Exploring The Female Anatomy With Aunt Beth – Indian Sex Stories

Exploring The Female Anatomy With Aunt Beth – Indian Sex Stories

I was 20 at that time and had studied in a boy’s residential school and college. The school was operated by a chain of Hindu missionaries. In fact, we were taught by saffron-clad male monks. My knowledge about female anatomy was limited to just those facts that were obvious.

I was in Delhi with my parents searching for institutes for higher education. After a recce of a few colleges and discussions with a few Delhiites, I shortlisted DU for my MA. My parents dropped me at the house of one of my distant relatives, Beth aunty, and went to Haridwar.

Since I wasn’t interested in going and we had checked out of the hotel, I stayed with Beth aunty in her house. Beth aunty was 29 at that time. Her height was 5 feet 9 in. She was tomboy since her school days. She rode a Pulsar and occasionally smoked Benson & Hedges.

She worked in the music department of an advertising company. She was an awesome percussionist. Maybe due to all these so-called ‘manly characters’, she was not romantically involved with anyone. She lived in a 2 BHK rented accommodation in Noida.

That day she took me to Asian Village, a district known for its nightlife. She performed Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and  ‘Dhan tan an’ from Hindi movie ‘Kameenay’ on the drums. We returned home late at night. We shared almost a full bottle of Old monk, and both of us were drunk.

We did not have dinner that night. I was already on the bed after a quick shower –  and she went to have a quick bath. My eyes were heavy with the dark rum. She was supposed to sleep beside me on the double bed she had in her bedroom. The a/c was cooling the room.

She came and lay beside me. She had switched off all the lights except for a bedside lamp. We were talking about life. She told me that she would stay single as long as possible. She did not have any interest in a husband and having kids.

My life was still boring – till then, a restricted life, no girlfriends, no sex, and a little bit of alcohol. I don’t know where the conversation went and what came on her, she brought her face close to mine. A lock of her wet hair fell on my face. Her lips touched mine.

After a soft, quick kiss with the pair of thick lips, she withdrew. She looked into my eyes for a reaction. I lifted my chin a bit, forwarding my lips to ask for more kisses. There still was a little bit of rum inside the Old Monk bottle on the bedside table. She took a sip of rum to wet her lips with it.

She again brought her face to mine. We were kissing each other. I could taste the rum from her lips. Then I felt her fingers moving through my hair and playing with them. Our tongues wrestled with each other. We were now having an open mouth kiss.

My inexperienced tongue did not know what to do. She took over. She sucked the tip of my tongue and then the lower lips. Her index finger ran down on my face, and then she brought them down to the nape of my neck. She slowly unbuttoned the shirt of my night suit.

She was running her fingers all over my body. By then, I had goosebumps all over my body. She pressed my nipples on my chest. The hands stopped, and she pulled away from my shirt from my body. She sucked each of my nipples one by one.

She took out her tongue and licked each of them and then circling them with her tongue. We went back to kissing each other again. While kissing, she loosened the knots of the spaghetti straps of her nighty. She pulled the nighty down, exposing her boobs. The nighty stuck around her waist.

She looked like a mermaid with a naked upper body and polka dots nighty covering below the waist. She was anyways wheatish, but the contrasting yellow light in the background made her look even darker. A portion of cold soft flesh pressed against me while she was sucking my earlobes.

Oh my gosh! It was one of her breasts.pressed to my chest. I could feel the prick of her erect nipple on it. She pushed herself upward with her hands. She placed her hands on both my sides in a way that her upper body was on me. She lifted herself a bit, supporting her body with her hands on the bed.

Now her breasts were dangling right above my face. I pushed her down with my hands on her back so that the boobs were close to my mouth. I took one of them in my mouth and put my hands on the other. She had big boobs ending with dark brown and elongated nipples.

Playing around them with my tongue felt good. I did the same as she had done with my nipples. I sucked her nipples, played around them with my tongue. I took turns in playing with her boobs. Squeezing and pressing the one which wasn’t in my mouth. I had to explore the boobs.

That was the first time I was touching and feeling them. I had seen female adult boobs and nipples so closely for the first time. My source of knowledge about boobs was certain English magazines procured from my hometown during vacations.

Even the exposure in those magazines was limited to bikinis and Victoria’s Secret. Cell phones were not allowed. During breaks and vacations, I was always surrounded by family. So again, exposure to female anatomy wasn’t available.

I felt her fingers around the elastic of my shorts. I felt the short being pulled down till my knees. I pulled them further down and removed them away. My dick could feel the cold air from the AC. I felt her fingers running through my pubic hair. It felt so good.

At 20, with a height of 5.3 feet. I did not have the size to boast of. Maybe an inch longer after having a hardon. I felt her fingers wrapping it and sometimes exploring. I felt those soft lips wrapped around my thing. I felt the lips holding it and pulling softly.

She played around with her tongue, sometimes her tongue was exploring my testicles and the portion below that. She slid away from the nighty through her waist. I pulled it down to her ankle and moved it away. There she lay completely naked beside me on the bed. I really had no clue how to proceed.

Aunt Beth realized my confusion. She asked me to place my hands on her pussy and feel them. I placed one of my trembling hands on her pussy. She had nicely trimmed public hair on it. My fingers explored the area. I was playing like a child with her pussy and the curly hair on it.

While doing so, a few suhagraat (the first night of the couple after the wedding) scenes from Hindi dubbed South Indian movies came to my mind. I crawled on my knees upward and started kissing her forehead, followed by her eyes, and placed my lips on hers.

I dropped a few drops of rum on her lips and sucked it from them. She responded to my lip kiss. While we were kissing, she took my dick in her palm. I moved further down and kissed her protruding nipples while she continued playing with my sick. I sucked the nipples again.

I moved further down and kissed her pussy. While I was kissing, I heard her say, “Why don’t you taste them? Put your tongue inside.” I parted the hair on the pussy to expose the clitoris. I inserted my tongue between her pussy lips. She let out a series of moans.

That seemed to be the sound of satisfaction. I liked the sucking pussy thing a lot, with every second improving. Beth’s moans confirmed my performance. Beth moaned me to enter her. She told me to put my dick in her pussy. I tried to push my dick but fumbled. I wasn’t able to find the right spot to enter.

The passion seemed dying due to my fumbling that showed my lack of experience. It was frustrating, and my dick started to lose its hardness. Beth pushed me back to bed. Her hands were beside my waist. She whispered that it was okay and went back to sucking, trying to revive the hardness.

Soon, my dick was hard again and standing erect like a ‘minar’. She sat over my lower body and moved back and forth. I was feeling her pussy being rubbed against my dick that was getting harder with Beth’s moves. She lifted her self up a little with the support of her knees and adjusted my dick against her hole.

She sat back on me and moved back and forth, and soon my dick was inside her. I could feel her pussy wall wrapped tightly around my dick, pulling them with each of her forward movement. She placed her hands on my chest, pinning me down on the bed, and continued her back and forth moves.

My pubic hair was brushing against her pubic hair. Initially, I was enjoying watching her hanging boobs moving back and forth. I clasped them with each of my palms and started squeezing them. She looked at me and smiled. She now splashed up and down, keeping my dick inside hers.

She tightened her grip around my waist with her thighs. Her pussy walls gripped my dick tightly. I could feel my juice wanting to come out. I left her boobs and placed my palms on her hips. She had a huge pair of buttocks. I could hold no longer and let my juices out. She continued her jumps.

I stopped her from moving further. She paused but still kept my dick inside her, waiting for the last drop of my sperm come out. I felt my dick grow feeble again. I pushed her beside and lay still, feeling exhausted. She lay down beside me and smoked one from her box of Benson & Hedges.

I was thirsty and picked up the bottle of water from the bedside table. It was empty. She got down from the bed and walked to the kitchen to get another bottle of water. I watched her swaying hips and bouncing boobs as she walked around naked.

That night we slept naked, and we continue sleeping naked when we are together. That was basically my first experience. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I was to stay with her over the weekend. And expected much more was about to come. We took a shower together the next morning.

During the day, we were roaming around in Delhi, and at night we had sex. Once we went to Bali together and to Pattaya on different occasions. Your feedback and comments would be much appreciated and would provide encouragement for more stories.

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