Curvy co-passenger girl in train fucked thrice! – Indian sex story

Curvy co-passenger girl in train fucked thrice! – Indian sex story

This story is of last January when I had to go to Kerala for my official work for a week. So, on Saturday morning, I boarded the second AC. It takes 36 hours from Mumbai to reach by train to Trivandrum.

I was passing my journey by hearing music and reading a romantic novel. By evening, I reached Goa, where a girl came and took the seat in front of me. I was busy reading a novel.

Since it was January, the compartment was empty, only we two were there in 4 seats.

In between, I was looking at her, she was getting bored and looking out of the window. In some time, it was dark, so nothing can be seen out of the window. Now she was just staring at me. I was still reading my novel but at the same time; I could see her beautiful curves, her seductive cleavage, and her 26-32-26 stats body.

She was trying to say me something, but at that time, the TC came to check the ticket. So I removed my earphones and showed him the ticket. She also showed her ticket but he asked her for her pan or Aadhar card. She accidentally forgot to carry those and got tensed.

I told TC that she was with me and I showed him my pan card. Luckily, we both had the same surname so it was easy to convince him.

The TC looked at us and asked us whether we both were quarrelling as we were sitting opposite to each other. I was surprised and asked, “What?”

“You both are young couple, right?” the TC asked. I was looking at her. She quickly said, “Yes, dinner par argument ho gayi thi.”

I again looked at her in surprise. The TC said, “Ok, patch it up and enjoy the journey.”

He went and then the pantry boy came. He took the dinner order and left.

I was wondering by thinking how two strangers became a couple and I laughed at that though.

The girl then asked me, “Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing,” I said.

She insisted on telling so I told her how time makes two strangers a couple.

To my surprise, she came by my side and said, “You helped me” and smiled. “I was looking at the cover of your novel, quite seductive, huh?” she added.

I said, “yeah, and the story also.”

“But you are reading the sexperience which is different from actually experiencing it,” she said this statement by biting her lower lip.

“How do you know that?”

With her eyes, she pointed at the bulge in my pants. I could see the naughtiness in her eyes.

She suddenly stood up and closed the curtains with straps.

“Hey, what are you going to do?” I asked.

“I am going to repay for your help,” she said in a seductive tone and winked her eye.

My co-passenger unbuttoned her white shirt which revealed her black bra covering her bulbous breasts. At that sight itself, I got aroused.

She said, “Yeh toh sirf trailer hain, dinner ke baad puri film dekhega.”

I said, “Why not” and laughed.

“Okay, let’s enjoy like a real couple as the TC said and also convert your reading into an experience. Come, suck my nipples hard” she said, sucking her finger.

Without wasting a second, I took her in my arms and smooched her hard. I slightly bit her lower lip. While smooching, I unfastened her bra and started pressing her left boob like a rubber doll and started sucking her right boob. She was enjoying it and moaning, “Aah aah, aur zor se..”

So I changed sides. Now, I was pressing right boob hard and sucking her left nipple. She was enjoying immensely and said, “I am in heaven. You are a playboy, fill me tonight like there is no tomorrow.”

During that time, we heard the sound of the pantry boy. So she quickly covered herself with a shirt and blanket above it.

The pantry boy opened the curtains and placed the plates. While placing the plates, his sight fell on the bra lying on the seat. He smiled and said, “Plates kal hi le jaauga.” He then left.

We again fastened the straps. Since no one else had come, we understood that we both were the only passengers in there. The train would halt only in the morning now.

I was just opening plates. She said, “Wait, only open one plate.”

I asked, “Why?”

She said, “Let’s make this dinner and journey a memorable one.”

I asked, “how?”

She removed her shirt. Her thighs were beautiful and fully curved. I was just staring at her like a wolf.

She then came near me, unbuttoned my shirt, removed my belt and pants. My thing was completely erect in the underwear. She was wearing a black sexy pantie. She sat on my groin and massaging my penis, she told me to feed each other.

It was even more seductive than the erotic novel I read. We both enjoyed every bite of the food.

Then she sucked my chest and nipples. She removed my underwear and sucked my penis, deep throat. It was getting hard for me to control, but I somehow controlled ejaculation.

After 15 minutes of sucking, she wore a condom on my penis and told me to remove her pantie with my teeth. I did that and it was exciting. Her vulva was fully pink and clean shaved, looking like a door to pleasure.

She asked me to insert it as hard and deep as possible. I entered with a huge thrust and gave an upper jerk. She shivered and I started moving inside her.

As the speed increased, she was enjoying and moaning, “Aah..aah..ooh..ooh.ssh.ssh..aah aur fast..”

My penis was working like a piston and simultaneously pressing her boobs and smooching her hard.

Then I came inside her and we both lied down to relax.

After that, we had fucked twice. We then wore our clothes and slept in our berths. Around 4.30 am, another passenger came and took the upper birth for sleep.

At 7 am, we both woke up, smiled at each other and behaved like strangers. She got down from the train by 8.30 am and I reached my destination at 6 pm. But that journey still remains in my memory.

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