Fucked My Friend’s Girlfriend In This Erotic Vacation Story

Fucked My Friend’s Girlfriend In This Erotic Vacation Story

Hi guys, this is Shiva, back with an interesting incident rather than a story. I suppose you will love it. Without further ado, let’s get into the story of my erotic vacation.

Myself Shiva, I was 19 when the incident took place. My friend Aravind (all names changed for privacy reasons), we were good friends until certain events took a toll on us. One day he planned a trip to Kodaikanal. It was 2 days and 3 nights long plan.

I was wondering what I can do with him in Kodaikanal for that long time, given the fact that I am a straight person. That’s when he told me that his girlfriend Charika and one of our college senior Lekha was joining us on this trip. For the moment, I thought at least I will have Lekha to talk to. So, I agreed to the trip.

I have spoken to Charika on the mobile phone sometimes. Her voice was sweet to hear. But Lekha, she was 2 years elder to me. She was doing her final year, whereas I was just a fresher then. I have spoken to her on multiple occasions.

She is a kind and fun person. She won’t mind talking about taboo topics in public. She had a boyfriend, but then during her 5th semester, she found that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She broke up with him for that reason.

Lekha was a 5.9 ft tall, and petite woman. She had amazing curves and broad hips. She often wears tight jeans, which exposes her tight ass. I many times tried to control the erection after seeing her ass. Her body figure was 34-23-37. In simple terms, she looks smoking hot as Neha Sharma, except Lekha, is taller.

Aravind was my classmate. We were both the same height but with just an inch difference. He was one of the athletic competitors. Aravind was 5.10 ft, and I was 5.11 ft. Though people won’t notice much of difference in height, given the robust body. We used to go to the same gym, except that he is not regular.

So, we booked seats on a semi sleeper bus. We departed from Bangalore by morning 10. After 8 hours of journey, we reached there by 7:30 pm, and we went right to a hotel after that. Aravind planned to get a single room, but Lekha and I insisted on getting 2 rooms.

Lekha and I took a room, and Aravind and Charika shared a room. We straight away went to bed after dinner. There was only one bed which we shared. I had to control my urges. So, I went to the restroom after Lekha was asleep. I masturbated, watching images of Lana Rhoades.

It was too much cum that spurted out as it was after a long time I jerked off. My 6-inch-long dick shrunk to 4 inches only after that. I couldn’t sleep after 4 in the morning, so I walked out of the room. As it was a hill station, It was all foggy. I was standing on the terrace with a jacket.

A few minutes later, Charika arrived at the terrace. She was covered in a robe. I could see her cleavage exposed out through that silky robe, her hard-erect nipples were visible. It showed that she was not wearing anything underneath. She was a curvaceous woman.

She was of my age. She had a fleshy breast that would stand out when she wears a t-shirt or tight dress. She was around 5.7 ft tall. And her lips were scarlet red. Everyone would desire to have a taste of that sexy lips of hers. She looked like Megha Akash. Charika was taller. Her figure was  33-24-34.

She stood near me and asked, “What are you doing here this early?” I simply said, “I couldn’t sleep, so I came here. What are you doing here? Aren’t you freezing?” She said, “Actually, yes. Do you have a cigarette?” I said no.

Her left side of the robe slipped to her shoulder. She didn’t seem to bother about it. Her left breast was visible to me. I could even see her dark brown perky nipple. A few minutes passed, and I started to walk to my room. She pulled my jacket and turned me around.

Her left breast was exposed. She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. It felt so soft and milky. Though her breast was not so big, it was a handful. I lost control of my senses. I went to her and started kissing her. My tongue tasted all her lips and mouth.

In the middle of kissing, I said, “This is wrong, you are Aravind’s girlfriend. I can’t do this to you.” She placed her hand on my ball sack and started to press it. The pain didn’t let me speak anything further. “He doesn’t need to know anything. Now, warm me up,” she whispered slowly near my lips.

I had her permission. What more do I need? So, I started kissing her so hard, my tongue was licking her tongue. “Want to taste me?” she said in the middle. I nodded my head. She let her saliva ooze out of her mouth, and it felt on my tongue. She then sucked my tongue, and I was sucking her tongue.

I was slightly having the guilt of making out with my friend’s girlfriend. She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her cunt. “I won’t tell him, will you?” she said. Without further hesitation, I started finger fucking her. My fingers started exploring her vagina.

She started moaning in a low tone, to control her moaning sound, I started kissing her mouth, I nibbled her lips. She nibbled mine. My other hand crawled to her ass and started pressing so tight and played with her asshole under the robe. She kneeled in front of me.

I was wearing my pajamas, she pulled it to the floor, and my underwear too. She grabbed my penis and started sucking it. She stroked it for a few minutes and then gave me a hardcore blowjob. I was about to cum. So I pulled her up and started kissing her, and my penis was pressed hard between her thighs.

I asked her not to move, she deliberately disobeyed me. She kneeled again and stroked it little hard within a few seconds I cummed all over her lips, and her boobs. I lay beside her, still my hands on her pussy. And fingering her. Her moans started growing stronger and wilder.

Her hands came to my penis and started playing with my penis.my dick was still pulsating and twitching. It was a painful pleasure. I started her finger fucking her harder, my fingers started going deeper and deeper inside her pussy. She already had her orgasm twice.

This time she was biting her lips and started moaning louder, she started crying. I was terrified. So, I stopped for a second. She grabbed my hand and made me finger fuck her. This time, even her hand was playing her pussy. Her other hand was squeezing her boobs. Shortly she had her third orgasm.

She pulled my head and placed it in her poking nipples on her breast. Her robe was completely removed. My left hand was squeezing her right boob while I was sucking, nibbling, and licking her left boob. “Fuck me, fuck me, you bastard, fuck me and eat me,” she whispered near my ears and nibbled it.

I started kissing her lips, neck, shoulders, boobs, her stomach, and reached her pussy. I started licking her cunt. It was all wet by her 3 orgasms and those juice. Started licking her hairy pussy. And my hands reached to her boobs and started pressing and squeezing them.

A few seconds later she squirted in my face, I didn’t drink it, but I tasted it – sour yet sweet hot juice. I went on top of her, I dripped my saliva slowly on her mouth, she was keeping her tongue out, waiting for my saliva to drop on it. She swallowed my saliva and asked for it again.

This time I went closet to her mouth and spitted in her mouth, she swallowed it again. By now, my dick was rock hard again. I slowly pushed it in her pussy. It went in easily. Her pussy was wet, and my dick was wet with her saliva and juice. I swayed my hips to fro in a missionary position.

For every thrust, my dick went in little deeper, making her every moan little stronger than the previous one. I was fucking her for a few minutes, then we decided to change our position. She came on top of me and sat on my dick. She humped on me in a cowgirl position.

She started sliding up and down. I was squeezing her boobs, and her fingers were playing with my lips and tongue. This time she bent forward to my face, slowly sliding and riding my dick. She dripped her saliva in my mouth. It was so delicious, I would say.

I swallowed it and pulled her breast closer. She was sliding on my dick, and my mouth was filled with her soft milky breast. Her nipples were hard all the time. I thought that she was horny all the time. Now I pulled her down and started fucking her again in missionary position.

I was about to cum, and so, I tried to pull my dick out. She pulled my mouth closer gave a big ferocious kiss on my lips. “Cum inside me,” she insisted. I finally cummed in her pussy. I was still afraid. What if she gets pregnant? Once I cummed in her, I fell on her boobs.

She was playing with my hair for a while. I was still cold out on the terrace, but the fuck session warmed us up. My dick was layered with my cum. She held my penis. At the same time, I tried to pull my underwear and pajamas up. She licked it clean.

We gave a final kiss once again, where our tongues played and saliva dripping out on the edge of the mouth. She wore her robe, and I got dressed. We didn’t speak anything, we walked to our room doors. It was opposite to each other.

Before getting inside, she said, “It was the best fuck of my life,” and she went inside. It was 5:45. Lekha didn’t wake up. And I also believe that Aravind wouldn’t have woken up either. I went to bed.


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