Deflowering my obsessive cousin sister Neha – Desi Tales

Deflowering my obsessive cousin sister Neha – Desi Tales

Hi, I am Gaurav (name changed) and I am 26 years old. This story is of 4 years back when I was 22 and my cousin (Neha) (uncle’s daughter) was 18 years old.

Neha has a height of 5 ft with a figure of 30-28-30 and she is fair in complexion.

The relationship between my cousin Neha and me was very unusual. We were less of cousins and more of best friends.

We used to share everything with each other and knew most of each other’s secrets. We used to flirt with each other too and we also did phone sex! I had even fantasized about having sex with my younger cousin. And she too had fantasized the same about me. But I didn’t know that she had some feelings for me since the last 8 years.

So, I was in college (second year of graduation) and she was in 12th class. That was when Neha confessed that she had feelings for me and loves me a lot. But I didn’t take her seriously. She said she wanted me to become her boyfriend but I was not listening to her.

Neha knew I had a girlfriend, but still, she was forcing me to become her boyfriend! We had many arguments on this and I told her that what we used to do on the phone is okay and it’s not good to take the relationship any further. But my cousin went mad for me and even threatened hurt herself with a blade. She sent me a pic of her about to do that.

I was shocked. I called and scolded her for being so childish.

My cousin said she wanted to meet me or otherwise she would do something to herself and no one will know about it.

With no other choice, I booked a bus and went to her city. I did not go to her house, I stayed in a local hotel because if I went to my uncle’s house, it would raise suspicion.

I messaged my cousin the details of the hotel and she came to meet me. Being a local, the hotel staff were not allowing her to come to my room. So I had to give them some extra money to keep everything quiet and brought Neha in.

As we entered the room, my cousin suddenly caught hold of my hand, pulled me towards her and put her lips on mine, and started kissing me! I was shocked. At first, I was not kissing her back but eventually, I gave up and started sucking Neha’s lips and tongue passionately.

In the heat of the moment, I took her in my arms and held her against the walls and kissed her deep without thinking about anything.

After kissing Neha for more than 5 minutes, I stopped kissing Neha. I took my head back, looked at her face which had turned fully red. Her eyes were full of lust.

I lied down on the bed and slowly started removing my cousin’s clothes. I kissed her on her belly and Neha let out a loud moan while holding my hair. I started moving up from her belly to her breasts.

I licked one of her breasts slowly and while pressing the other and switching between the boobs alternatively. Neha was moaning with loud sound every time I licked her breast.

Then I put my lips on my cousin’s nipples and started sucking them one by one. Neha was going crazy by my act. She suddenly pulled me up and started smooching me. It was so hot.

We were sucking each other’s lips like crazy. And in the heat of the moment, my cousin took my hand and placed it on her pussy and started rubbing her pussy with my hand.

Then I took over and was rubbing her pussy up down, up down and sideways while kissing her simultaneously.

Slowly, I put my hand in my cousin’s panties and felt the wetness of her cunt. Neha’s breathes started becoming heavier. She was waiting for me to put it inside.

I rubbed her pussy with my hands inside her panties violently and she was moaning like crazy.

Then I broke the kiss and went down her body, still rubbing her pussy and started removing her panties. While rubbing her pussy, I pushed one of my fingers inside my cousin and she held her breath for a few seconds.

I made in and out movements with my finger inside my young obsessive cousin’s pussy and she was moving her body sideways and enjoying it.

After a few minutes, I increased the pace of fingering Neha and she was moaning even more loudly, “AHHHHHHHH… AHHHHHHH….OMG….DON’T STOP…”

After almost 10 minutes of finger fucking, Neha asked me to stop putting my finger inside and put something else in there.

I told her, “Before that, you have to do something for me.”

My cousin looked at me, got up, pushed me to the bed, and started removing my pants. I helped her remove my pants and told her to remove my underwear on her own. She lowered my underwear and gazed at the sight of my erect cock.

Neha then took hold of my cock and tried to stroke it. But she wasn’t able to do it properly. So I told her to suck it. She obeyed my orders without a second thought. She grabbed my cock and started kissing the upper part amateurishly.

I realized my young cousin was new to this. I didn’t say anything about it, but then she surprised me with her next move.

After kissing the upper part, Neha opened her mouth and took half of my penis in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. She was doing it like a pro, and my penis became rock hard.

Neha sucked and sucked, moving her mouth around my cock. Then my cousin started moving her mouth up down on my penis and I was like, “Waaaooohhhh!”

She sucked my dick for almost 10 minutes and I was also lost in the feeling. Then I told her to stop. Neha stopped and looked at me disappointingly as if to say she didn’t want to stop.

“Now it is my turn to put something in,” I said.

Then I pushed Neha on the bed and spread her legs. The next moment, I positioned my cock on her cunt and started rubbing it.

“Stop rubbing and put it in…” she shouted in ecstasy.

Before she could finish her sentence, I shoved my fully hard dick into my cousin’s cunt hole. It was tight and didn’t go in smoothly. My cousin screamed in pain. Without mind her screams, I tried pushing it in but I was not able to do it.

So I took both her legs up and placed it towards her shoulder and spread them. Now I pushed my cock hard and it went in halfway. I started stroking her.

Despite the pain, Neha told me to push my cock inside her more. Then I laid on her, locked my lips with mine, and gave a very strong push. This time, my cock went inside my cousin’s cunt fully. Neha started shaking her hand like crazy. She wanted to shout but I had locked her lips with my lips.

Neha was groaning in pain. I stayed in that position for a few seconds till she calmed down.

After Neha stopped groaning, I started fucking her slowly and removed my lips from her lips. There were tears on her eyes and cheeks. I wiped them and smooched her again.

I was stroking her and she was moaning and calling my name.

Then I increased my speed and her moaning increased. I fucked my cousin in that position for almost 10 minutes. After that, I pulled her to the corner of the bed. I got down of the bed and stood there, took her legs and held it up to my shoulder, and started fucking her again.

Her moans became louder this time and she started crying too. She said that my cock was hurting her as it was going too deep in this position, but I didn’t listen to her and fucked her violently, ignoring her words.

After 15 minutes, I was about to cum so I removed my cock and cummed on her belly.

I was so tired that after fucking my cousin. I laid on her and we both went to sleep in each other’s arms.

This is how we lost our virginity to each other.

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