Culprit maid wants to be fucked by police officer – Crime erotica

Culprit maid wants to be fucked by police officer – Crime erotica

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ACP Rohit:- What are you doing, Rahul? Is there no progress in the case? 4 girls in 11 months all murdered? What are you doing?

Me:- Sir, we are trying our best. We know a lot about this monster. It’s just a matter of time before he is caught.

ACP Rohit:- In your “just a matter of time,” he might commit another crime. Give me a report of what has happened till now.

Me:- Sir, we are calling the criminal “X” for the time being. His victims have been in the age group of 21-24, all the girls are from one part of the city. Their homes are in a radius of 6 km but all the girls are unknown to each other. Different colleges, different workplace, no mutual friends, financially stable.”

They were all kidnapped at night. The first victim went missing while returning from the office. The next 2 went missing while returning from the pub. Their friends say they were drunk.And the last victim went missing while returning from work. The day after the kidnapping, the parents received a gift-wrapped parcel containing the clothes of the girls.

We had sent the clothes to forensic but nothing has been proved so far. Then after a week, all the four girl’s bodies were found in four different places. According to the forensic report, it seems it was done by just a single person.

Girls were from upper-middle-class families and all well to do, good looking, and living in independent houses.

ACP Rohit:- Any leads or eyewitnesses?

Me:- We questioned history-sheeters, known for assault but that was of no use. In the last case, the house had a CCTV camera in which we caught the accused throwing the gift-wrapped box containing the victims’ clothes.

The accused was wearing a helmet, black jacket, black pants and was driving a black Activa with license plate hidden. He is around 5’5″-5’6″ in height, probably around 85-80 kg.

That is it, sir. We are questioning the neighbors, relatives friends, etc but nothing concrete has been found till now.

ACP Rohit:- This case is your priority do whatever is needed to find that bastard.

Me:- Yes, sir.

One month later.

Abbas:- Sir, another girl has gone missing, same MO. The parents have received a gift box containing the girl’s clothes.

Me:- When was the last time they spoke to her.

Abbas:- Last night at 9 sir, when she was returning from work, the girl had called them and said that she has just left her office and will be home in 45 minutes.

Me:- Check all the cameras outside her office. Traffic cameras, shops, ATM cameras, speak to people. Find out everything that happened. Was there any CCTV camera outside her house?

Abbas:- Yes sir, it’s the same person on the black Activa scooter.

Me:- Send officers to the spots where he had dumped the bodies last time. I want the CCTV footage from the victims’ house for the last 10 days and a recent photo of the victim.

Abbas:- Will do it, sir.

Within three hours, we had started questioning people and reviewing CCTV footage. I was watching the tapes of the victims’ houses.

Three days had passed and in one of the ATM cameras outside the victim’s office, we found her getting into a taxi but the number of the cab was not visible.

We reached out to all the cab companies, whose names were visible on the side of that cab, to know the cabs in that area at that time and got all the booking made, but there was no booking made by the victim.

Abbas:- Sir, this might be a duplicate cab.

Me:- No, it’s a real cab.

Abbas:- But there is no booking and these cabs are not allowed to switch off their device and pick up customers.

Me:- Even if they switched off the device and picked up the customer, why would anyone get into it rather than book a cab. She is a financially independent, smart woman. Why would she get into a cab which can pickup customers only through booking without booking the cab?

Abbas:- I don’t know, sir.

Me:- She knew the cab driver. Look into it, search her contacts, ask her parents.

The investigation went on, and on the 7th day, we found the body of the victim. I was furious that I couldn’t do anything and the pressure from senior officers and media was increasing.

There were talks of removing me from the case. We sent the body for post mortem, same MO.

After the post mortem, I personally went to meet the parents while handing over the body. There were a lot of people around, but one lady caught my eye.

Me:- Abbas, who is that woman?

Abbas:- Sir, she is a maid. She works three houses away from here.

Me:- Collect the CCTV footage for today, and let’s go back to the station.

Abbas:- What happened, sir?

Me:- Just do what I say.

We were back at the station. I was reviewing the tapes from the previous days, and today from the victim’s home CCTV camera.

Me:- YESSSS!!!! I GOT IT…!!!

Abbas:- What happened, sir?

Me:- Look at this video, this is from yesterday. There is the maid with short, black hair and this is today, she is with long hair.

Abbas:- Fake hair extension… So?

Me:- Look at the colour of the hair extension, it’s the same as the victim’s hair colour. The victim had dyed her hair brown. Her height is 5″5′ and probably will weigh 80 kgs.

Abbas:- Fuck!!!

Me:- She was probably the one riding the Activa. Get me, all her details by tomorrow. Where she works, is she married or unmarried, does she have a two-wheeler? Speak with all other victim’s families and find out if they know her.

The next day,

Abbas:- Sir, you were right. Her name is Reema. She is 30 years old. She has an Activa but doesn’t use it to come to work. She is married and guess what? Her husband drives a cab and she works at houses close to all five victims.

All the families know her and have only good things to say about her. She was friendly with the girls, helpful, soft-spoken, and well-mannered.

Me:- It’s her. All that goodness is just a charade. I will compile all the evidence and get an arrest warrant. Take three men and a woman constable and start making the arrests. Both the husband and wife must be in custody in the next one hour.

Abbas:- Yes, sir!!

When our men approached her to arrest her, she stabbed an officer and made a run to escape. In the process, she alerted her husband who went into hiding, but our other officers were able to arrest her and bring her in.

Me:- We have all the proof to convict you and your husband. You better confess to your crimes.

Reema:- You fucking bastards…I have no regrets, ask whatever you want.

Me:- Why did you and your husband do all this?

Reema:- My husband is a good-for-nothing asshole. I was the one who became friendly to them. I lured them into the cab and those fools trusted me and immediately got in. It was me who killed them.

I was completely shocked, the families said she was well mannered and soft-spoken but this woman was evil.

Me:- Why did you do it?

Reema:- This fucking world is unfair to ugly people like me. Those girls with their sexy figure and great hair and perfect parents think they own the world. Such girls bullied me in school and made me quit. My parents cursed me for it. I had to marry this good-for-nothing cab driver and had to work as a maid. I wanted revenge.

Me:- I feel sorry for what you have gone through but nothing justifies the killing of 5 innocent girls.

Reema:- They are never innocent. They would have bullied and looked down upon people like me.

Me:- Where is your husband?

Reema:- Isn’t that your job to find the bastard?

Me:- He is missing and you clearly hate him. Then why protect him? Just tell us where he is?

Reema:- I do hate that asshole but I am not telling you anything. So, you can go to hell.

We interrogated her for weeks, but still, she didn’t tell us where her husband was holed up. The case went on for 3 months and in the end, she was sentenced to death.

She was to hang after a year. It had been 7 months and the manhunt for her husband Bittu was ongoing.

Nisha, my girlfriend’s parents weren’t at home so I was there to give her company.

Nisha:- Enough… Lick my cunt now.

Me:- Please suck my dick some more. I just love how you work your magic with your mouth.

Nisha:- I don’t want you cumming in my mouth, and stop being selfish and return the favour.

Me:- Why don’t you like my cum?

Nisha:- No. I hate it when you cum in my mouth.

Me:- You should have told me earlier. You wouldn’t have to do it from now on.

I got between her legs and started to kiss her thighs, and slowly inched towards her cunt. My gf had a clean-shaven cunt that looked delicious.

I started to lick her cunt and her juices started to flow. She got excited and started to moan and pull my head into her pussy. I started to finger fuck her for a while and then got up and swiftly inserted my dick in her cunt.

Nisha:- Aaaahhhhh… Fuck!!! Yes… I love you, Rahul… Fuck me!!! That’s it… It feels so good…fuck me, Rahul!!! Harder!!!

I fucked my girlfriend hard and fast in her cunt. I would stop to suck on her gorgeous pair of tits and suck her erect nipples and then continue again.

I dragged her on top of me and started to fuck her from below. She knew I was getting tired and began to jump on my dick. Her boobs bouncing up and down were a sight to behold.

I kissed her and grabbed her ass and started to thrust my dick from below matching her up-down movements on my dick. I and my girlfriend fucked till I filled her cunt with my thick and warm cum.

Nisha:- Oooohhhhh baby, that was so good…Fucking fantastic.

Me:- I hope you are on birth control pills.

Nisha:- Yeah, don’t worry. But you better start talking about me to your parents, I have already told mine about you.

Me:- You did what?

Nisha:- I told my parents idiot. I love you and want to get married to you.

Me:- I want the same thing, but not right now.

Nisha:- So, you will just keep banging my pussy and ass. That damn phone of yours, pick it up, at least they didn’t call while you were in my pussy.

Me:- Hello! What’s it, Abbas? (Picking up the phone).

Abbas:- Sir, another girl is missing and her parents received her dresses in a gift wrap.

Me:- Fuck!!! It has to be Bittu. I will be there in some time, collect all the initial evidence and keep it ready for my viewing.

Abbas:-Yes sir! (Hangs up the phone).

Me:- I got to go. We will talk later.

It had been two days. We did everything that we could, but couldn’t find her. Having run out of options we had to go to Reema, and try to convince her to give up her husband.

I and Abbas went to jail to speak to Reema. Reema was brought into warden Suresh’s room, who was present with us throughout the interrogation.

Me:- How are you?

Reema:- What do you want, asshole?

Me:- It seems your husband is continuing your work. He had kidnapped a girl, it has been two days now.

Reema:- So? That bitch probably deserves it. What do you want me to do?

Me:- We need your help to find your husband?

Reema:- What will I get by helping you?

Me:- We have an order here that says you won’t be hanged but will be in jail for 20 years. At least you will be alive and will get out one day. You can live, all you have to do is tell us how to find your husband.

Reema thought about this for a few minutes and said,

Reema:- Ok, I will help you. That asshole shouldn’t have done it without me, he should have stayed hidden. As I told you, that bastard is good for nothing. But I need something else along with the death sentence being removed.

Me:- What do you want?

Reema:- They put me in the cleaning department. I want to be in the kitchen where the work is a little easy, and I want a fan in my cell. I want one more thing which is an absolute must.

Me:- What is it?

Reema:- I want you three to fuck me right here, right now, and only when I am satisfied, will I tell you where to find my husband.

All three of us were shocked. There was a life at stake but all she cared about was herself. She had no remorse. We had to think about it.

As I said, she was the devil and could very well file a fake complaint against us or get what she wants and lead us in the wrong direction.

Me:- How do we believe what you say will be true?

Reema:- You got no choice. You said it’s been two days, another five days and the bitch would be dead.

To be continued.

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