Fucked hot mami hard while mama was bathing! – Sex story

Fucked hot mami hard while mama was bathing! – Sex story

Kusuma Mami is a traditional kind of lady with whom I had an affair. She is coming to Bangalore after 2 years. Loosen your pant belts! We are about to fly!

Hi Reader. I am Madan. I hope you are fine. Please do be safe. I am going to narrate to you the story which happened with Kusuma mami.

So here I start my story in which I am going to explain Kusuma Mami’s visit to my city Bangalore. As I have done my MBA in top B School, I got placed in a very good company.

As a part of the job benefit, the company has given a double BHK Flat to me and one of my colleagues. Because he recently shifted his wife, father, and mother to Bangalore, he stayed in another apartment. That means I stay alone at my flat (till company allots another Bachelor employee).

Just to brief you about Kusuma mami, she is my mami who was damn orthodox and a traditional 38 years lady. I calculated her age twice before writing it in my story. Because she doesn’t look more than 32 even now. She looks like actress Kareena Kapoor when she smiles. She is a mixture of beauty and hotness.

I had got a call a week back from my mama.

Ring Ring!

Me: Hi, Mama.

Mama: Hi Maddu How are you?
Me: Good Mama, you? Mami?

Mama: Ya we are fine.
Me: Good.

Mama: I called to inform you about the death of Kusuma’s sister’s mother-in-law.
Me: Oh sad. What had happened?

Mama: She was already 82 years old. Natural death.
Me: Oh, ok

Mama: But we are unable to come to her funeral. I have some work. It’s far from here so I can’t even send Kusuma to Bangalore.
Me: Ok.

Mama: So I may send her next Friday night and she reaches my Saturday morning to Bangalore. Let her meet the family of her sister and console them.

I was in heaven once I heard it. But I didn’t react.

Me: Ok sure, mama.
Mama: Ok take care. Bye.

We disconnected the call. I was damn happy. I was imagining having fun with my mami after 2 long years. While talking with mama, I came to know he was in the shop as I heard market noise in the background. I immediately called my mami.

Mami: Hello.
Me: Hi Mami. How are you?

Mami: I am good Maddu. You?
Me: Good too. I heard some news.

Mami: Which one – good news or bad news? (in a a kinky tone)
Me(smiling): You should say whether it’s good news or bad news.

We both laughed.

Mami: It is a good news only Maddu.
Me: Really? Death news is good news? (I wanted to pull her leg.)

Mami: Fine, listen to me. A lady of 82 years, who was so dominating over her children and daughters-in-law, who had taken everyone’s freedom, who had been bedridden since 1 year died now. Talk logically, isn’t it good?

Me: Arey wah. Yes, you are correct.

We both laughed.

Me: So you mean you are coming to meet their family? Is that your only intention?
Mami: Ya right. But it is not my only intention (kinky tone).

Me: I didn’t understand mami! (to tease her)
Mami: Don’t act smart. You know why I am coming. Utilizing the opportunity, that’s it.

Me: I know Mami. My cock is hard already.
Mami: Shut up. Not good to talk over the phone like this.

Me: Ohhh. When I meet you in real, I can hug you, kiss your lips and tongue. I can make you nude, play with your sexy boobs, bite your nipples, and finger your navel. I can also touch your naked thighs, pull your pussy hairs, kiss your pussy lips, insert my tongue in your wet pussy, and rub your asshole is fine. But over the phone, it’s not good, uh?

Mami (blushing): Chiiiiiiiii. Sharam hi nahi tumhe.

We both laughed.

Me: Theek hai. So I am eagerly waiting.
Mami: Me too.

Me: Shall I book the tickets?
Mami: Today it is Monday, let your mama tell you when you need to book the ticket.

Me: Hmm, that’s good. Let him tell. Aur kya?
Mami: I am eagerly waiting to see you.

Me: I am eagerly waiting to see you naked.
Mami (blushing): Shut up.

Me: Ha Ha.
Mami: Dear, I got some household work. Text you later.

Me: Ok Mami. Carry on, bye.
Mami: Bye, take care.

I was so happy. I was planning on how to make her happier this time.

Friday –

I didn’t get any call from my mama regarding bus booking. At the same time, my phone started ringing. It was my mama.

Me: Hi, Mama.
Mama: Hi, Maddu. Can you book a bus ticket?

Me: Yes, sure mama. But why you took so long time to decide? It’s already Friday today.

Mama: Even I decided to come. So, planned my days, and today, I am telling you.

Oh shit! I was damn shocked. We had planned so many things but suddenly, he decided to accompany mami.

Me (with false happiness): That’s good.

Mama: Even I thought of seeing you. So, book 2 tickets from here to Bangalore tonight. Book return ticket on Sunday night.
Me: Ya, sure mama. I will come to pick you at the bus stop.

Mama: Arey, no need. We will take an auto and come to your address directly.

As mama used to go to other cities, he was confident to find the address.

Me: Ok, mama. I will book the tickets and send you my address.

Mama: Ok Maddu, bye.
Me: Ok, bye mama.

I was shocked but I didn’t have any other option than to accept. I booked all the bus tickets and sent them to WhatsApp. I brought some provisions as tomorrow mama and mami were coming to my house.

Afternoon around 3.00 pm –

Whatsapp message tone. It was from mami.

Mami: (sad emoji)

Me: Come on, mami. Don’t be sad.
Mami: It’s my bad luck, I guess.

Me: It’s my bad luck, mami.
Mami: I want to get fucked by you, Maddu. You plan it.

I was shocked to see her message like this. It showed how desperate she was to get fucked by me.

Me: Ok ok, don’t worry. I will manage.
Mami: Fine, your mama is here. See you tomorrow, bye.
Me: Ok, bye.

That complete day went in shock and I prepared for the next 2 days.

Saturday at 6.30 am. The phone was ringing. It was Mama. I picked the call.

Mama: Maddu, we are in an auto. We will come in 20 minutes.
Me: Ok mama.

I got up and freshened up. As they were coming the first time to my flat, I went near the apartment entrance to welcome them. In 5 minutes, they reached. I welcomed them.

Mama was in a formal dress and mami was in a saree. We exchanged smiles and I took mami’s bag and headed to the lift. We were casually talking while reaching my flat.

Then we reached to flat and they both were happy to see it. I made them sit on the sofa and talked for a few minutes about casual things.

They both brushed and freshen up. We sat in the hall and chit-chatting. Mami went to the kitchen to prepare tea. As it was a new kitchen, she didn’t get to know where things were.

She called me, “Maddu, where is tea powder?”.

My mama suggested me to go to the kitchen and assist her. I went to the kitchen and directly hugged her from behind. She just raised her head and gave me her neck. I was kissing her neck, “Muuaaahhhhh, Muaaaaaaah..”

We were talking in a low voice.

Me: Mamiii.. I am so happy to see you here.

Mami: But I am not happy and you know how to make me happy.

Me: Prepare tea and come to the hall.

I showed the things to make tea and came to the hall. I don’t want mama to doubt us.

She came after 10 minutes with tea. We had tea. Immediately after having tea, mama needed to go to the bathroom. He had another habit. Once he goes to the toilet, he finishes a bath.

So after having tea, he asked mami to give him his undergarments and towel. I had given him the newspaper too as he loved newspaper-reading in the toilet. I showed him a common bathroom and toilet. I even showed him which one was hot water and which was warm water. He just locked the bathroom door. Tukkkkk!!!

For more safety, I latched the bathroom door from outside without making any sound. I switched on the TV and kept a music channel. I turned towards mami and she understood all my plans.

We both exchanged smiles and ran to hug each other. We knew that mama needed a minimum of 30 minutes to finish his newspaper reading, toilet, and bath.

We were kissing like the end of the world. Her soft lips were so tempting. I started to lick and bite her tongue, “Muaaahhh muaaaaaaaahhh”.

I pushed her on the sofa and was kissing her neck. She took off the saree pin so I can take off her pallu. I took out her saree in no time and threw it on the floor. Then I removed my mami’s blouse and bra. Oh, wow! she was topless now.

My mami had a wonderful pair of boobs at this age. Her nipples were so hard and welcoming me to bite. I saw in her eyes. She was so afraid and at the same time, she was so horny.

Mami: Ahhhh Madduuuuuu..

I held her both nipples in my fingers and slowly pinched them.

Mami: Aaaahhhhhhhhhh.. please don’t do that..

I took my mami’s face near her armpits and sniffed them. I liked her aroma. It was so tempting. I started eating her nipples immediately. I could see the happiness on her face while sucking them.

I stood up and made myself naked in hardly 20 seconds. Mami was so happy to see my hard cock. She pulled me towards her. As she was sitting on the sofa, my cock directly went near her face. She just smiled and took my cock in her mouth.

“Aaaaaaahhhh Mami..” I didn’t have any option other than to moan silently.

Guys. think about my mami. My traditional lady was sucking my cock where her husband was hardly 15 feet far from her! More than romance, that situation was more exciting.

Mami was showing her tongue talent to my cock. Then I asked her to stand and just pulled her petticoat knot. Yes, in a second it fell down. She was in her red panty.

I pushed her on the sofa and sat on the floor. I took her feet and started kissing her. Slowly, I went up to her knees. Mami was enjoying it to the core.

Then I sat on my knees and reached her thighs. Wow, those sexy thighs were full meals for a lusty guy like me.

I literally started licking them. Mami was slowly pulling my head towards her pussy.

Mami (low tone): Maddduuuu..I can’t control.. Jaldiiiiiiiii..

I smiled and slowly pulled her panty. Mami removed it completely and sat on the edge of the sofa. Wow, it was nice pussy. It was shaved. Because of the wetness, it was shining against the light.

I touched my mami’s pussy lips from the tip of my tongue.

Mami: Ahhhhhhhhhh Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddduuu..

She pushed me down and made my lips kiss her pussy lips. At the same time, the flush sound came from the bathroom.

We both were shocked and we realized that we only had 10 more minutes.

Mami (low tone): Maddduuu. I need it. Please do fast.

Mami was holding my cock and requesting me to fuck. I just agreed and asked her to get on the sofa. She took no time to lie on the sofa and spread her legs. Wow, so nice it was. 20 minutes back, she was sitting on the same sofa with her husband and showing all Sanskari characters. Now the same lady was lying completely naked and spreading her legs.

It motivated me so much and I lied next to her. I started rubbing her cunt with my cock tip. Her pussy was so wet. My cock went inside pussy in one shot.

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Heaven!!! So nice it was!

The sound from the bathroom.

Mama: Madduuuuu..

It was no less than a heart attack for us.

Mama: Where is the shampoo?

I controlled myself and said, “It is near the sink, mama.”

Mama: Ha ok. Found it.

My cock was inside mami while I was answering mama!

We were hardly left with 5 minutes. Mami came in the doggy position where I inserted from the backside. I started fucking my mami like a whore and increased the pace. She was going crazy and holding her hand in the mouth to not make any sound.

Because of so much excitement, I had reached to peak soon. Mami understood it. She removed cock and sat on the sofa. She pulled me towards her and started sucking my cock so hard.

Uffffffffff! Yesssssssssss! I was unable to control it at this point and I blasted my load in her mouth. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Her mouth, lips, and cheeks – all had cum. At the same time, Mama’s shower sound stopped. We reacted immediately. My naked Mami got up so fast and collected her bra, panty, blouse, petticoat, and saree which were on the floor. I showed her my master bedroom and she ran there with all her clothes in her hand.

I followed her with her bag and dropped her in the bedroom. She locked it from inside.

I came to the hall and wore my undies, pajama, and t-shirt in no time. I went near the bathroom door and opened that latch which I had put for safety.

When I turned, I observed the wetness on my sofa. I just opened the main door to breathe and jumped to sit on the sofa to hide that wetness.

The moment, I sat on the sofa – tukk! Mama opened the bathroom door and came out. I was on the sofa and acting like I was busy with my mobile. He just smiled and asked, “Mami?”.

I said, “She went to another bathroom which is in the bedroom.”

Mama: Oh ok. Where is the photo of god? I need to pray.

I showed him the way and he moved. Oh, my luck! I fucked his wife so nicely when he was at the same house.

I tried to wipe that wetness and kept the fan at high speed. I knew that mama will take another 15 minutes to pray.

So I went to the bathroom and took a bath. I came out after 20 minutes. My mami and mama were sitting on the same sofa. I just smiled at them.

As I was just on my towel, I tried to run to my bedroom and at the same time, mami tried to see me as I was not wearing anything else (sanskari, you know).

I dressed up and came out to the hall.

Me: Let me prepare breakfast for you.

Mama: Arey, why you? Let your Mami prepare it.

Mami smiled and went to the kitchen. I kept the news channel and gave the TV remote to mama.

I said, “You watch TV, mama. I will show the items required to mami.” He nodded and became busy watching TV.

I entered the kitchen and kissed my mami’s neck. She smiled.

Me: How was it?
Mami: It was damn good. I loved it!

Me: But to be frank, I didn’t fucked you properly.
Mami: At least I got something. I thought I won’t even get the chance to touch you!

We smiled.

Me: But your Maddu won’t leave you until he satisfies you with long duration sex.

Mami: Pagal! Your mama is here.

Me: He was there when I was fucking you half an hour ago.

She hit on my hand and gave me a naughty smile.

Mami: So, what’s your plan?
Me: Just wait and watch.


My dear readers, you need to wait for my next and final part. I hope you liked this exciting story.

Let me take you to a more exciting and intensive story in my next part. New readers, kindly read my previous stories to know more about the characters. I have started writing after 2 years. I am eagerly waiting for your feedback. Only your feedback can motivate me to write more stories.

I am waiting for your feedback. 🙂

And the wet ladies, I am waiting to hear from you. 😉

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