Family friends to friendly fucks – Housewife sex story

Family friends to friendly fucks – Housewife sex story

Hello everyone, how are you all doing ? Hope you and your family are safe. I apologize for the delay as I was held up in personal work. And also I would like to thank the ones who took time to read and give out their valuable feedback. It surely means a lot.

Today, I am gonna narrate an incident of a reader who texted me her personal experience. She was from Ranchi, a married woman in her late 30s with 2 kids. You wouldn’t believe my words if you see her, she looked like she was 24 or something.

She was a housewife and mother of two daughters of the age 12 and 9. Even though her husband was a good man, there was not much sexual interaction between those two and this lead to an empty space in her heart.

She had a sweet skin tone she has. And not to forget about those great assets which she had of 32-24-34. Her name was Anshu (name changed for privacy).

Let’s move into the story.

It was a breezy Saturday morning and the kids were astound sleep. Anshu was preparing the breakfast in kitchen while her hubby was reading the newspaper.

There was a knock on the door and Mr Sharma (Anshu’s husband) went to open the door, it was his family friend Karan who was on the other side. He came for a weekend getaway, he occasionally came to visit them and this time, he bought his family too!

His wife got to mingle with Anshu, and his 19-year-old son came in and sat quiet as he had no company of his age and was left alone. Both the families got freshened up and gathered directly for lunch at the dining table.

Akash (Karan’s son) was getting super bored in the new place and his weekend plans were getting wasted. Little did he know about the life changing experience yet to receive from that place.

Anshu was noticing Akash’s mood towards the get together and tried to build a conversation with him. She went to him as he was sitting on the lawn and initiates the conversation.

She enquired about his name, college and his favourites, she told him she would cook his favourite dish that night for dinner which brought a grin on his face.

Sharma got an idea of going for a movie on Saturday night as it was a longtime since his family went to the theatre. He booked 5 tickets and left his daughters at in laws place as it’d be late at night and they’d fall asleep.

When they were about to start from home, there was a heavy rainfall and they were forced to cancel the plans. Sharma had an alternative, he quickly went to the liquor store and bought some stock for the clan to booze.

They set their living room to a home theatre set-up. An old classic movie was playing and all the 4 adults were happily boozing while Akash’s boredom hit a different level. Sharma passed out with 3 pegs while the remaining 3 were a bit sober.

Anshu served food for them while watching movie. Akash sat next to Anshu as Sharma went left to the bedroom. Now the housewife Anshu was a bit tipsy and Karan and wife were at the front seat of sofa.

Anshu was wearing a shirt and long skirt with 2 buttons opened as it was her house. Akash was wearing t-shirt and shorts.

As the movie went on, he laid his head over Anshu’s shoulder. She didn’t mind as she saw him as his own son.

He fell asleep and she continued to watch the movie in that place. After sometime he placed his hand on her breast. She thought it was by mistake and took it away.

He did it again the second time. This time while moving his hand away, the housewife noticed a boner in his shorts. She got surprised and didn’t say anything about it. That night got over and she kept on thinking what he was up to.

The next morning Sharma, Karan and his wife went for fishing at a far place. It was 10 am and Akash woke up just then. He came and sat on the sofa and started using his mobile.

Anshu saw him sitting there and said she’ll get him a cup of coffee. He was waiting for the coffee.

Anshu was wearing a gown and she purposely opened 3 buttons in it and took the coffee to him. She bent nicely to place the coffee on the table before him, her cleavage was nicely visible to him. He stared at them like how a tiger stares at its prey. He enjoyed the coffee and the view.

After having the coffee, he said that he wanted to talk something in personal. She told nobody was in the house as the kids were in their grandparents place and it’ll take at least 3 hours for the families to come back.

He said that he was addicted to masturbation, and while masturbating, he thought of Anshu. He told her that the previous day before sleeping, he had shagged his dick by thoughts of her and slept.

She didn’t get angry and explained to him humbly, “In your age, it is common you need to control your urges.” Then he said that he wanted to explore a female body.

Anshu: You need me for that?

Akash: Yes aunty.

Anshu: This is not possible beta, go get a girlfriend for that.

Akash: Aunty, you’re the only one I am sharing this with, please help me out.

The housewife stood up and was about to go to the kitchen. Akash grabbed her from behind and started smooching her around the neck and earlobes from the back. Anshu was demanding him to leave her, but Akash was in no mood to listen.

Slowly those warm breaths and kisses of Akash started arousing her and she began to enjoy the pleasure. She stopped resisting and turned towards him and stared to lip-lock with him.

She took off Akash’s t-shirt and he knelt to do the groundwork. As it was his first time, he didn’t mind about anything. He directly went to her cunt and started spreading her legs wide and licked it nicely. Anshu was caressing his hair and she was getting horny.

He stood up while licking her pussy and lifted her up on the shoulders. He was licking and walking towards the bedroom and dropped her on bed.

She removed her gown completely while moving. Now she was completely naked in front of her friend’s son. Akash got amazed on the view as it was going to be his first time banging a chick.

Anshu’s lean body along with the massive assets were an added advantage for him. He wasted no time and started off by sucking off those enormous boobs.

I will continue with the remaining story in next part, stay tuned to know more.

Women around Chennai, ping me if you need any kind of help from me. I would love to hear it from you guys, your experience too. Those who like to have a sex chat in Tamil or Telugu, let me know through mail.

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