Enjoying Anal Sex With My Neighbor And Her Ladies Tailor

Enjoying Anal Sex With My Neighbor And Her Ladies Tailor

Previous Parts: Threesome With My Neighbor And Her Ladies Tailor – Part 2

Please read both the earlier parts to get the flow of this narration.

What a sexual experience has been so far as a sexual lust awakening. Believe me, I was just an innocent housewife. Twice a month, sex was a ritual of my married life, until I met Meena and Naseem.

Now it has become a living part of me. I dream of Sex day and night. Sex is an appetite that never gets satisfied. The more you have it, the more you want it. It is like a stream where once the path is created and obstacles removed, it starts flowing and will not stop.

Also, it never stays at the same level, but the levels keep on going higher and higher. So while it may begin by just a kiss on the cheek or forehead. It then goes on to kissing on the lips, then deep mouth kissing. It will then progress to pussy fingering and sucking the cunt.

And a woman (like me) also gets excited and horny, with her juices oozing. There will be cock sucking (how deep depends on how turned on the woman is and how experienced she is) and then vaginal fucking. The woman begs (by gestures) for the man to fill her hole and her partner willingly obliges.

I thought that this was all there was about fucking. But as I discovered, there is more than just plain fucking, something called anal sex. You may wonder whether all this has affected my married life. On the contrary, it has improved my marriage.

My husband is really happy to see me happy (if only he knew the reason). The other day, he even mentioned that I am glowing all over. Even my daughter is happy that I don’t lose my temper and am smiling all day.

They don’t know that my cunt lips are actually smiling with happiness. When a woman experiences the joys of sex and her cunt filled with a thick cock, she will always be happy.

It has been proved that happiness hormones are generated when you have sex. On the days that Naseem did not come, Meena and I would have our session. But a dildo that we both used in each other can never replace a live cock in your pussy.

While a dildo can service you till the battery dies out, it is a live pulsating cock. It twitches in your hand when you hold it, which can give immense joy. Our sessions lasted for an hour or two since Naseem had to go back to his shop.

When he used to go back after fucking, I used to feel an emptiness in my pussy. When I mentioned this to Meena, I think she told Naseem.

Once, when he came, he brought me a gift. A sex toy I had never heard of this before. Called ‘Ben Wa balls.’ It has to be inserted in the vagina. It provides stimulation on the anterior vaginal wall. It is full of sensitive nerve endings.

These also tighten the walls of the pussy and grip the cock tighter during intercourse. So, I used to insert these in my pussy on the days when Naseem did not come or even when I felt horny after he left.

Now let me tell you a bit about Naseem. He owned a Tailor’s shop in our building that belonged to his father when he was alive. He also owned two cars and 2 flats in the same building. (I shall tell you more about the purpose of these flats in later episodes).

Sometimes I think that the tailor shop is only an excuse for his other Business. As you read all the parts of my experience, you will understand why I think so. I had also begun exercising so that I would enjoy sex more and also that Naseem would enjoy fucking me more.

I am not thin or plump. But I wanted to be more fit and energetic. Some of my friends say that I look like the actress Meena Kumari. I have a voluptuous figure.

I had heard that the more sex you have, your boobs and buttocks become bigger, and pussy lips become thicker. The clitoris also grows and becomes prominent. I know that in my case, it is true. My boobs have become fuller, and my ass rounder. Even my clitoris has become more prominent and visible.

In this part, I want to tell you about my first anal experience. I have seen porn, where the man is fucking in the woman’s ass hole. I had always thought that this must be very painful. I cannot even put my finger in my ass. So you can say, I have a virgin ass, which has never been used.

But in life, there is always a first time. One day, Meena told me that today she will teach me about anal sex. I was nervous as I had never put anything in my bum before. She told me to relax, and she will teach me. She also told me that Naseem likes anal sex.

Meena is smart. She knows my weakness now and that I will try anything to please Naseem. She told me that first, we have to clean our bowels. Since this was my first time, she said she would give me an enema. She made me lie down in her bathroom, naked, on a plastic mat.

Then she inserted a tube into my rectum. The other end of the tube had a steel container with warm water. When she lifted the container to her head level, the water started flowing downwards into my rectum and filling me up. It was quite a sensation. Have any of you tried to control your bowels and made a mess?

She did not allow me to get up until my stomach was too full, and I had to beg her. But she would not allow me to stand up. Forget standing, I could not even sit up. But now I could not hold any longer and somehow got up and sat on the commode.

Oh, what a relief. All the waste matter got discharged with a gushing sound, and I began feeling light again. It was almost like an orgasm. Then I had a bath. Meena then took me to the bedroom. She told me to lie down on a thick towel that she had placed on the bed.

She had some creams and oils ready. She then wore rubber gloves and put lots of oil on the gloves till it was slippery. She told me that it was coconut oil. And coconut oil is the best as it does not dry up, like vaseline or baby oil. She then told me to get down on all fours like a doggie. She began licking my ass hole.

Oh God, it was quite a sensation. I had never experienced this before and never thought that it would be exciting. At first, it was a bit ticklish, but it also was an erotic sensation. Meena explained that the ass hole is also an erogenous zone and has many nerve endings.

She kept on exploring deeper and deeper with her tongue. I was wriggling with excitement. She was touching my clitoris too, which was making it even more exciting.

Then she gently put one gloved finger in my anus. My anus muscles contract, but I did not get any pain. She began massaging the inside of my anus with her finger, which I admit was quite pleasurable. Then she slowly put two fingers into my ass. This was painful.

Being a woman herself, she was gentle and knew how to do it. Meena was continuously talking to me and explaining the different sensations that I would feel. After some time, my anus began to relax. I cannot say that I was physically enjoying this.

But the thought that Naseem’s cock would soon fill my anus too made me happy. Meena told me that men like anal sex because the ass hole grips the cock firmly and almost squeezes it. Men also like to hold the woman’s hair and pull it when they are having anal sex.

I was wondering how it would be as I have quite long hair. By now, my sphincter muscles in the anus had become quite relaxed. Meena, as usual, had another trick up her sleeves. She had a set of dildos of different shapes and sizes in a box. I never even knew that you can get so many dildos and their purposes.

She took one the size of her two fingers and put a condom over it. Then she again put lots of her saliva on it and slowly put it in my ass hole. Since my second hole was now used to two fingers, it accepted the dildo and even gripped it tight.

Not a bad beginning. Slowly at first, then more roughly, the dildo banged into my ass. Like a bitch in heat, I began enjoying the sensation and started fingering my own pussy and swollen clitoris. Meena warned me never to allow a man’s cock, which has been in my asshole, to fuck the pussy immediately as this would lead to infections.

I was learning all this ‘gyan’ as the dildo made a gaping hole in my ass. After 5 minutes, she stopped, removed the dildo. With a mirror, she showed me the gaping hole. No wonder they say, “ Gaand phad diya.”

But after relaxing for some time, the muscles came back to their original position. I still felt that there was something in my ass. But the lesson was still not over. Meena then brought out a sex toy called a butt plug. She told me that I have to use it every day until my next meeting with Naseem.

This butt-plug is like a mini penis, but with a flat surface at one end, so that it does not get lost in the anus. It is quite pleasurable and gives a feeling of fullness. It also makes your vagina tighter. Now all the preparations were over. I was ready to have my real anal sex experience with a cock.

The night before, I was quite nervous like it was the first time when Naseem came. So, that morning I ate light breakfast and emptied my bowels and washed with soap and water. I then wore my salwar-kameez, with my new velvet, red-colored, see-through bra, and matching panties.

I was at Meena’s place in her bedroom, slightly nervous when the door-bell rang. The familiar smell of perfume (attar) told me who it was. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Naseem. Dressed in a green Tee shirt and blue jeans, he looked handsome and masculine.

His biceps and muscles were clearly visible. I was meeting him after a week. He came straight to me and lifted me in his arms. He lifted me off the floor by putting both his hands under my buttocks. I had to hold on to his neck for support.

Since I was wearing the salwar-kameez, it was easy for him to lift me up. Later he did this again when we were both naked. Then he put me down. He had a smile on his face. This time he did not call me randi, but said, “Meri Hassina Begum kaisi hai?” (How is my Hassina Begum today?)

Meena said, “Taiyar hai, tera lund gaand mein daalneke liye.” (She is ready to take your cock in her anus). I felt shy hearing this and blushed. He then kissed me for long in my mouth, and I responded. Slowly, he removed the kameez that I was wearing and left me in my bra.

He was molesting my boobs from the outside. I could now feel his cock pushing against his tight jeans. I slowly traced the outline with my fingers. He did not waste more time. He pulled the knot holding up my salwar and let it fall to the floor. I was now in my red panties.

The fragrance of his perfume was intoxicating me and making me horny. He unhooked my bra hooks and gave freedom to my boobs. They were firm and round with all the exercising I was doing these days.

He remarked, “Tumhara boobs bada ho gaya, kuch dino mein aur bade ho jayenge.” (Your boobs have become big. In a few days, they will become even bigger).

At that time, I did not know that in a few days, someone else would also be playing with my boobs and sucking my nipples. (I will tell you about that in my next post). He then put me on the bed and continued fondling my boobs and sucking my nipples, which had begun responding and swelling.

When all this is happening, how can my cunt remain unaffected? It too slowly started oozing with juices. I could feel the wetness between my legs and wondered when Naseem will pull down my panties?

Just at that time, he put his hand on the rubber band of my panties and pulled it down, with my well-shaved pussy clearly visible. I could feel his cock straining against his jeans. I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans. Now he was only in his jockeys.

The top of his cock was peeping from his jockeys. I knelt down and pulled his jockeys with my teeth. His cock was looking at me with his single eye as if it recognized me. Then I got down to pleasuring him. First, I licked his cock from the base to the tip.

Remember, since there was no foreskin, I could take long strokes with my tongue. I could feel his urgency, and he wanted me to take it in my mouth. But I wanted to tease him and make him wait. I took the tip of his cock and put my saliva on it.

Then I slowly took more and more of his cock in my mouth, till it reached my throat. He caught my hair and began ramming his cock in my mouth. I knew he liked it, as he was grunting. Then I could not take it anymore. Before I gagged, I pulled my mouth away.

After I had given him a blowjob for some time, he then wanted the real thing my pussy. He pushed me onto the bed, pushed my thighs apart, and began hungrily sucking my wet and red pussy lips. I saw him lick my pussy juice, and he was licking his lips after my juice flowed onto his tongue.

In between, he used to take hold of my clitoris with his lips, and pull it out or use his tongue to rub my clitoris. That feeling was unbelievable. He could give cunnilingus (pussy licking) for almost 10 minutes and make me orgasm just by doing that.

Then he made me go on my knees in the doggy style and began licking my cunt and clitoris from behind. Suddenly he put his tongue on my ass hole. I was slightly tense. But since I was expecting it, my mind was relaxed. He then began rimming my ass hole.

This was even better than when Meena was doing it. He opened my ass cheeks and was admiring my ass hole. I knew even my ass hole looks dark pink in color and is quite attractive. (Meena told me). Then he used the oil, lying on the table to oil his fingers and applied liberally to my ass hole.

He inserted one finger into my ass, but I did not get any pain. He then took a big condom (Meena knew the size and had kept it ready) and gave it to me. He told me, “Begum, yeh condom mera lund pe chadao.” (Begum, put this condom on my cock).

So, I took the condom and rolled it on his cock. His soldier was now ready to enter my dark cave. He poured some more oil on the condom and in my ass crack. I saw Meena was ready with her SLR camera ready to shoot my virgin ass losing its virginity.

Naseem said, “Begum darna nahi. Mein tujhe dard nahi doonga. Relax ho jao” (Begum, don’t get frightened. I will not hurt you. Just relax). Hearing this, I fell really relaxed. He first put only the tip, then the head, which went in quite easily.

Then he started fingering my clitoris with his fingers. It made me forget about my anus and concentrate on the pleasure in my pussy. Suddenly, in one stroke, his huge penis was in my ass hole. It was a bit painful, and I had to bite my lips to stop from shouting.

Meena came in front of me to get a better picture of my face and told me to smile. I made big eyes at her but managed to smile. Now I began to relax, as the cock went in and out, with my ass muscles, gripping it.

Later, when I saw the video, it was really erotic to see how tightly the ass hole grips the cock, not allowing him to withdraw. He caught my hips and was ramming his cock into my ass. Then he caught my shoulders and was pulling me back onto his cock.

Then he caught my hair and kept on fucking me with his cock in my ass hole. I cannot say that this was very pleasurable. But seeing the happiness on my master’s face, gave me pleasure too. I thought this man is unbelievable.

He might have been fucking me for almost 30 minutes. But still, there was no sign of him cumming. By now, I was too exhausted. I felt my whole body beaten up. But he had not yet explored my pussy with his cock. Then suddenly, he pulled out his cock and removed the condom and pushed me on my back.

Now I knew that he too could not hold on much longer. He put his cock in my wet cunt, which was thirsting for his feel for a long time. But even now, he was fucking for at least 10 minutes till we both orgasmed at the same time.

His thick sticky juice filling my pussy and flowing out. This time I was not worried about all his semen in my cunt as I was on the pill. There was no fear of pregnancy.

To all my women friends, I would say, give anal sex a try. Most men love it. And to my new male friends (here), be gentle and patient with your partner during anal sex and prepare her, before trying it.

In my next episode, I shall tell you what happened when Naseem brought along a friend of his. I shall tell you more about what happened in the next few days, only if you are interested to hear, and I get your comments. You can send them to me a

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