Enjoyed with my hot neighbour on a cold night – Hot story

Enjoyed with my hot neighbour on a cold night – Hot story

Hello All, Ravi from Hyderabad. I am here with a story about my sex adventure with my hot neighbour.

Quickly coming to the story. This happened 2 weeks ago when I went to my village for my driving license renewal. I had fucked my neighbor many times. Due to Covid’s lockdown, her husband’s working times are not fixed, and her son is always at home.

When I reached my house, she was excited to see me. We had a discussion on a call. She was desperate to have sex with me as we couldn’t have it due to lockdown as it was a long time. I had to stay there for 3 days, and I told her we can plan.

She explained that her husband will go for the night shift, and for the next 48 hours, he will be at work. Her son will be playing all day at home. The only option was the night time

I suggested that I give her a sleeping pill for her son, which is not addictive and harmless. She can give it to her son so that he will get into a sound sleep. As planned, she did that and called me to inform me that all set for my night duty at her house.

At night after dinner, I waited for some time so that everyone goes to sleep. It being winter season, everyone goes to bed early, and no one will be seen outside. Around 12.30 am, she called me. I responded to her phone call and instructed her to keep the main door unlocked.

I went out and locked our house from outside. I climbed the compound wall and silently entered their compound. I could hear my own heartbeats as I was doing this for the first time. I covered myself under the shadow of the streetlight so that no CC cameras could capture me.

I approached their main door and found that it was kept open. I slowly opened it and stepped in. The first room was dark, and I could see that her son was sleeping in the hall. He was in a deep sleep. She was waiting for me.

I kissed her passionately and was pressing her boobs. She was not wearing any inners. I could feel the soft boobs with nipples popped out. She was rubbing my dick. We decided to go to the kitchen as that could be the safest place. I put my phone on silent mode and followed her to the kitchen.

I was very tensed and worried as there was no other door to escape. I was trapped inside her house. Still, I was with a strong desire to fuck her. The room was in dim light, and that added a romantic environment. I hugged her from behind.

My hands were pressing her boobs. I was kissing her neck, and my dick was being pressed between her butts. She removed my shorts and put them aside. I removed my t-shirt and become completely nude. She was in her nighty. I removed it and made her nude. She was looking dam sexy in that dim light.

Pussy was neatly shaven, and boobs were stiff, and nipples were hard, inviting me to suck them. I took one boob into my mouth and started sucking it. I was biting the nipple and sucking one boob, and pressing the other. She was biting her lower lips.

She took my dick, which was hard and hot. She started stroking it. I was busy sucking one boob and massaging the other. I put my other hand on her shaven pussy and felt the warmth. I inserted one finger into her pussy, and it was wet with juices by now.

I started rubbing her clitoris, and she was in heaven. She cannot moan as her son was sleeping in the next room. She was moving her hip, and my finger was busy rubbing her clitoris. I could feel that she had her first orgasm now. Kneeling, she took my dick and started giving me a blowjob.

I was holding her head and pressing my dick deep into her throat. I made her lie on her back, and I climbed her in missionary position. She spread her legs giving access to her shaven pussy. I could see the pink pussy in that dim light. It was so tempting that I placed my tongue on it and tasted her juices.

I licked her pussy for a few minutes. She pulled me on to her and asked to fuck as she cannot wait anymore. I placed my dick at her pussy entrance and gave a jerk. It went smoothly into her pussy, and she gasped. I locked her lips, pressing her boobs, and I started pumping my dick in and out.

We were fucking like hungry animals. She wrapped her legs around my waist. My balls were hitting her pussy and making sounds ‘thap thap thap.’ I made her change her position to doggy and entered her from behind now. I was holding her hip and starting to pump my dick.

I saw her boobs hanging and swinging rhythmically. I caught her hair and was fucking her as if I am riding a horse. She was enjoying this act and was giving me reverse pushes. I was about to cum, and she, too, was ready to release her load. I increased my speed and whispered in her ears that I am cumming.

In a few seconds, I released my juices into her pussy, and she, too, had an orgasm at the same time. I lied on her back for a few seconds and took my dick out. We slowly walked to the washroom. She cleaned my dick, and I cleaned her private parts. I slowly put my shorts on and was walking out of the house.

Seeing her son sleeping, I managed to get to the main door. I hugged her and kissed her once again. She peeped out to see if anyone is there. After her confirmation, I stepped out and jumped back into my compound.

I went inside my house, and she called me to thank me for the nice fuck. We planned to meet soon, whenever possible. I had to travel back to Hyderabad and expect to fuck her soon.

I hope you liked my experience about my affair with a hot neighbour. I look forward to connecting with any women who can wish to have a memorable session. Trust me, your comfort and safety will be my utmost priority. Please feel free to write to me or ping me on hangout [email protected]

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