Erotic Events At My Friend’s Marriage – Erotic Fun Story

Erotic Events At My Friend’s Marriage – Erotic Fun Story

Well, let’s get started. I was in the 4th year of college. I noticed that my body was changing with me well enough. I started gaining some size on my breasts (36-28-35). My body almost resembles Nikki Galrani. Good breasts with a little tummy.

I was proud of how I was changing compared to other women in my college. I started to get more attention nowadays. One of my friends Aditi was getting married. She was getting married in her home town to her second cousin. All of us were pretty excited to see our friend getting married.

All my friends planned to go together. But Kartik (read my previous stories) insisted on going with me. He forced me and convinced somehow. It was a 6-hour journey from my place. So we planned on leaving my place at 3.30 pm. I wore a long skirt and a loose shirt without a bra.

I decided that dress so that if we get naughty on the road it would be easy for me to go with the flow. Kartik borrowed his friend’s car. So I went on with his flow. It was 3.45 pm when he reached my place. I came running to his car and placed all my luggage in the car and entered.

Immediately, he pulled me and french kissed me, grabbing my boob.

Me: Ok, ok calm down, nerd. At least move a little. I don’t want to give a free show to my watchman.

Kartik: Alright I am not sparing you the whole time.

Me: Let’s see about that.

He was true to his word and not a single second he left me. Either crushing my boob or slapping them. He seemed to drive me more than the car. He suddenly pulled out my right boob and started to pinch me and pull my nipple.

He seems to have no control over his horniness. I was scared to death cause he’s driving with only one hand.

Me: Omg stop somewhere please. I am really scared of your driving. Either fuck me or drive the car. Not both, please!

He just pulled over his car at the side of the road. It was already 6 pm and it was already dark for people to notice inside the vehicle. He pulled his seat behind and pulled down his pant revealing his cock to me. I took his cock in my hand and started to stroke him up and down. He seemed to have zero patience.

He grabbed my hair and straight away pushed over the cock. I just went with the nerd’s flow. I started to suck his cock. He was pushing my head harder and harder. I was making all the slurping sounds. It was 2 minutes and he let his first blow of cum inside my mouth.

I don’t what’s different in him but his cock was still pretty hard. I got horny looking at his cock. So I got over him and looked dead in his eyes. It was just pure lust and nothing else. I started to kiss him hard, pulling his lips, sucking his tongue. His hand was massaging my ass and slapping them, making me hornier.

I started to lick his face and kiss his entire fucking face. A few minutes later, I thought it was time to fuck his nerd cock. So I lifted my long skirt all way up. I didn’t remove my panty but slid it to a corner just giving him access to my wet pussy.

I slid my panty to the side by one hand and the other hand positioning his cock to enter me. Due to my wetness, his cock went in smoothly without any pain. I gave a loud moan and my skirt fell was covering our genitals. I started to ride his cock moving slowly and increased my speed.

He grabbed my waist and he moved his cock up and down fucking me harder. We both were moaning loud by each trust. We missed the view cause my skirt was covering our show but enjoying each trust to the fullest. We were fucking so hard. The car looked like it would topple at any moment.

We didn’t even care about the vehicles passing us. He started to move his cock vigorously that his cock was clapping my asshole in cowgirl position. It was that hard he fucked. He came inside me without any warning filling my womb with his kids. I felt each drop and I orgasmed hard feeling his cum.

I shifted back to my seat, sweating hard. I pulled up his pants and started the car. And we were back on track.

Me: (still breathing, taking an ipill) That was awesome, right?

Kartik: Yeah. I know. I thought your pussy would be loose by now. But it was tighter. I am surprised!

Me: What do you mean, Kartik? I know I fuck men but I am no slut. Behave yourself. (I got pretty angry by his comment)

Kartik: Ok I’ll get to the point. I don’t like you fucking other men. I hate it so much

Me: Why do you care asshole? As if you are my boyfriend!

Kartik: Varshini, I love you! You know that, right? Stop behaving as if you hate me

Me: Of course. I hate you now. I don’t even have the slightest idea of loving you. We are at most fuck mates. That’s it!

The argument went on for a while. I got pissed off at him. He was ordering me not to fuck men other than him like I was his fucking slave. Moments ago, we enjoyed fucking amazingly and now we are fighting like anything. At one point I lost control and shouted him

Me: Stop the fucking car!

Kartik: What? Why?

Me: I said stop, you asshole.

He stopped the car and I got out. I took my luggage and started walking on the road. I didn’t want to travel with him. Even though it was almost 7 pm. I was so angry with him. He was trying to convince me. But he also got pissed and left, driving fast abandoning me alone at night.

But I didn’t even cry a bit but was scared to death. I thought I would die here in this empty fucking road. I walked for a few minutes and saw a lamppost. I went near it and stood there for a few minutes. I can’t explain how scared I was because there was no signal on my phone too.

Luckily a car came by. I waved my hand and the car stopped. He pulled down the window. I bent down. He immediately said, “Get in!” I didn’t even speak a word. But I ran and kept my luggage and sat. Let a huge breath of relief. The car started to move.

He: I thought you people would be in saris. But it’s ok I guess. You look smoking hot in these clothes. So tell me how much is your rate?

Me: (confused as fuck) Excuse me, sir. I didn’t get a single word what you just said.

He: I am asking your rate, dear. How much do you expect for a night?

I then realized he mistook me for a prostitute. I wouldn’t blame him because my clothes are not at all objecting to his point. Low neck loose shirt. My nipples almost pointing from the shirt.

Me: I am extremely sorry, sir! I am not the girl you think. I just wanted a ride to my friend’s place. That’s it.

He: (laughing so hard) Hahaha, I am sorry babe. I thought you were the slut. You were exactly waving hands like them. Be cool. I’ll drop you where ever you want

Me: Thank god. Thank you so much, sir. You are great

I noticed he already had a huge bulge. But he was a total gentleman. It was 11 pm when I reached the place. I got out and took my luggage out.

Me: I can’t thank you enough sir. I thought I would die there alone. But you came like a god. Trust me I can’t thank you enough. And btw I am sorry I ruined your sex night. I am really sorry.

He: Hahaha. It’s ok. I am happy you are safe. Btw I don’t take back a single word I said about you. You look super-hot and sexy even in the mild light. I mistook you for a prostitute. I was so excited and immediately let down. But it’s ok I guess

I felt sorry for him. But another idea came to my mind.

Me: sir. I am no prostitute still. But I would like to gift you something. Do you like wet panties?

He: Omg why not? (chuckles)

I decided to give him my panties as my gift to him. I don’t know why I thought like that. But I decided to give him. I thought, after all, he was a stranger and he’s going to leave this place right away. So it would be no harm for me too, right?

So I rubbed my pussy over my skirt to make it a little wet. There was no one on the road and we were to the side. So I immediately pulled down my panty and threw at him.

He: You are hot. I love the stench of your pussy. It makes me hard.

Me: Hahaha. I know that. Ok, bye.

I knocked on the door of my friend’s bungalow (They were the richest in the whole village). Aditi opened the door and I saw her fiancé as well. I hugged her tight. Her fiancé took my luggage and placed it in. But there was something that was still missing. The gut didn’t leave the place still!

This somewhat worried me. So I turned back to see and he was hugging Aditi’s fiancé. I was in total shock that I almost pissed myself. I thought he would leave the place. And that was the reason I gave my fucking panties.

I already started to imagine people slut-shaming me. Every hair in my body almost stood up in fear.

Aditi’s fiancé (Nishant): Hey it seems my close friend dropped your friend. How surprising is that right?

I looked in fear. He was looking straight to me and smiling the whole time. We all entered inside. He took his luggage in as well.

Aditi: Hey what happened? Why did Kartik come alone? Do you know Vishnu from before?

Me: Long story, dear. Btw I didn’t know his name was Vishnu until you said!

I told her every bit of what happened except for the panty thing. I thought it was too slutty even to tell my close friend. I went to the room where all my female friends were already resting. I was so tired of all that happened so far. So I went near Keerthana and slept.

The next day, Keerthana woke me up at 7 am. “Hey, babe. Wake up. When you reach here babe?” I woke up and explained her everything just as I said to Aditi. She was like. “Damn, I am happy you made here in one piece. Thank Vishnu again now.”

I then realized I should talk with him. I brushed my teeth and was searching for him. I found him with his gang laughing and chatting. I went near him and called him by his name. We went aside.

Me: Vishnu. Did you tell anyone what happened yesterday?

He: Don’t worry. I told everything just like you said to Aditi. We both were talking this morning

Me: Thank god. Please don’t utter a word to anyone alright. You can keep my panty anyway. I hope you keep your promise like a gentleman.

He: Ok, dear. You can trust me.

I was relieved. I turned back and started walking. Then he spanked my butt. I felt his rough hand on my butt over my skirt. It was kind of painful and nice both.

Me: Wtf…

He: It’s ok. We are friends now. Deenu Ki Doosri Chudai – Desi Kahani

He winked at me. I didn’t know what to say. So I just walked away from the place realizing I got spanked by a stranger. I took a bath and wore a sari and revealing my navel a little. Cause it was a family function. I thought to behave well around them lol. I came out of the room.

There was already some pooja going on. Everyone was busy with their marriage help. Me, on the other hand, couldn’t help searching for Vishnu constantly. I don’t know why. But I kind of wanted to him how I was looking. I found him there.

He saw me too and came near me. “Damn! Hotty looks smoking again.”

“Lol. Thanks. It’s kind of my thing to be hot lol.” To my surprise, I saw Kartik too helping around. He noticed me and I immediately wanted to irritate him.

Me: Vishnu, you look handsome too. Why don’t we take a selfie?

He: Why not?

He took his camera. I leaned slightly towards him. He deliberately put his hand around my waist pulling me little. I could almost smell a burnt stomach from Kartik. Well, he deserved it!

He: Your skin is so soft, Varshini. I cannot take my handoff.

Me: That’s how all girls are Vishnu.

We both left the place because everyone was busy helping one another. I too got involved. Every time we both pass each other. We used to smile at each other like secret lovers. I was enjoying every moment in helping them. All friends were enjoying the scene.

Joking at each other and teasing the bride and groom. It was fun. A day passed. All my friends decided to wear red colored sari. So I wore one. But this time all my friends were looking hot in the sari. So I thought not to waste this chance. I wore a blouse that showcased my back a little extra than others.

I pulled my sari an inch below my navel. As always everyone was fucking impressed by my dress. Even the people gathered didn’t seem to oppose me. Everyone appreciated my dress. The marriage was happening in the bungalow itself. The groom tied the knot around Aditi’s neck.

All of us started to dance. Even the newly married couple joined us. It was so fucking awesome. Vishnu came near me and started to dance. I too was liking his presence and joined him. His hands were randomly brushing my body but it didn’t seem inappropriate.

In the middle of the dance, Vishnu left the place and winked at me. I kind of understood. He went up on the staircase. After a minute, I too slipped away from the place and went up. I was searching for him. I was walking around the place and suddenly from one of the rooms.

He pulled me in, locked the door and started to kiss my neck vigorously and fast. I too went with the flow. He was kissing and licked my neck. My earlobes, my cheeks and kissing my lips, not in an erotic way but a hard and rough way. The entire building was loud with the music system for the dance.

I was freely moaning with his behavior. He was rubbing my butt cheeks. My waist pinching them. All I could do is moan loud. He went down a little and unhooked my blouse. He landed his face in the center of my boobs and licking them like there was no tomorrow.

Biting, caressing, pulling, slapping. I pushed his head even more to my boobs. My boobs got all red. I went down on him. I removed his dhoti and pulled his undies. Damn, he was rock solid down there and girthy too. I started to suck his cock like there was no tomorrow.

He was moaning like a horny slut. I was sucking his cock harder and harder almost getting choked. He pulled my sari drape so roughly that I rolled and fell over the bed. He jumped right at me. Pulled my petticoat and panty in one go just like that. We both were breathing heavily.

He positioned his cock at my pussy. I stopped him immediately. “Where is your condom? I don’t want to be fucked by the dick that fucked prostitutes.”

“Fuck…It’s in my bag.” He jumped off the bed, wore his shirt and dhoti. His hard-on was visible still. He ran out locking the door outside. I was lying there with my legs spread like a crab lol. He took 2 long minutes to come with a condom. He wore his dotted condom and didn’t even warn me.

He straight away pushed his cock in. I let a huge moan. It was more like a scream. The condom’s dots were really powerful. It scratched my pussy wall like anything and his grittiness was an advantage. He didn’t even go slow. He started to ram my vagina like it was the end of the world.

I couldn’t control my pleasure and pain for a second. I was screaming in pleasure and pain. I didn’t know what to do. Scratching his back with my nails. Shouting like a true slut. The sound outside canceled my moaning completely. It gave me the freedom to loudly moan the hell out.

The dotted condom was doing its thing. He kept pumping in like anything. He suddenly stopped and turned me. I was in the doggy style. He pulled my hair and pushed his cock in my pussy. Again started to ram my pussy. His waist was slapping my ass making ‘phat phat phat’ sound.

Even on top of that, he was spanking my ass hard while ramming his cock. He made me feel like I was a horse and he was the jockey riding me. Pulling my hair with one hand and slapping my ass on others. Fucking my pussy with no mercy what so ever. He was so hard and manly. I lost control.

My hands were shivering and fell on the bed. But he didn’t seem to stop nor show mercy. He pulled me up again by my hair, ramming me harder. I already came two times. I was screaming, moaning and almost crying with pleasure. After 20 minutes of intense merciless fuck, he shouted and came in his condom.

He fell next to me. We both were breathing heavily. I badly wanted to taste his cum. So I went down and pulled out his cum filled condom. The condom was filled with his cum. His cum was flowing like boiling milk. I took every drop from his cock and licked the entire condom like a highly paid slut.

We both rested there for a few minutes and got ready. I came out of the room so happy and let the breath of air relieving myself. The marriage went on amazingly. We all left the place with a happy face. But only I left the place with a satisfied body.


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