Enjoying Sex With Stepmom Priya – Family Sex Story

Enjoying Sex With Stepmom Priya – Family Sex Story

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Hi all, I hope you all enjoyed part 1. If you missed it, please have a look at it.

I got nice sleep, and the next morning, when I came into consciousness, they all went for walking. Slowly I got up and went to my room. I got dressed up after some activities.

They came home after some time, and my step-mom called me for breakfast. I went downstairs. My grandparents are sitting near the dining table, and I took a glimpse all around for my mom. She got all covered up in a white shirt and blue leggings.

I wished my grandparents and got into the kitchen and gave a hug to her from the back.

Priya: No, we cannot continue this further. Forget what happened last night. I am your mother.

I argued for some time but she said, “No.” So I asked her for a deal and said, “If you accomplish it, I will obey you otherwise you have to obey me.”

Priya: Ok, what do you want me to do?

Me: You have to obey me daily for a week or you have to have sex whenever I want for a year.

Priya: I won’t accept either of them.

But later agreed to obey me for a week. So, I asked her after breakfast do all other works in nighty without any innerwear. I enjoyed the day by seeing her cleavage. I asked her to sleep without wearing anything during the night.

It was midnight, and all are asleep. I wanted to have a look at her naked body. So I entered her room silently and removed her blanket. But I got disappointed by seeing her in nighty. I started spanking her butts then she came into consciousness.

Priya: What are you doing here?

Me: I asked you to sleep naked then why are wearing this?

I went near her and started taking off her nighty. I took off that nighty, finally, with some resistance.

Priya: Are you happy? Now go to your room and let me get some sleep. Tomorrow early morning we have to go to the village to attend a function.

Me: I’m unable to sleep. Get down into the hall and give me some company.

Priya: What? Like this? No way.

I lifted her and carried her till steps. Later by covering her front and glancing for my grandparents, she walked down naked in front of me. While walking I had a look at her sexy butts moving up and down. Her pussy getting rubbed between them with boobs hanging down and her long hair extending till butts.

I kept some porno on tv and twisted my head towards her. She is already asleep on the sofa. I lifted one of her legs and placed it on one of my shoulders and began to stare at her body.

I kept my hands on her boobs and started squeezing them with her nipples between my fingers.

Priya: No, not now, please let me sleep.

I lifted up her from the sofa with her legs around my tummy. I placed one of the nipples in my mouth and the other in between my fingers. I started sucking it but she is not responding. So I crushed them between my teeth and pinched the other with fingers.

Priya: Idiot, what are you doing. It’s paining.

I laughed and said now your sleep is gone. But due to that, sound lights in the grandparents’ room got on. So I switched off the tv and took her to the terrace. She is afraid and standing behind the terrace door.

I said it’s ok and opened the door and gave a warm welcoming french kiss by moving my hand between butts. Now I forced her to move into the middle of the terrace and made her sleep there. She is covering her privates.

But I moved her legs apart into the lithotomy position. Now I am getting better of her pussy. I used my fingers to separate her labia and now I got a beautiful view of her pussy and clit. I started feeling her pussy by moving my finger along it.

After some time I inserted two fingers in it and started moving along with stimulating clit with another hand.

Priya: Hmmm…Use only one.

I got up from sleeping stance and knelt. I increased the speed very much and her juices started coming out. Later we shifted to 69 positions and started licking her puss. She is moving my dick with hand, but I forced her to insert it in her mouth.

After some time she slept beside me and I lifted her bottom and inserted my dick into her pussy.

Priya: Ahhh…No give me some time.

I started moving my dick slowly in her wet pussy.

Priya: Ahhh… Come on.

I increased the speed slowly later reached a peak. She started moaning loudly.

Priya: Ahhh…Please slowly.

I increased the speed further and her juices and sound of my dick reaching her deep pussy also increased.

Priya: It is paining slowly.

After a few minutes, I cummed in her pussy.

Priya: Yaa, it’s hot.

I removed my dick and went near her mouth and asked her to clean it.

Priya: No, let me get some rest.

I said no and forced it into her mouth. Later we planned to go down. She is going into her room. I caught one of her boobs and asked where are you going.

Priya: To clean and sleep. What? Do you still want it?

I moved clothes in my hand around her pussy and cleaned it. Now I asked her to come with me.

Priya: You are so dirty, and what are you planning to do next.

I took her to the kitchen and made her sit on the table. I said, “I’m hungry let me eat something.” I took some butterscotch cake from the fridge and placed it on a plate.

Priya: I’m also tired. Let me eat it.

I said, “No,” and took a piece. I placed it on one of her boobs and squeezed it around her boob.

Priya: Why are you wasting that, and who will clean all this mess?

No matter how you offend I am going to eat like this. I opened my mouth widely and engulfed half boob. I used my teeth to hold it in position. With the help of her hand, I pulled out her boob while my teeth cleaning it.

Priya: Ah…No it’s hurting.

I said but it’s tasty. Then I got some drink and poured it on her boob and started moving my tongue around it. My dick got the power again and I asked her to eat the rest of the cake. While she is eating I acted like playing with her pussy and suddenly inserted my dick.

Priya: No, not again, please.

Me: Don’t worry. I am not moving. You can eat in a relaxed manner. She is about to place the cake in her mouth, and I moved my dick violently.

Priya: Ahhh…

She hugged me in pain and I lifted her from the table and she placed her legs around my tummy. I stopped moving dick for letting her eat. Later I started moving again with my dick coming out sometimes because I’m carrying her and she is inserting it again.

I got one of her boobs in my mouth and placed my finger in her butt. I started moving my finger and the dick. As she was moving, her boobs also moving up and down by getting crushed under my teeth.

Priya: Ahhh…Umm…Ahhh.

She hugged me tightly in pain. Later I carried her to the room and fucked in doggy style. She started rubbing her pussy and moaning loudly as I move faster.

Priya: Ahh…Please, move it slowly.

Again I reached a climax. But this time I cummed in her mouth. We took some rest later for an hour. When I got up its already morning and she is getting ready for travelling to the village.


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