Curvy Indian woman Ann meets young gambler – Hot story

Curvy Indian woman Ann meets young gambler – Hot story

I don’t recall when I first met Ann (name changed), what I do remember is that she was one of the few Indian women in the Casino.

I was still a rookie, learning my ways around the Casino. She was in her early 50s, I was in my mid- 30s. And she was always the center of attention, playing big cash games, and has the manners of the rich and powerful. She was a polished lady in every way.

Giving 100% to my indulgences was my habit and poker was no exception. In no time, I was consistently winning and cashing thousands of dollars three-four times a week. I was probably one of the best players there, and they started to recognize me as, “Indie”…

Ann with her laughter and joviality and with all the sexiness she had, joined my table. I was winning that day. My style of gambling was aggressive; betting high, putting pressure on other players, and generating fear. It works most of the time and gets me some female attention too.

There was a Spanish young woman at the table and I was giving her a tough time. She started flirting with me and that was when Ann joined. I did not pay much attention to Ann that day. But I did notice her curves, and her confidence and class.

A few days later, a waitress brought me a Remy Martin cognac, on the rocks, which was my favorite drink. I had not ordered it. To my surprise, she announced, “Your girlfriend paid for it,” and pointed to Ann. She raised her glass and winked at me. I smiled and nodded back my thanks.

Later that night, I introduced myself to Ann and our friendship started. She was the vice president of a bank, divorced, had grown-up kids, and also had a boyfriend who was filthy-rich and handsome. We got to know each other better and started taking breaks from the game together.

Her sexy ass stood out when she wore pants. And one day I blurted out, “Ann, you have a sexy ass,” she turned and smiled, “Thanks. Glad you noticed,” and we both laughed.

Winter started, and we started having walks together. One day, I put my hands on her shoulder and she was okay with that. Sometimes if it rained, I would hold her hand and run with her. Ann seemed to enjoy it.

Then she started sharing her stories. Ann was unhappy with her kids. I was a good listener. Sometimes I gave her my opinion, but mostly I was in listening only mode.

Then Ann asked about me. I told her I was another moron, just like any other guy in the world. She laughed. That was our common theme – laughter. I could always make her laugh.

One very cold day, we were walking around the casino. I told her my hands are cold, and she said her pockets were warm. She told me that she kept a small heated pad in her pocket for warmth. I put my hands in her pants pocket.

Sometimes, silence speaks volumes. We both knew what was going on, but we kept our dignity.

Now my hands in her pocket became a norm. Sometimes she will keep her hand in my jeans back pocket. Ann would commend, “You need to have more ass,” and I would grab hers then and say, “Why don’t you lend me some? She would then pinch me and complain, “My ass is too small to lend you any.”

Months passed by. We started hugging often and dining together at times. Kissing on the cheeks became normal. I would hug her from the back, my hands touching the top of her boobs. I had to control my urge to feel them more. She liked me playing with her hair.

I rarely feel lonely, but some days are horrible. I had a horrible day at the office, was feeling lonely, and it was showing on my face. Ann asked me to walk with her.

A few minutes later, she hugged me and kissed me on one cheek. I turned and looked at her face. She moved to kiss my lips. I accidentally moved my face away, and saw the disappointment on her face.

Then I mustered the courage, took her face in my hands and moved closer.. and.. I still remember the softness.. she kissed my lips. As I kissed her back. A few exchanges and our tongues were rolling on each other. I slowly sucked her lower lips, then sucked on her soft tongue. Ann smiled and told me, “You are a great kisser.”

Well…that’s how our kissing business started.

I took her to the dark corners of the casino and stole kisses. We started hugging tighter, grabbing ass more often. One day, I hugged her from the back, pressed her boobs softly, and bit her ears. She moaned.

I whispered in her ear how sexy she was. My dick was super hard and was pressing her ass. She took her hand and touched it. I was in heaven. I started talking dirty.

Then I whispered, in my deep voice, “I would like to play with your body, oh, how I would love to suck your nipples, run my tongue over your pussy lips, over your clit, under your clit, and put my tongue inside your pussy, feeling your wetness.”

Ann had become my slave and her body my possession. I put my hand in her pants front pocket and started rubbing the top of her pussy. She had a bush that I could feel. I was more confident now.

I took out my hands from her pocket and opened her zip. She resisted at first saying, “There might be others around.” I told her, “There is no one, which I have already made sure.”

This time she did not resist, I put my hands inside the zip, moved the panty to the side, and felt the bush. It was neatly trimmed and was a small bush. She has thick pussy links with her clit standing out.

I ran my fingers giving her bare skin touches. Her moans made me hornier. I put my finger in her wetness and started playing with her clit. Then I slowly inserted my finger inside her wet pussy. She started moving her hips around my hand.

Someone was coming in our direction. I saw that and stopped. She looked at me and realizing the situation we covered up. We walked back to the casino tables and exchanged meaningful glares with love.

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