First crush takes my virginity – Hot sexy story

First crush takes my virginity – Hot sexy story

Hi everyone, this is Rahul from Bangalore. I am going to share my first sex experience with my first crush that happened two years ago.

Her name is Ramya (changed). She is so beautiful that everyone would die for her. She was my school crush in Mangalore. I did my high school in Mangalore. I had a huge crush on her. But I couldn’t express to her because I was not very good looking at that time.

We were just looking at each other and just a casual talk. I was afraid to talk with girls at that time. I think so many of you experienced the same. Talking to girls was a difficult task during high school.

After high school, I left Mangalore and just rarely visited to meet friends. But I couldn’t meet her as her family was very strict. I just once tried to call her during, and that too failed.

During the first year of my engineering in Bangalore, I found her on Instagram. From then on, we started to chat casually. Chatting continued for two months. Later I expressed that I had a huge crush on her during high school. But unfortunately, she already has a boyfriend now.

She also expressed that she, too, had a crush on me during those days. Then I directly asked her if we could meet. But she denied and later after my request she accepted. So one fine Saturday we fixed the date. I had left Bangalore on Friday night by bus and reached Mangalore by Saturday morning.

I took one hotel room to freshen up. She said that she will be there at 10. I was so curious to meet her. Finally, we met at Pabbas (a famous place in Mangalore for ice cream). She was much more beautiful than high school. Also, her boobs and ass were in perfect shape.

Then we talked about our past and future and many things for an hour. I asked her what time we could hang out. She said that till evening she took permission from her parents. So I asked her for a movie, and immediately she agreed. Then we went to a good romantic Kannada movie in a city center theater.

The main story started while watching the movie in the theater. I purposely touched her hand, and also she reacted positively. Then we both held our hands tightly for minutes. Then I asked for a simple kiss on the cheeks. She did without asking a single word. I also gave it back.

Later after the movie, we went to have lunch. We discussed our personal life and also about sexual life. She said that she had already experienced sex with her boyfriend. But I was still a virgin boy.

Later after lunch, she said that we can go to the beach to spend some time there. But I had a different plan. So I told her that I wanted to get fresh up as I was tired and wanted to change the clothes. So I told her that I will go to my hotel room and come back as it was still 2 pm.

She said that she will also come as it was too hot to go to the beach early. So we both went to the room and started to talk casually. I told her that I will go to the shower and come. She also said that she also need to fresh up as it was hot. She suddenly told me that we could bathe together and smiled.

I was shocked by hearing that from her. It was like my dream. But I hesitated and thought it was a joke. After the bath, I came outside only in a towel and was shocked to see her as she removed her top. She was in her bra and in jeans. She said that it was too hot.

Now I couldn’t control myself by seeing her in that black bra. Her size was almost 34-28-34. Now I went near her to take the water bottle. I purposely slipped my towel, and now I was in my jockey boxer in front of her. Also, my dick had grown harder.

She noticed that and said that we both are expecting the same thing. She got up and started to kiss slowly, and it was like a romantic scene. We exchanged our saliva and kissed for ten minutes. I was pressing her boobs over her black bra and her ass over her jeans.

Now I tried to remove her bra, but she said that we should do slowly and romantic. Then we were on the bed. I was only in boxer, and my dick was grown into 6 inches and couldn’t hide inside the boxer. But she started to kiss every part of my body from top to bottom.

Then I was on top of her. I removed her bra started to lick boobs in every possible way. I enjoyed her melons for 10 more minutes. I was trying to remove her tight jeans. Then we both left with black panty and my boxer. Now she slowly removed my boxer and started to play with my dick.

She was playing like a pro in it, and now she started to give me a blowjob. Also, she licked my balls, and when I was about to cum she stopped. Now I started to rub her pussy over her panty and another hand on her boobs. I removed her panty and was happy to see her clean, shaved pink pussy.

I started to lick her vagina. Her legs were on my back and hands on my head, pushing towards her pussy. Now I got a great job in the world. I was tongue fucking her pussy with my tongue and with my fingers. She moaned like, “Aah, come on, Rahul, fuck me.”

Now she had her orgasm, and I tasted it, and I cleaned with some tissues. Now I started to fuck between her boobs for 5 minutes. In the end, I was fucking her mouth and suddenly cummed into her mouth and all over her boobs. She went to the bathroom to clean herself.

I went outside to bring some condoms and some chilled beer. After I returned, she wearing my t-shirt with no panty. Without wasting any time, I undressed and gave a condom to her. She put it on my dick, and I started to insert it on pussy.

First, I tapped my dick on her pussy. Then I started to fuck her slowly and started to increase the speed in missionary position. She was moaning. Then we shift to the doggy position. I was fucking hard that the whole bed was shaking as it would break today.

After fucking for 15 minutes, she came top of me and started to ride my dick. I was playing with her huge boobs. I suddenly cum inside her pussy but in the condom. She had multiple times of orgasm. Even after cumming, she was riding for a few more minutes.

Then we both went for a shower together and played under the shower. And did one more fucking session in the bathroom. I fucked her pussy in every part of the bathroom as there was no tomorrow. Now she drank my cum along with water, and we both were fully tired.

After bathing, she wore my jockey boxer as her panty was wet, and I was just in a towel.

Now we had some pizza and a burger. I was drinking beer, and she was just giving the company by having Pepsi as she wanted to go home. It was already getting late as it was 6 pm. We decided to have another quick session. I fucked her by pushing her towards the wall and fucked in every possible position.

And now she dressed in the same dress as she wore in the morning. I also dressed quickly, and we both hugged tightly and kissed. I went to drop her till the cab arrived. Later the next day, I met all my friends and returned to Bangalore.


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