Friends With Benefits – Indian Sex Stories

Friends With Benefits – Indian Sex Stories

Hello, guys Nikhil here once again with a new encounter with a friend of mine. This is my third story on this site. Please also go through my previous stories.

You all might be knowing me. But for the new people out here, I’m an architect by profession and practicing in Pune itself. I’m 27. 5’8” in height. Fair enough and a well-built body.

Coming to this story. This happened with my college friend. This is going to be a pretty long story so please bear with me. This all started back in 2010 when I took the admission for my architecture degree. It was one of the best colleges in Pune. People from all over the country came to study at our university.

As days passed we got introduced to each other and our friendship with everyone got stronger. There was this girl Shreya in our group. She was from Pune only 5’4” in height and a good figure of 34-30-36, wheatish in color. We along with other 3-4 friends formed a group. We used to hang around together.

In the second year, we went on a study tour to Manali. It was a pretty long tour of 15 days. First 5-7 days we did some study and later as our work finished we visited different places and enjoyed ourselves. Likewise, we used to understand each other.

During these 5 years, we made many such trips and had a very strong bond of friendship. As our degree course came to an end, we had to bid bye to some of our group mates. We promised each and everyone to be in touch with each other.

I and Shreya used to meet and discuss the university and other stuff like further studies. She got her admission to one of the universities in the USA and was planning to go there. Simultaneously I had applied here in india in one of the best institutes and got admission there.

She moved to the USA and got busy with her course. I got busy here and my college started. We used to interact on WhatsApp and video calls on skype. Later she took some mobile plans where all the international calls to India were free. We started talking on call henceforth.


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She used to call me at night and our conversation would go on continuously for 1-2 hours. Later our talking turned to some personal things and about sex. Initially, she was hesitant to talk. But later on, she started talking freely. We discussed a lot of things. We discovered that both of us were virgins.

Her course ended as it was of one year only and she returned to India. We met after she was back in her home. We had some good quality time and spent the whole day together with our two other friends. We had our friend’s wedding so we all planned to go to her town for the wedding.

So we both booked tickets and went to the wedding. There we were too close with each other and sexual tension was building between us. We both realized it but couldn’t get a chance. We reached the city and then we met the bride and some of our other friends. The whole day went like that.

Our friend had arranged our accommodation in one of the hotels near her place and the wedding venue. We checked in there and relaxed for the evening. Later, two of our other friends also joined and we had a great evening drinking and having good local food. We retired for the day.

As Shreya was a single girl we gave her a room and we other boys shared the other rooms. The next day morning I got up early and woke everyone from our room. We had to go early for the wedding. I went to Shreya’s room and woke her up. She was in her nightdress and was just looking fabulous.

She again went to bed. So I started playing with her and started irritating her. And I was in her bed lying next to her. Both of us believed now something would happen. But bad luck this time as one of the friends from the other room came knocking the door to wake Shreya.

So, I opened the door and had to leave to avoid any doubt in his mind. Later the wedding got over and that night we returned to Pune. And things were normal with us.

One day, while talking on the phone, I asked her for a hug. I told her we never hugged each other. “When will you give me a hug?” She said, “When we meet again, I will give you one.”

For one of the assignments, I needed her help. So I approached her and she did her job and completed the assignment. As a thanksgiving gesture, I asked her out for dinner. But because of her other engagements, we planned to meet for lunch. We finalized a place and which was near my college.

A new cafe was launched and we planned to try that out after college. We met around 1.00 pm at the café had lunch there and some cold drinks. She asked can I drop her home. I accepted it as I was going to my home in the next two days we didn’t have college.

I told her we will have to go to my flat. I have to take some documents back home and after that. I can drop her. She was fine with it. We then left the café and went to my flat. At around 2.30- 3.00 pm. I parked my car below and she told me to get the stuff she will wait for here.

I asked her to come up as she can see our flat. She readily agreed for it and came with me. We went up and took the documents. I showed her the flat. It was a 2 BHK flat. I and one of my friends stayed there. He was sleeping at that time. While leaving I reminded her of the hug which was pending.

She said, “Not here this is not a good place,” and was leaving. I said, “Why? This is a good place and no one is watching us.” She got convinced and we hugged each other.

We were like that for around 2 minutes and believe me that hug felt very well. I asked her, “Can I kiss you?” She didn’t reply. I took this as a green signal and I kissed her first on her cheeks and then on her lips. She also co-operated now and opened her mouth.

We started smooching now and I moved down to her neck. But it was covered with a scarf. I removed that and started licking her neck and earlobes. She was enjoying it and moaning like hell. This could have woke my friend so took her inside my room and we continued kissing there.

I pinned her on the wall and kept on licking her face, neck, earlobes and kissing her. She then pushed me on the bed and came on top of me. She started kissing me all over my face and gave a love bite on my neck. I started undressing her and in no time she was in her bra and panty.

It was a miss-match as her bra was white in color and panty grey in color. Maybe because she was wearing a white top. I didn’t bother to ask and didn’t want to know. Her body was so perfect with fats at the right places and perfect curves and her deep navel.

I directly attacked her navel. Navel had always been a week point for me and started licking it. I then moved to her breasts and got hold of both her boobs and started pressing them with my tongue licking her navel and she was just moaning.

She then got my shirt and trouser removed just keeping my underwear. She started licking my upper body along with my neck and stroked my dick over my underwear. She put her hand inside it. She started touching it with her cold hands and kissing me on my lips.

I then came on top of her and removed her bra and panty. I started playing with her nipples. Her nipples were brown and her boobs were perfect round in shape 34 in size. I licked her boobs. Bit them sucked them. This time I didn’t have ice cream with me.

Like last time I used ice cream while fucking Shubhangi. You can read that story as well. So Shreya missed the pleasure of getting her navel licked with ice cream.

I then got my underwear removed and took the dick out. She was excited looking at it and touched it again. I now inserted my fingers inside her vagina and started moving her fingers. She was now moaning like hell as it was her first time a boy putting fingers in her vagina.

I then took my dick and teased her with rubbing it around her pussy. She wanted to take it inside asap. Then I inserted inside with some pushing as it was tight. With a lot of effort got the dick inside it pained for her. Then started stroking it and she started shouting and moaning.

I had to cover her mouth with my hand and kept fucking her for some time slowly and slowly. Later slowly increased the speed and was about to cum I asked her can I cum inside or should I remove it. But she said she is safe now and I can cum inside and she will take pills later.

I then increased my strokes and we both cummed simultaneously and laid there on the bed tired. We slept like that for some time hugging each other and after half an hour woke up and we kissed again and her phone rang as it was 6.30 pm now and it was her mom. Asking her why has she not yet returned.

We then cleaned each other and I dropped her at her place and on the way took I-pill and gave her and then reached my home. That night we called each other and were discussing the incident on the phone. She thanked me for the wonderful day she spent with me.

Later we had sex many times when her parents were not at home or my parents were not at home. We never moved ahead than sex. But still today our relationship is like ‘Friends With Benefits’ only.

Please let me know how you liked my story. And anyone can reach me on thank you, guys. And waiting to hear from you.

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