Diwali Ki Raat Patakha ki Chudai

This is my another story which happened on this year’s Diwali ke din. It all happened like this that I was walking in the road’s of the posh area called as jubilee hills where the big money people live. I went there to meet my good old friend but he went to his native place to celebrate Diwali.

So I was all alone and walking through the road, suddenly a white colored Hyundai accent car came and stood beside me and door sprung open in front of me. I with surprising look just bent and seen in side and just got shocked to see a beautiful girl of around 21 is there in her black jean’s and white tight top. She asked me to get in. I got in with out any word.she said “my name is Sheetal” in reply I said “my name is Raj”. She said I know.

I asked her how do u know. She said “I have seen u many time’s and I know every thing about u”. I asked her “how did u know about me”. for that she said “it is top secret”. mean while we reached her home. She said come in nobody are there in the home. I thought some thing is going now. I’ll first tell her about her Sheetal is of 5’8? in height and white in complexion. Her v-status is 38d-29-36 and her hair is up to her hip’s with silky in touch. her main asset is her big round boob’s and her smile which make’s a dimple on her cheek’s.

Coming to the story, she offered me some soft drink’s and said feel comfort and she went to her room and came back changing her dress from her tight dress to a night pant and a suit.. She is looking very sexy in that dress. By seeing her in that dress I got instant hard on. She had seen my hard on and given a naughty smile. She came and sat beside me touching me and started talking. She said actually she is feeling bored as her parent’s left to their native place for festival and she has got some exam’s so she has been left all alone.

We chatted for a while and at 10’clock I said I will leave and ready to move she caught hold of my hand and said plz Raj stay for this night. By her touch I again got hard on. by seeing this she again left a naughty smile. I said I can’t cause I don’t know what will happen if I stay here. She said what will happen, more or less a kiss or ****ing isn’t?.

I’m astonished and got mad and said nothing and said I’m getting un controlled. She said with a naughty smile on her lip’s said “what can u do?”. By hearing this I started touching her face I touched her head her nose cheeks and lips and just during this she was again moaning like hmm mmm she was moaning and getting hottttt! !!! welll frankly speaking I was also enjoying but I have to control I shifted my self from her cheeks to lips and neck sachchi keh raha hun it was damm hot for me to control butttt any wayssss…her body was very soft uski neck par hi kam se kam mainey 3-4 min tak haath phera…., so I continued but during this her moans were getting louder.

I came back and got caught hold her from back and keeping her boobs touching my chest I started caressing her back she was moaninghmmmm= well noices make me more horny and while I was caressing her back her boobs were making some movements on to my chest giving me a great urge for herrr….i asked her in er ears can I remove ur suit…she said yes is such a sexy manner that I cant tell u …i removed that quickly and there it was the pure sexy balloons are in front of me, but let me tell u watching the original boobs in a black bra on a fair complexion is much more than any thing in this world… I removed her bra and for the first time in my life I had seen the original boobs in front of me and that too ready to b sucked ..u wont beleive what the taste her boobs had I started almost eating them…so bouncy and so hard. If u push them downwards they will sprang upppp with the same speed….. her nipples were pink and erected till then and it was a gr88 feeling. I moved downwards and untied her pant to my surprise she was with no panties and I could watch the first cute clit in my sex filled life.

She had a precum by that time and I could very easily feel her womenhood…her pre juice was smelling hot and making me more horny… as soon as touched her clit she opened her eyes and look deep in to my eyes with a lust to proceed further…till now I was in my pants and shirt… she helped me getting nude and there was my lil soldier at his full length… she was amazed to look at him… she told me she is a virgin and looking at a mans dick for the first time…..i cought her face and gave a nice kiss on her lips and she responded well and we both kissed for more than ten min’s.

I immediately moved down and kissed her clit on which she moaned oooh and said oh dear come onnnn even I was more desprate to do it as it was my first time…and hearing this I got my hard on still more stiff. I put my index finger first in to her clit and started ticking it in and out and very shortly my two more fingers joined this act she was moaning heavily and louder. she said she is coming and there come a loud noise from her and along that was her juice…i started to drink the love juice of her and she used her fingers and drank her self…what a bitch that was… but it was not all over it was her turn now I told her too grab my soldier in her mouth which she did that with great exitment and here she was at her best… her tongue was doing some magic on to my little soldier head.. and it was really fantastic…..after 15 mins I said I’m coming but to my surprise she carried on and drank my cum also… she said its tasty…and cleaned my dick totally dry. I asked her that u said u r a virgin but how did u know all this she said that I read in HumanDigest. com story’s. I my self thanked the site in my heart.

I asked her shall v go for the next round. She said first no cause she is virgin, But any how she was ready..i used her juice as a lubricant placed dick head on the top of her cunt applied some force but it is not going in cause her pussy is so tight… I tried again with some force and jerked it and a bit moved in… I was happy that it is moving in little by little… but my god she was in pain and shouting take it out.. I laid still for a moment and kissed her for 3 min’s and while kissing I massaged her boob’s with my hand’s to give her pleasure out of pain and she started to moan AAH AAAH AAAAH OOOH AAH UUUH UUUUH AH AAH by that I slowly moved my dick in and out. She started moving her hip’s in rhythm to my movement’s. slowly by kissing and massaging her boob’s I gave a bit more healthy jerk and there it was some where in middle of her I could feel her clit from inside with my dick’s top… and she has given a loud moan, but my lips have locked her lips so the moan has not came out And I started moving in and out and in and out…and finally it was all inside her she was crying earlier but in 5 mins she was helping me in my moves and saying YES YES YES **** ME, **** ME HARD..v continued it for 5 mins and during this she had already came once but I was still to come. I’m smashing her pussy with a strong and steady long jerk’s. after 10 min’s she came again and again with a good orgasm and loud moan and finally after she came I too came. I took him out and exploded my blast on her face and boobs and at that time only she was again with her juice. v both were lying on the floor itself and after some time we both went for a bath together…again I felt her and touched each and every cut of her body and she was enjoying it too ! !

After we returned back I made her bend on the bed with her ass lying in the air and making her bend with her weight on her hands on the bed. I just kissed her ass cheeks and she shivered with a great moan due to soft gentle touch of my lips on her ass. Just then I licked her sweet tight ass hole looking and begging to be ****ed. With every lick Anu moaned aahhhh ahhh mm. I just applied some saliva to her ass hole and some to my cock so that her virgin hole gets lubricated and I could get my cock in her easily. Now my very hard 8 inches cock was ready to enter Sheetal ass. I just placed the pink tip of my cock at the opening of the hole and with one hand spread her cheeks and with the other pushed my cock in her ass. Ahhhhh it’s paining Raj. I slowly headed forward and with slow pace just got fully inside her and the room got filled with her loud moansss . I just started pushing my cock in and out and she just moaned loudly with every push. She was so tight that even I felt that she is making me pain a lot and thus I moaned too.

She said Raj for god sake please leave me, my ass will get torn up I will die of pain. It just made me wilder and I started to **** my sweet little Sheetal’s virgin ass with more speed. With my left hand I just starting massaging her left boobs and pressed her nipple hard and with my right hand I just slipped my one- two and then three fingers in her wet pussy. She shouted ahh!!!! plz Raj!!! Plzzzzz!!! leave me, AAH AAAH AAAAH OOOH AAH UUUH UUUUH AH AAH “I will die meri gand phat jai gi”. With her moans increasing I increased my pace and just ****ed her ass and pussy like a dog. This made me more wilder that it just increased my cock’s and fingers speed very high and she literally cried loud in pain. We both were having pain but this was more of pleasure rather than pain. This painful act continued till next ten mins or so till we both came at the same time. She said Raj plz stop I am cummingg AAH AAAH AAAAH OOOH AAH UUUH UUUUH AH AAH and she just gave my ****ing fingers a very warm, wet and juicy welcome and at the same time I greeted her by cumming and gifting her ass with my hot cream. It was such a great orgasm that we both collapsed – she on the bed and me on her.

After that we laid for a while and started for the next round and we ****ed in different positions through out the night. In the morning while I’m leaving she gave a good warm kiss and also 2000/-, and said thank’s for giving me the joy of my life, and dropped at the bus stop 

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