing my all holes. As expected, he took a corner seat in the movie.

We watched less, and he played with me more. Thank God I was wearing a full salwar kurta. Next, he did was to take me shopping. He bought me a saree to wear at the party. It was a silver saree with no petticoat. It had a strapless blouse.

I hesitated to wear it. He bought a very small short for me and ask me to wear the saree over that. He then adjusted my blouse. I had to keep the hair on one side and pallu on another side to give an appearance for straps. He said that for the rest of the day, I had to wear that.

We then went to the party. At the party, I realized why he wanted this inauguration. The ladies I met all discussed the same thing, how we do it, how frequently we do it, and their position. So he wanted to do it often so that he can answer those questions.

He had planned the day very formally. So I expected this inauguration to be very formal. We reached falt at 10:30, and he said he’ll be there after a call. I used that time to take a bath, to be fresh for this beginning. Since no clothes were given, I wore that saree for the night.

I went into another room and put a red ribbon on the door. He was supposed to cut that and do the inauguration. Nothing inappropriate happened there. He did not even touch me. Most people would be satisfied with enjoying a hot girl, but not my cousin.

I had to visit Delhi several times in the next few months. All he asked me was to create a few ids from Delhi. All he did was to apply for my voter card, driving license, and other ids for several visits. I was completely unaware of why he was doing this.

Then on one fine day, when I visited him, he asked me to dress like his wife. I did that. And all he did was to go to the marriage registrar and registered me as his wife. A bribe of 5000 rupees and my local ids did the job.  He then applied for my new passport, which mentioned him as my husband.

Now I got his plan. I was not legally his wife. I had two sets of ids. One showed that I am an unmarried student in Kanpur and the others showed that I am my cousin’s wife.

I went back to Indore. Then one weekend, I received his message saying that I have to reach Delhi on Friday. We’ll be traveling to Goa on a company trip. There is an inauguration of a client’s new office, and hence an office party. He said that I have to attend that party, and he’ll inaugurate me.

I didn’t understand that, but I had no choice. I reached the said date and time. Since I was the wife of a rich guy, I upgraded from sleeper class to a flight. We caught a flight to Goa from Delhi. We had a room booked as Mr. and Mrs. Saxena.

On Saturday morning, he was busy in a meeting. My schedule was also fixed. I had the whole day to go shopping and visit the saloon. I have to be as pretty as possible. Then at 7, we would be visiting office dinner and inauguration of the new office.

Then we’ll come back at around 10. From 11 pm to 6 am in the morning, the schedule was of my inauguration. I did as per schedule. His credit card allowed me to shop a lot. He came back at 6 and gave me my dress for the evening. It was a shiny silver saree, with high embroidery.

To get an exact feel, you can see Disha Patni’s dress at Ambani’s wedding. For the blouse, there was a trick. It did not have any strap, and hence no way of wearing a bra. When I objected to that and said it’s not fit for the official party. Then he just said to wear it.

With such a saree and thin strapless blouse, much of my neck was visible. I had no necklace, so a long clear neck till bosoms were quite a view. The blouse was just enough to cover my assets, and much of my waist was visible. I knew his view from last time, so I had tied saree much below my navel.

So, except for my bosoms, almost all of my top was accessible. If you stare properly, you can feel the curves and even have a decent idea where my nipples were. They were just poking on this blouse.

We then went to his lavish office party. In no time, I could see familiar faces from his birthday. I also realized what the inauguration was and why is it necessary. I was soon in a group of other office spouses, and they were all discussing their sex life.

What is the favorite position of their husband, and how often do they do it? Since I have done only once, I was not sure how to answer that. I understood that we need to do it quite often to be part of this not-so-office gossip. For that, I needed my inauguration done quickly.

There was a photo session at the party, and everybody was getting photos with their spouse. As expected, my husband was more than happy to get a photo clicked. I was undoubtedly the hottest girl at the party. He held me by my waist, inserting his hand beneath my saree’s pallu.

I kept my hands on his shoulder and lean my head on his other shoulder. Soon some idiot shouted kiss. Even the photographer requested to have a kissing pose. And my cousin was more than happy. I was picked up in his arms without permission, and there was a small kiss on my lips.

When he put me down, I hit an elbow on his chest, smiled naughtily. There was a dinner after the party. It was there that I got my first chance to talk to my cousin. I had a plate full of delicious food. I have taken as much as I could. I hadn’t eaten since morning.

I came to him and casually asked, “Why you keep saying I have to be inaugurated when you already have done sex with me?” He didn’t say anything, just remarked, looking at my plate, that I should eat less. Otherwise, anal would be a problem.

There I realized that I was spared in the last encounter, and he only enjoyed my one hole. Now he’ll attack all of them. I ignored his suggestion and had my full meal. There was no dancing here, so I was spared. Otherwise, everybody would have seen the kind of blouse I am wearing.

We then went to our room, and we were already 15 minutes late. He said that I had to make up for the time, and the inauguration would be at sharp 11 pm. He handed me the keys to another room, which was a honeymoon suite. I was asked to bathe and get dress properly.

It was asserted that this would be a formal event. All encounters after this would be wild. I went to the room next to us. It was decorated like a wedding night one. The bed was covered with rose petal, with a heart in the center of the bed. There was a path made from flower petal too. I got the idea that this would be our wedding night.

I straightway went to the bathroom and had a nice cold bath. I needed to be fresh. I came outside. Since no new clothes were given, I wore the same dress I had at the party. This time there were some ornaments on the table, and I wore them. I had a chooda as a newly wedded bride, a long necklace, a waistband, and others.

I wore all of them. It was about to be 11, so I quickly hurried to bed. I did not use pins for fastening the saree. I sat on the bed like a new bride and had ghunghat over my face. I made sure that the saree covers the entire top half of my body because that’s the way inauguration is done.

At 11:05, he entered the room. Those 10 minutes of waiting have reminded me of everything. How a nice relationship was turned into a sham marriage and a long life of sexual slavery. He opened the room’s light and saw me. He smiled a bit on his achievement and then said that it was not that formal.

I replied, lowering my head that it did not look that way. (Aisa lag to nahi raha tha). He again reminded me that I was just spared of the slap because the inauguration was not yet done. I replied shyly that he was delaying it. (Aap hi der kar rahe ho).

I do not know why, but this turned him on, and he jumped onto the bed. He was still in his formal attire, a shirt with a tie and pants. Maybe he was working while I was getting ready. He said, “Since you worked so hard, let’s start it formally.”

He raised my ghunghat (veil), and I blushed with both hands on my face. He kissed both of them and then removed them. He looked straight into my eyes, with lust I had never seen. He started kissing my cheeks and ear. He removed my earing with kissing all over.

Having a formal wedding night was turning me on. Then he lowered down and removed my waistband, kissing all over the waist. He spent more than 10 minutes on my navel itself. Slowly he rose up, and we both together lay on the bed. He was on top of me.

There he started kissing my lips. He started gently and then sucked my lower lips. He pulled them a couple of times. He pulled them as far as he could. He reminded me how tasty the cake was when he ate it from my lips. He kept sucking my juicy red lips.

He then asked me to open my mouth so that he could enjoy it deeper. I hesitated a bit. He pulled my hairs, which made it open. He said that last time he forgot to eat cake from my tongue, he would play with it this time. He inserted his tongue into my mouth and tried to touch each and every teeth.

We were exchanging saliva, and he liked it. He then gasped for breath, and I took a long breath. I soon closed my mouth. He then asked me to stretch my tongue out, and I did. Soon he was licking my tongue and playing with it. My mouth was open, and he was playing with it in my mouth itself.

He had turned me on. After a few minutes, my mouth was asked to relax. The next time I talked too much, he said he would bite my tongue inside my mouth only. Next, he asked me to behave as a mother of a newborn baby and feed him. I understood that it was an instruction to breastfeed him.

But he said that every instruction should be very clear. So I did that. I said, “On the bed,” and asked him to lay on my lap. He did that. My pallu was already down during kissing. He was staring at my blouse and pointing like a child at it, pressing with one finger.

I asked him whether he would like to take them outside himself, and he nodded. I took both of his hands behind my back while looking at his eyes. Then I instructed him how to move it. It took longer than expected as he behaved like a child. He covered my whole back before reaching the hook.

Then I instructed him to open the hook, and it took some effort. I had to bend a little so that he could do it with ease. There my breast touched his lips, and he kissed over the blouse. After a while, he was able to unhook that. As soon as it was unhooked, it fell on his eyes.

Before he could remove that, I put my hand over the blouse and put my hairs ahead, covering both boobs. Then I slowly removed my hand and the blouse. He behaved like an obedient child and kept his hand on my back. Not even once, he tried to bring them forward.

My hair hid my bosom, and he was a bit irritated. He tried to blow them away, but all he could achieve was a glimpse here and there. I thought it was enough and then put hairs on my back, uncovering my boobs. He smiled and looked at them. I put a finger in his mouth, and he sucked that.

Then I winked at him, lifted his head, and placed in front of my left boob. I placed close enough that he would like to kiss it, but cannot do it. I liked this kind of teasing. After a few seconds of teasing, I  put his lips on my nipples. He was ready to suck them. He kissed them initially.

I liked the way he began, kissing my softest part gently with his lips. Then he began to suck the nipple slowly. He kept his hands on my back. He then licked my boobs and played with them with his tongue. Then he began to suck harder, and at last, he started biting them.

I switched boobs. He repeated the sequence on the other one until he bit both of them. I then removed his mouth and placed him on my lap. I said, “Dear, milk is over now.” He then said, “Let me show how it is extracted in a grownup way,” and threw me on the bed.

He used his hand to press them badly. He played with them and pinched both the nipples at the same time. I screamed a little. He then started sucking, in a harder way, while playing with the other. While one of the nipples was pinched other was bitten, and I was confused, which hurts more.

After badly playing with my boobs, he moved to my navel. He sucked it while holding my waist. After kissing my belly a lot and licking it, he started biting my navel and pinching my waist. He was a master of coordination, and I did not know how he attacked all three together.

I could do nothing but scream. He then moved downwards and removed my saree and petticoat.  He kissed me over my panty and tore it. I was now completely nude, and he said, “Let the inauguration proceed.” He asked me to do a catwalk in his room. I get up from the bed and walked 3-4 rounds.

It was for him to see me completely nude from all angles. He asked me to bring beer from the fridge for him and Pepsi for me. I did that. He took two bottles of beer and opened one. We then moved to his balcony, where he enjoyed the cool breeze, with the beer in one hand and cigarette in another.

I had not seen this face of my brother. I kept standing beside her, drinking coffee, and having nothing on my body. I felt like a waitress. Unexpectedly, he went high. He then sat on the swing on his balcony. He pulled his dick out of his pants and asked me to suck it. I refused, like last time.

But this time, he was high. So he asked me to bend over. I did that. He placed his empty beer bottle on my asshole and said, this would go. I shouted, I would suck your dick. I would love to suck it. In no case, I wanted him to put a bottle inside my hole. So I sat down on my knees and started sucking his dick.

He said that it should not be out of my mouth unless he said, even if he cums. I started sucking slowly, first licking his skin and then pulling his foreskin behind. As soon as I pushed his foreskin behind, I pushed his penis in my mouth. Slowly he started swinging on the swing and fucking my mouth.

He was very high and swinging very slowly. But at some point, it was going deep into my mouth. After almost 15 minutes, he ejaculated. I think he was asleep by then. Because he did not realize it and kept swinging. I drank all the cum, but his sexy dick was erotically fucking my mouth.

I stopped the swing, but he kept his dick inside my mouth. I think I stayed like this for another 30-40 minutes. I tried to wake him up, and I succeeded at last. I do not know that it was a success or not. Because that meant he would fuck my other holes. As soon as he woke up, he asked me to sit on top of him.

He pulled his pants down and asked me to put his dick in my pussy. I pulled that out of my mouth, and it had become hard again to fuck. I inserted that inside my pussy. It was hard to go, because I was new and because he was on a swing.

Finally, I managed to sit with him on the swing, dick inside me, and then start swinging hard. With the swing came natural thrust. He increased the swing’s speed. Whenever it reached the top, there used to me massive thrust, which made me scream harder and harder.

He was enjoying that, and he set the speed to maximum. Also, my boobs would hit his face very hard, and he liked it. After almost half an hour of such misery, I cum. But he was high. He was still holding it up. It took him another 15 minutes to cum.

I thought that given the way I was screaming, at least his guards must have seen us. He was only pants down, with his dick inside me. But I was nude. Anyone can see me being fucked on his balcony. This time I did not wake him up. We slept on that swing, as I lay on his lap.

We woke up at 5 am because of the mosquitoes. We went inside. I freshened up myself and began brushing my teeth. He asked me what am I doing, and I said I am getting ready. He said, “The inauguration is not over until the third hole is fucked”

He bent me over the washbasin and inserted his dick inside me. He asked me to keep brushing while he fucked my hole. I stopped brushing and screamed. I said, “Not like this. I’ll allow you to do it.” So he said, “Come inside the room.”

I walked, with his dick inside my ass. I then unexpectedly went into a doggy position, where he fucked my ass easily. I was screaming a lot. He said that he had planned to give me some oil, but not now because I said no. He pulled my hair and thrust it hard.

Here he cummed very early, maybe because he was tired. Thank God he left me after filling my hole. We both slept on the floor. We woke up at 9 am then. I went to the bathroom to take a bath. He knocked and said, “The day is not done unless we bathe together.”

I recalled that from the previous encounter. I allowed him inside, where I was fucked again. He then brought me outside and dressed me up like a doll, kissing every part.

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