Friends with benefits relationship – A virgin sex story

Friends with benefits relationship – A virgin sex story

Hi friends, I am Manu. I am a great fan of this site and I would like to share my experiences of my friends with benefits relationship.

This story is about a friend with benefits. I am from Kerala and work in Bangalore. The heroine of this story, let’s call her Sherin, is a typical Mallu girl. She is from Kottayam. Her figure is 36-34-36.

She was a nursing student at that time. We met at an Onam celebration in Bangalore and became a friend. Let’s come to the story. I was on the Onam celebration committee. She was doing her 2nd year of nursing at that time. I had lots of friends, and she was one of them.

As a responsible person, I considered all my girlfriends as my sisters. I never flirted with anyone, never had any bad thoughts for any ladies. We had become very good friends in a short time. We used to share daily stuff and common thoughts.

I have a Classic 350 bullet and used to take a solo ride to explore Bangalore. She used to watch all my statuses. One fine day she informed me that she would like to join me for a ride. I agreed. So on a Sunday, we started a ride to Shivasamudra, located 75 km from Bangalore.

On the way, she was sitting close to me and keeping a hand on my shoulder. Resting head on my back. It was an awesome day, and we played on water and roamed around. She was very happy because she never had gone on any trip till then.

I took her back safely. She went to her hostel, thanking me a lot for the wonderful day. That night, onwards, we become more close, she proposed to me. I told her that I cannot be her lover, as I am not interested in a love relationship.

She asked me the reason. I told her that I had a past relationship and got break up as my lover cheated on me. She became sad. Later I convinced her to be my best friend.

One day she said that she wanted to booze. I told her that it is not right. She was in a mood that she wanted to booze badly. If I am not helping her, she will reach out to someone else. I agreed with her later. We fixed the date for a Saturday evening. We planned to meet in my room as I stayed alone in a 1bhk room.

On the day I went to pick her. We safely reached my room, along with a bottle of vodka magic moments green apple. I had prepared chicken and chapati for us. She was very happy. Let her change her dress to a pink t-shirt with deep cleavage and shorts.

We had a general talk for some time. Later we started drinking. I poured vodka carefully as she had it for the first time. After 3 pegs, she was feeling high and told me that she wanted to kiss me. I told her its not fair, and she started crying. Later I allowed her to kiss me.

She kissed on my cheeks and was sitting next to me, holding my hands. I was getting aroused and controlled my feelings as it is not fair to cheat her. We had one more round of drinks. She said that she is having pain in her shoulder. She knew that I am good at massaging my friends who have back pain.

So she requested me to give a shoulder massage. I massaged her over her cloth. I could feel her bra lines over the shoulder, and she started to make a noise of relief. I was getting more aroused because of her moans. Still, I controlled my feelings.

She said she was feeling relaxed and would like to get a good back massage as well. Initially, I disagreed, and later, as she forced, I agreed. I told her that she has to remove her t-shirt and stay in her bra. Within no time, she did the same. I was shocked by her action.

Now I could see her 36 sized boobs trying to come out of her bra. It was looking soft, but I was scared to touch it. She laid down on her back. And I started giving massage for her back. Her body was soft, and I had a hard feeling on my boner.

For the massage, I have removed her bra strap. And while massaging, I can feel her sides of her boobs. I was sitting above her butt, and she was feeling my hard dick. After some time, she turned around and was lying without any bra. Now I had a good view of her brown nipples and white boobs.

I told her I cannot control anymore. She said that she is also waiting for the same. I started to suck the soft boobs of the hot Mallu girl. She was getting aroused and started to moan with pleasure. We both were enjoying the act. Then we started to give a kiss, and it lasted for a long time.

I was more interested in foreplay. We started to roll over the king-size bed I had. And we were getting wild over the foreplay. Removed our dress and she was shocked to see my hardened dick. She started to suck my clean-shaven hard dick and licked all my precum.

I was on cloud nine. I parted her legs, and I had a clear view of her clean-shaved pussy lips. I started to lick it like anything. She started to say unclear words because of pleasure. Then we moved to 69 position and enjoyed as friends with benefits. Then she told me that she needs the full hard dick inside her.

I went down and started rubbing my hard dick in her pussy lips. She was jumping with pleasure. She was a virgin, and so her pussy hole was small. When I pushed for the first time, she screamed. So I put some parachute oil on my dick and on her pussy.

Then I started fingering her pussy, using the middle finger. She was again high, and I started to insert my dick. I had deflowered her. Her pussy started to bleed, but we were not in the mood to stop. Gradually I increased the speed. She also started enjoying my act. We were in extreme pleasure.

She cummed for the first time and started to moan. I increased the speed again. She went high again and started to scratch my back. It gave me extreme pleasure. I was about to cum, and she knew it. She shouted that she needs the whole cum inside.

I exploded my sperm into her hole, and it was leaking. It was her safe period to cum inside. We hugged each other and lay down for some time. She was in an excited mood and also in pain. But she was happy.

We agreed that we will be friends for our whole life and will be there when in need. We continued our friends with benefits relationship. I will explain our other sexual adventures in the next story.

Guys hope you all enjoyed my story. Share your feedback so that I can make it better next time. Ladies from Bangalore, please reach out to me if you would like to explore the sex world.

Contact me on email id: [email protected]. You can contact me on hangout. Thank you in advance for your support.

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