Defloration of a young hot teen chick – Virgin sex story

Defloration of a young hot teen chick – Virgin sex story

I was always of the opinion that I have the upper hand while it comes to sex and satisfying someone’s body. However, I was shocked to know that I’d be someone’s submissive sex toy. That too of a newly sexually active 19-year-old girl Yukta whose defloration I had done!

Due to lockdown, I had to switch to a new company and shift to South Bombay. I started to explore some flats and got to visit some. After 2-3 days, I finally decided that I’ll be staying at a flat. I found my motive to satisfy my needs there.

Yukta and I first encountered each other on the stairs when she was coming down the stairs in a navy blue tight top and a mini skirt. With hairs long enough to cover her back, she came like a deer. Her boobs were flowing like the waves in the sea in Mumbai.

In her dark brown eyes, I saw a hot and bold personality and felt like I’m down to her at the instant. After some days, I found that she attends a dance academy nearby and travels alone. I started to chase her for some days. Finally, I made my mind to accompany her by joining in her batch as well.

After a few weeks, finally, my efforts came good, and we got close to each other. We spent most of our free time talking and enjoying each other’s company and exploring new and exciting places. The story took a complete turnaround when we traveled and spent a night together at Marine Drive.

With her head on my shoulder, she listened to my stories about my work. She stared with her gorgeous eyes and started to feel a bit too cheesy and close. All of a sudden, from nowhere, she kissed my cheeks and hugged me tightly. At this moment I lost my heart for her and I forgot that she is a 19-year-old girl.

She was happy that I’m older than her. She didn’t mind that I’m 25 years and she was comfortable with me. Soon after that, I also hugged her tight. I kissed her lips for the first-ever time and tasted sweet pink smooth lips. It was jelly pink and tasted better than strawberry.

We got back to our flat after some hours and planned to spend a night together. She confessed that I’m her first guy ever with whom she had a kiss. The slutty 19-year-old wanted me to deflower her. I made her feel like she is too special.

Also, she wanted to try and get it done as per her instructions. She wanted to take control and get over me. She bought Durex condoms and also brought a cello tape. We went to her flat and room, and she unlocked her door. She slapped me hard without me getting a chance to why I got beaten.

She then grabbed my neck, pushed me to the window, and kissed and bit my lower lips. With her teeth, she made sure she hurt my skin, and it peeled off by her force. She later licked my tongue and spat inside my mouth.

I couldn’t object to her actions for a second. I was already feeling submissive as Yukta was wild as a tigress. I felt like I’ll be having a lustful night. She then undressed, and her 38 sized boobs were dancing on her tight push-up bra, asking to be played with. She ordered me to sit on my knees and keep my mouth open.

I did as she demanded, and she lowered her skirt. She sat over my mouth with her 34 size booty and ground her ass over my face and pushed me down. She then told me that she watched porn a day before and wanted to try it with me. She will do exactly what the porn showed.

She boldly removed her bra and panty and got herself naked for me. She started to rub her pussy over my face. Her hairy bushy pussy felt like a class apart sensation. I kissed her pussy and gave a wet licking on her tight virgin dark pink pussy.

Her clit was thick and wide and ultrasensitive. She began to moan the moment I ate it. She tied me to the window and taped my legs and hands. She was a chubby chick with a curvy hot shape and superb fleshy tits. She got her boobs to my mouth and gave herself.

I sucked her hard nipple for around 10 minutes. She jerked my dick under my jeans and occasionally moaned loudly in my ears. She lowered my jeans down and, without fear, held my 7 inches long hard dick. She shook it hard, and at that moment, I lost my cum. It flowed freely.

She smiled like a slut and swirled her tongue on her lips. Then she gave me a mind bursting blowjob. I felt amazed as she was a virgin. It was a professional blowjob and 10 times hotter than an experienced girl. She wrapped her thick lips completely over my thick dick head and giggled for some while.

Spitting on my dick, her saliva flowed down. She got my balls choked and bitten by her teeth, and it hurt me like hell. I was shaking in frustration. But I was tied by tape and wasn’t allowed to move much. She controlled my dick and body.

Her slutty moves erected me too much. I got red and warm and started to sweat. She then kept silent for some while and then freed me. She asked me to fuck her powerfully as I can. I got in motion, and I pushed my dick, rubbing it well inside her pussy.

It resisted for some minutes before her pussy flushed blood. It got the condom used and dirty. She moaned and shouted in pain and fear. She also panicked as she didn’t imagine it to be that tough. I fucked her hard and rough and didn’t stop.

I threw the condom and fucked her raw as I wanted to give her pussy natural pleasure. I have thick and long veins, and it adds pleasure to a pussy. Without a condom, she felt a vibrating sensation. Her pain turned into pleasure. The motion went inflow, and she started to make her dance moves on my dick.

It shook her ass roughly and fucked well. We had a hot and wild doggy style session and later missionary. I fucked her for around 5 minutes, as rough as possible. Since it was her first-ever time, she cummed immediately. Her pussy leaked too much cum and liquid.

Even though it was a just deflowered pussy, I licked it deeply and sucked her juicy clit. She gave me a titfuck in the end. Her bulky melons covered my dick wholly, and I cummed on her tits. It got sticky, and she took it to suck with her fingers. I licked her fingers back and kissed her again till it was exhausted.

We bathed together later and slept naked that whole night. I got her boobs to rub my chest and fucked her in between after random erections. And soon, the night passed, and I got a girl deflowered for me.

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