Defloration sex – Story of a virgin enjoying first time sex

Defloration sex – Story of a virgin enjoying first time sex

No one would ever believe in my story, but that’s what I’m good at. Doing the most unimaginable things with ease and creating something out of the box with a bang. The story is about me having defloration sex with a hot, wild, beautiful girl Simran aged 22. I had met her on an online sex chat site.

I’m Rishabh, 25 from Mumbai with 7-inches dick with a thick head and tight nerves. It lured Simran to a great extent that we ended up being fuck mates just from starting as virtual fuck mates.

I was studying one afternoon in November 2017 and got bored and started to watch porn. From nowhere, a site opened directly. I landed upon a sex dating site. It was so convenient to get real girls sext and fun there. I started to use it often.

After a few days, I got a girl there from Bhopal. She wanted herself to be dominated and fucked hard and rough as possible. We virtually sext and did some nudes sharing with each other. I even moaned and made her moan and write my name all over her body and boobs.

She was a pleasure to be controlled. I used most of her lust and got her to chat on Hangouts. We sexted daily for a week, and we started to get close. In the meanwhile, we got attached deeply. A wonderful sex session ending in a romantic love sounds weird. But that’s the reality.

We started to engage in calls, video calls, and texts. We spent our time together wondering how we gonna meet and enjoy sex in real. Finally, the day came, and we planned to meet in Indore. It was our first official physical date, and it was supposed to be a great one.

I planned and arranged a proper late-night date in a resort. I booked a deluxe room decorated with flowers, chocolate, and gifts. My jaws dropped, seeing her eyes and smile. I hugged her tight as I could, and it was on for 10 minutes. I could not control my love for her.

I kneeled and proposed to her with a rose and chocolate, and she accepted it. We then kissed near the pool and started to get intense emotions. We had a proper meal and drank some whiskey. After this, we went to our room. I closed her eyes and asked her to wait for a minute.

I went inside the room and removed my shirt as she likes me that way. I always wanted to flaunt my abs when we meet. She then came and opened her eyes. I lay on the bed with flowers, chocolate, and gifts and asked her to join me. She came and cuddled with me.

We foreplayed for 20-30 minutes hardcore, and I rubbed my chest on her black crop top and mini skirt. I then turned her by kissing her neck and smelled her strawberry cleavages. I licked her well till I reached the end. Slowly she started to moan and held my dick and started to shake it under my jeans.

I undressed her and got to feel and touch the boobs I was craving to bite and suck. She was a slim and sexy girl with 32C boobs with tight and hard dark brown nipples. Before launching to her boobs, I removed her panties as well. A fresh pink pussy was wanting me to deflower her and fuck her.

I smelled it well and got a refreshing aroma. The whiskey was taking me higher, smelling her pussy. I kissed her pussy, and she immediately shivered and panicked as she was having sex for the first time. I licked and sucked her softly and made her moan and feel wet and sticky.

She was loving every touch of mine and pushed my head deeper and deeper. I took a lollypop from her gift box and made her suck and eat it. She took it, and I made her imagine like she is sucking my dick. She was playful and loved to tease me. She stared at me deeply and started to lick the lollipop.

After a while, I started to penetrate the lollypop inside her pussy to feel the tightness. It was a hard surface that was to be broken. I twisted my lollypop and drilled it deeper and deeper. After a while, I could feel her energy and pleasure going hard.

I took my dick and started to rub over her pussy. She was amazed to see the erection and thickness of my dick. I twisted it hard, rubbing it on her pussy. Before being fucked she wanted to give me a blowjob and came to lick my dick. She felt a bit nervous and scared as it tasted and smelt bad.

But she was firm on making the most of our sex. After a while, she started to feel good. She took my dick deep in her throat and chewed it in between. I was fingering her pussy over her clits. I was kissing her nipple and neck side-by-side. Then we engaged in a 69 position and licked well.

After an erotic blowjob, finally, I made her sit on my lap and asked her to sit on my dick. She was uneasy with my raw dick and wanted me to wear a condom. But I assured her that being fucked raw with my veins would be pleasing more and satisfy her.

She then started to land over my dick and started to feel the pain. It was the tightest and hardest pussy I’ve ever encountered. I was finding it hard to break her seal. We tried multiple times, and I fingered her in the meantime. With 2 fingers, I tried to spread her legs. Then with a bang, I broke the slutty girl’s tight seal.

The fluids flew over my dick, and she moaned and shouted wildly in pain. With the shivering body, I kept her calm and kissed her forehead and lips. I started to fuck her slowly and, after some while, penetrated deep and completely. After some gap, we started to fuck smoothly.

I applied some chocolate syrup in her vagina and drilled her pussy to leak the hot chocolate over my dick. We had a great sex and drilling session for 10 minutes. I was fucking her pussy like a bull. She was now being a naughty girl dancing and jumping to enjoy my ride.

I then gave her a titjob and squeezed my dick in her tits, and made her kiss and lick it deep. Smashing her ass roughly and holding her hairs down, I gave her hickey all over her breasts and pussy and bit her all over.

She wanted to make this night too special. She asked me to cream pie and dump my cum inside her pussy. I gave her a perfect shot inside, and the cum flew out with chocolate flavor. She then licked the same with her finger and gave my cum back to me while kissing me.

We were so exhausted and dizzy that we didn’t even clean ourselves and slept naked the whole night. I woke up in the morning with her tits in my mouth. She was staring at me and kissed me then.

Since then, we are in a relationship, and that’s how our life has been going. Whenever I get a chance to meet her, I give her love and lust in the best possible way.

If you like our sex story and have any suggestions for more erotic sex and pleasure type, please let me know.

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