Cousin sister slept on my lap raising an erection – Mallu erotica

Cousin sister slept on my lap raising an erection – Mallu erotica

Hello readers, my name is Manu. I am 19 years old. I am from Kerala. This is the first time I am writing about an incident of mine.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I know guys, this introduction part is really boring. After all, this is my first story. I completed my plus two education one year ago. Now I am preparing for my NTA exam. I am now 19. This happened when I was 18 years old.

I have a height of 161cm and a weight of 55 kg. I don’t have a massive dick. It’s only 5.5 or 6 (not more than that) and it’s 2.5 inches thick.

Now, let me introduce my sweet heroine Anu akka. She is now 20. At that time, it was one month before her 19th birthday. She was a village beauty. She had normal sized boobs, maybe 30B. She had a good ass. Her height is 149 cm. She is my cousin sister. We were the best companions from childhood.

Now, let us come to the story. From childhood, I was very close to my cousin sister Anu akka. She was also very intimate to me. She loved me as her own younger brother. I too had no bad feelings towards her. I often used to stay at her house during the summer holidays.

I and Anu akka used to go here and there around their locality. She would buy me snacks with her pocket money. At that time, I had seen her in a towel only 2-3 times, but I didn’t feel anything awkward towards her. Instead, I just mocked her for having seen her in that.

My lusty feeling started to arouse in my mind when I was in my late teens. That was the time I started to masturbate and watch porn and read sex stories. After my vacation, we had a wedding in our family. But the place where the wedding was to take place was 2 districts away from where we stayed. So, we went there in a car.

During the journey, Anu akka and her family joined us from their house.

My cousin sister was sitting next to me. We chit-chatted a little bit. But because of the tiredness due to traveling, I fell asleep leaning my head on her shoulder. She guided my head to her lap and I slept there unknowingly as she caressed my head. She also soon fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was still lying down in her lap and she was caressing my head. But she was awake and watching the view outside through the window. I still had no bad intention towards her as it was common to us that I would fall asleep in her lap.

I woke up and started talking to her. After an hour, we reached their place at lunchtime.

It was the day before the marriage. So we settled ourselves in my other aunt’s house. We freshened up and got ready and went to the marriage house for preparations. It was very nice. During that time, I and Anu akka took many photos together. All the others except the ones that knew us thought that we were lovers.

After 9 pm, we were tired and went to our room. I and my cousin sister Anu akka were sleeping on the same mat on the floor with three pillows. Before sleeping, I undid my shirt and showed Anu akka my six-packs. But she mocked me by saying that those was just the bones.

I got angry and took her hand and placed them over my abs and asked her to press and feel that those were not bones but real muscles. She laughed and pressed my abs. Anu said that she was just kidding, “You are the fittest boy in our family.” We two laughed about it.

She said that she wanted to apply nail polish and so she started doing it. I saw that my cousin sister was wearing a churidar and pink leggings and was without a shawl. She bent her one leg and placed it sideward for comfort.

Her leggings were so tight that her pussy area slightly bulged and her pussy crack was visible. I saw this and was feeling awkward for the first time towards her. I tried to control myself from looking but it was a damn sexy scene that my mind can’t control. This was the incident that made me feel lustful towards Anu Akka.

I started masturbating 7-8 times thinking about just that view. That view made me really mad for her. From that day onwards, I didn’t miss any opportunity to see her and her assets. The part which I love the most in my cousin sister’s body was her sweet juicy ass, which is perfect in shape.

When she is sitting in a chair, I would imagine her sitting in my lap, above my dick pressing her ass against it. It is a heavenly thought!

The marriage was very enjoyable. I observed my cousin sister all day. I didn’t even see the marriage ceremony, I was busy observing her.

That afternoon itself, we left for home. I and Anu akka were sitting together now. This time, she felt sleepy and leaned her head on my shoulder. I told her,

Me: Anu akka, You can lay your head on my lap and sleep.

Akka: Thank you, Manu. I am feeling tired after the marriage. (Saying this, she lay on my lap and started sleeping).

My right hand was on her waist and my left was caressing her head. She fell asleep very fast. But I had a hard-on after remembering the previous day’s view. I felt even hornier when my mallu cousin moved her head a little while she was sleeping.

Her cheek was on my dick over the pants. I felt really horny that I unknowingly caressed her belly with my right hand. She woke up instantly and asked,

Akka: What happened, Manu?

Me: I.. I felt something there so I just felt my hands there, to see if anything was there. Sorry, Akka.

Akka: No need to say sorry Manu. I just felt tingly. That’s why I jumped. It’s okay.

I felt a bit relieved and she fell asleep on my lap again. I started caressing her belly from the side. She thought that it was brotherly affection. But my action was different.

This is just the beginning of the story. I need your feedback for improving my writing and language. Kindly give your feedback.

I will give the rest of the story in the next part. It won’t be late. I promise you guys and ladies. Anyone can contact me on my email. [email protected]

Thank you everyone for reading.

Lots of love.

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