Enjoying sex with a stranger – 3some steamy hot story

Enjoying sex with a stranger – 3some steamy hot story

Hello Readers, its Sweetie here. First of all, sorry for not posting anything for so many days. Hope you guys fapped a lot on my previous stories imagining my silky and milky white body. Today I will narrate a sex story where my Ex (Kishore) made me have sex with a stranger.

It has now been a routine between Kishore and me to meet once a week and make out. I started enjoying it more and more with him. We were trying different positions and in different places.

Once, we made out in his balcony, and once he made a whole romantic setup on his terrace. We had a very dramatic and full of sex evening there. It was all going well. I used to make sure that whenever I was meeting, I inform him one day prior, so he plans his schedules accordingly.

But one day, I thought of surprising him and went to his place without informing him. I always had an extra key to his house. So, as usual, I opened the door and walked in. He wasn’t in the hall. I heard some business talks from his bedroom and thought that he might be talking on the phone.

I had some more surprises for him. I bought new sexy lingerie to excite him, so I undressed in the hall itself and wore those sexy undies. But this surprise backfired on me. As soon as I entered his room, I saw that Kishore wasn’t alone there. He was with some other guy, maybe his client or business partner.

Kishore loved my attire but was shocked by the situation I walked in. The other man already had waters in his mouth, watching my almost nude body. He was continuously staring at me with eyes full of lust. I was still in shock and was standing there like a statue.

I got back my senses after a few seconds when Kishore signaled me with a slight cough. I looked at the other guy and then looked at myself. I immediately rushed out of the room, shutting the door with a bang. I came back to the hall and wore back my kurti and legging.

I was cursing myself for what all I have done and was thinking about what’s going to happen now. I drank a glass of water in a state of panic. Which made half of it fall over my neck. I sat on the dining table, waiting for Kishore to come out.

I was dying out of curiosity, thinking what the other man might be talking about me to Kishore. After around 10 minutes, Kishore came out of the room and stared at me with a naughty laugh. I was still not believing what I have done and just shrugged my shoulders.

He came and sat near me and told me that the other person is his business friend and his name is Sanjay. What actually shocked me more was the next statement of Kishore.

He said, “Sanjay looked at your glorious body and asked me about you. I told him that you are an unsatisfied wife who comes to me for some bang bang. Even Sanjay expressed his desire to help in satisfying you. I said to him that you will be more than happy to get fucked by two different cocks this afternoon.”

I went mad, hearing all this and slapped him. I said to him, “I am not just an unsatisfied housewife. I am your ex-girlfriend as well, that is why I come over here.” But Kishore knew my weaknesses very well. He explored those parts of my body, which even my husband didn’t know till now.

He made me stand and pulled me to the wall and kissed me hard, rubbing his erect penis over my leggings. And guess what, guys, I just needed this to be his slave and agree to his words. He broke the kiss after a minute and looked at me. He knew he got me.

I said, “But yaar making love to a stranger? I don’t even know him, and even I am not comfortable with a threesome.”

Kishore was a very kinky guy, but even he was never a fan of a threesome. So he immediately said, “No, darling, we will fuck you turn by turn, don’t worry,” and again kissed me hard. While doing so, he removed my kurti over my head.

K: I will go back in. Sanjay again wants to see you in the same attire in which you walked in first.

I gave him a naughty smile and was already wet to the thought of having two men. The feeling of scariness vanished, and suddenly I was feeling bold and hot. I decided to make this afternoon special. Trust me, the thought of being married and having a husband didn’t even cross my mind.

I removed the legging, which Kishore left loose on my waist. Set my hairs proper and walked back to the room. But this time a little less quickly. Sanjay was bolder now looking at me, and Kishore was happy to see my level of sluttiness. The two men sat on the bed, staring at every curve of my body.

I showed them properly by moving my hair to my back. I started feeling comfortable with Sanjay’s presence and passed him some nice smiles. Both of them teased me with only looking at me for almost 10 minutes. This made me impatient.

Kishore understood that this is pissing me off.  My panties were already deeply wet, and due to its white color, it was clearly visible.

Sanjay: Looks like she really needs some deep fucking. Her panties are showing her eagerness.

K: Ya, she is a perfect lady to enjoy on bed. Trust me, bro, you will have the best sex ever.

These words made me crazier and my nipples started erecting. Sanjay’s dick was rock hard by now. He started undoing his dress. He was naked within seconds, and I was surprised that his tool was bigger than that of Kishore. I looked at Kishore with a broad smile.

He understood that this slut is happy seeing bigger dicks. But the question now was who is going to fuck me first. If the decision was up to me, I would have still chosen Kishore. Because I still had some special feelings for him. But the boys decided to make the call by themselves.

And they came to the conclusion that both of them are gonna finger me and the one who makes me cum faster gets to bang me first. I shamelessly removed the remaining clothes from my body and slept on the bed, spreading my legs. It was Sanjay who came on me first.

He started the job as if he was regularly fucking me. Not just his dick, but even his fingers had a good size. Kishore set the timer on. And Sanjay, like a beast, started kissing and fingering me simultaneously. He did like a pro. Being a fan of fingering, it didn’t take much of his efforts to make me cum.

I kissed Sanjay like a lover for such a pleasurable work. Kishore saw the rock hardness of Sanjay and the way he was giving me fun. He decided to let the Sanjay go first. He simply walked out of the room and asked Sanjay to call him after he is done.

By looking at Sanjay, I knew that he ain’t gonna finish that soon. Kishore went out and closed the door. But came back for a second and said, “Fuck this slut such that I hear her moans in the hall.” I don’t know why, but Sanjay started feeling proud. I started feeling shy in front of him.

He pulled me and made me sit on his lap. He started kissing my lips and upper body like a passionate lover. And this is what actually turns me on more and more. Those chilly lips biting, pulling the hairs, kissing deep and hard on necks, caressing the boobs, pinching the nipples, and making my cunt rub.

Sanjay was really a pro, and his long dick added to his specialties very well. He gave me multiple orgasms without losing his patience. Even I showed him my blowjob skills. We had multiple rounds for about an hour, and he fucked me in missionary, cowgirl, and doggy style.

He made sure that I get fucked in every hole possible. I thought of not moaning much to tease Kishore, but his skills made me do that louder and louder. Finally, he was done after an hour and cumming inside my mouth. Even I was tired and was just lying on the bed.

After a few minutes, he stood up and said he will send in Kishore. I was already done for the day. But for Kishore, I could always push my limits. He walked naked in the room with a glass of wine for me. With just a glance, he knew that I am tired and need some rest.

He made me sit and handed over some water and wine to me. He started talking to me and asked about sessions with Sanjay. I didn’t have to utter a word, and he understood my satisfaction just with my smile. After about half an hour of talking, I was again horny, and so was Kishore.

But there is no better tease than Kishore. He knew that I wanted his cock badly but still made me wait. After a few more minutes, I just threw him on the bed and started sucking him. If he knew my weaknesses, even I knew his. He could never resist me going down on him.

His hands started pushing my head, and his cock started going deeper and deeper. He came after some efforts, and I smiled like I was the winner after swallowing his cum. He was not done just by this and came upon me. We had very passionate and slow sex like deep lovers.

He was slowly thrusting me, going deeper with every shot. Despite Sanjay being big and good, I enjoyed it more with Kishore. Maybe because of our connection, I feel with him. We just had two rounds as Kishore knew that I am quite tired and won’t be able to enjoy more of it now.

We laid on the bed naked, like teen lovers, and were talking about random things. Sanjay walked in after some time. He laid on the other side of me like I was a lover of two. Both of them started spreading their hands on my naked body. But both of them knew that sex is done for the day.

Sanjay demanded the last thing, and I obliged. He asked me to give a handjob to both at the same time. We sat on the sofa with me in the middle. I really had to work a lot to make these guys cum. Sanjay was again in the mood to fuck but was hesitating to tell me.

I went to the washroom to clean up. When I came back, I saw that Kishore was telling him to have me some other day. I asked about the matter. Sanjay said, “He is going back to his place tonight itself. He wanted to enjoy you one more time before leaving.”

I was tired but thought to make the guy happy, who made me cum so many times. So I agreed but asked him just one time. What I forgot that Sanjay got good stamina and the ability to control his orgasms. He took me back to the room and started fucking me.

He fucked me in missionary whole this time like he was hungry for years. And like a horny slut, I was turned on by it and wasn’t disturbing him at all. He fucked me harder this time. Like he was tearing a blockade. I again came 2 times.

That bastard convinced me to fuck me without a condom and came deep inside me. I don’t know why, but men feel different satisfaction when they cum inside a woman. The same was the case with Sanjay. For safety reasons, Kishore always used to keep Anti Pregnancy pills at his home.

I took one that day as well. That night I just felt how my hotwife desires are making any random guy cum inside me. Sanjay used to visit Kishore once in 6 months. Every time, he made sure that I was available for him every time he came to the town. And this is how I added one more fuck buddy to my long list.


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