Forced to fuck a virgin – A story of blackmail

Forced to fuck a virgin – A story of blackmail

Hello to all the beautiful women and beautiful girls. This is casanova369 back again with yet another sex escapade to share and make you all horny and wet by the end of this story about blackmail. I am a person who needs erotic sex and not just sex.

Please read my previous story ‘Further Sex Escapades With Married Classmate In Campus’ before reading this. Then you will not miss the flow, and you would have already got your first orgasm. You can also read all my previous erotic sex stories using my username and give your feedback through hangouts or email.

As you all know, I satisfied the sexual needs of my married classmate Anjali on the campus. One night after the night walk, we had our sex in the lady’s restroom. But we were not aware that Anjali’s friend, Kriti, knew what we had done in the restroom. Now she wants a return favor to keep it a secret.

Anjali had gone back to the hostel that night. She was lying on her bed and was thinking about our steamy session and was getting horny again. But then someone was knocking on her door. When Anjali opened the door, it was Kriti. Kriti came inside and told Anjali that she wants to discuss something serious.

Anjali didn’t even think that it will be related to our sexual escapades. So, she casually asked Kriti, is there any problem? Kriti told Anjali that she is aware of what we had done in the restroom. She told Anjali that she likes me and wants to lose her virginity with me.

Or else she will go and tell everyone about what we do in the blind spots. Anjali was dumbstruck and didn’t know how to react. But then she came back to her senses and told her that she will discuss it with me.

The next day Anjali shared what happened in her room the previous night and asked me to solve this matter silently. Which means to tear Kriti’s pussy and satisfy her like no one else. I said, “I will tear Kriti’s virgin cunt and drill my cock in her pussy as an act of revenge for threatening you.”

But then the next question is when and where. Anjali went back to Kriti and told her that I am ready to satisfy her, but what’s the plan. Now Kriti snapped Anjali from the picture and told she will discuss the plan directly with me. I received a message from Kriti on Friday night asking if I am free that weekend.

I replied, ‘No plans, and I am free.’ She said we can go to her farmhouse if I am interested in the weekend and have a good time. I replied, ‘OK.’ So, Saturday afternoon, we left for her farmhouse and reached there by an evening around 6 PM. It was a quiet, lonely place and a huge one with 2 or 3 servants.

We went inside, and it was a well-furnished bungalow. Kriti asked me to refresh, and then we can have dinner. I went to refresh, and when I came out, Kriti was lying on the couch watching T.V. The servants served the dinner and took leave for the night.

It was 9 PM. Kriti told me she wants to have a shower and told me to make myself comfortable. After half an hour, she came out wrapping a pink towel, and water was dripping from her hair in between her cleavage. She half-closed the door and was drying her hair.

I could see what was happening inside, and that was her plan. It was really making an impact in my shorts, and my small brother was growing now. She came out with a yellow t-shirt and floral shorts and had seen the bulge in my shorts. She sat next to me, and we started chit-chatting.

We discussed general things, and finally, I asked her how she knew about Anjali and me. She said that she had kept an eye on me for the past few days and was following us silently because she likes me. She also said that she entered the restroom when I was fucking Anjali.

She was listening to Anjali moaning in the toilet. She was aroused and then decided to lose her virginity to me. Listening to this, I was a little excited, and then Kriti told let’s go inside the bedroom now. I got up and followed her, and there was a nice aromatic fragrance.

She said that she sprayed a room freshener to make up the environment more romantic. She then told me she wants me to watch her, and she started removing her t-shirt and shorts. She was wearing a red color matching lacy lingerie, and my small brother just stood up saluting her.

She has sexy stats 34-28-34, and she could see the lust in my eyes. She came close to me and asked if I want to eat her for the next 2 days. I said I will eat her fully and pulled her close to me, and started kissing her. Both of us were very wild in our kissing.

She sat on my lap, and her hands were inside my t-shirt feeling my body. I was kissing her deeper and was pressing her butts. She was getting aroused, and her hands were brushing my hair, and we kept kissing for 10 minutes. I then removed her bra and started sucking her nipples.

She has brown color nipples with a huge areola, and it just made me go crazy. I was licking the huge areola slowly, and she started moaning, “Ahhhhh.” Then I tried taking her whole boobs into my mouth and was sucking them. She was moaning, “Ah, Baby. Fuck me tonight.”

I was sucking her nipples for 15 minutes, biting them, pinching them, and sucking them. She was now aroused and was very horny. After 15 minutes, I lifted her and put her on the bed. She now got up from the bed and started removing my t-shirt and shorts.

But then she found something hard in my pocket and asked me what it is! I said, you will get to know it soon, and Kriti removed my shorts. She was very happy to see my 6-inch thick cock and took it in her hand. She looked at me and was waiting for me to tell her, “Suck it, baby.”

I just took my cock near her mouth, and she just opened her mouth, welcoming my cock into her mouth. She started sucking my cock and played with it for 10 minutes. She was a virgin girl but learned everything from watching porn and really impressed me with her skills.

I pulled down her panty, and it was a cleanly shaved pink pussy. I was so happy looking at her virgin cunt. I thought that this is only for me for the next 2 days. I kissed her navel, and she kept her hands on her 34B boobs, pressing them. Then I slowly widened her legs and was kissing her thighs.

She started moaning, “Ahh! I waited enough for this moment. Fuck me like you fuck Anjali. Treat me like you treat her in sex.” I slowly started kissing around her pussy but was not touching her virgin cunt. She was losing her patience and was begging me to fuck her. I then parted her pussy lips and started licking it.

It was the first time someone has touched and licked her pussy. She moaned, “Ah, Baby. It feels so good.” I started licking her clitoris, and Kriti enjoyed it fully moaning and playing with her own nipples. I then took out the finger vibrator, which was there in my shorts, and put it to my finger.

I started kissing Kriti and was sucking her nipples. I turned on the vibrator and put it on her clitoris. She was shocked and didn’t know what it was. But it was giving her ultimate pleasure. Kriti was moaning. She pulled me close to her, kissing me and pushing her boobs into my mouth.

She was rolling on the bed and was just going crazy with the pleasure she was getting. I was biting her nipples and increased the vibrator’s speed. In another few minutes, Kriti released a huge loud of juices and was tired. I then took the Durex Vibrator ring from my shorts and placed it on the bottom of my dick.

I tried to insert my dick, but it was a little tight as it was a virgin cunt. But because she just released her juices, it helped my dick take a holy dip in her juices and enter her in one push. She shouted, “Ahh! Finally, you broke my virginity, fuck me harder tonight, baby.”

I entered her and stayed there for a few seconds to give her time to enjoy the moment. Then I slowly started pumping her. She locked me in between her legs and was scratching my back, moaning my name.

I fucked her in missionary posture slowly for 5 minutes. I then changed to a butterfly posture where her legs were resting on my shoulders. Now I turned on the vibrator ring and started pumping her. Again, Kriti was shocked at what it is but was enjoying it.

Every time I hit her deeper, my dick completely goes inside. She feels the vibration on her clitoris, and it was giving her maximum pleasure. So, I kept fucking her for 20 minutes. She was moaning. I stretched her pussy and fucked her hard for another 5 minutes and released all my load in her pussy.

She was very much satisfied, and we slept naked, cuddling in each other’s arms. The next day morning, I fucked Kriti in doggy style again with a vibrator ring on my dick. I was hitting her deeper and harder. Then she also feels the vibration on her clitoris because of the vibrator ring.

I fucked her in doggy style for 10 minutes. We then changed to a cowgirl posture where she was riding me. And every time she takes my dick fully inside, she feels the vibrator ring on her clitoris, and she moans, “Ahhh baby. You are making me go crazy.”

She fucked me in cowgirl posture for 10 minutes and couldn’t take it any longer. She gave a loud moan and released her juices that were flowing out from her pussy. Finally, I wanted to end the show and started fucking her in missionary posture again.

I fucked Kriti for another 10 minutes deeper, harder, and faster and released my sperm in her pussy.

The servants came around 9 AM and prepared breakfast and lunch for us. We had our lunch and returned back to our college by evening. Kriti has gone back to Anjali and told all about it.

I hope all the girls and aunties got aroused and horny and enjoyed reading my story. I am expecting a few more emails from young girls and women for an erotic experience with me. Please give your feedback at cas[email protected]

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