Fucked my neighbour cum landlord’s married sister well! – Story

Fucked my neighbour cum landlord’s married sister well! – Story

Hello all ISS Readers, the second half of this story is in Hinglish (Desi Hindi). In case you don’t understand Hinglish, please close this story here and open a new one.

I am Nishat and this story is about an amazing sexual experience that I had when I fucked my landlord’s sister. Her name is Richa. I was taken to another level of happiness by her.

I had been living in that house for 2 years now and every time I see Richa, I just get more attracted to her. She is such a beauty. She was married and stayed next to my house.

My landlord’s sister Richa is around 38 years of age but doesn’t look more than 26 years. Her body stats are 34-32-36. I always had a fantasy of having sex with an adult or lady older than me.

Older ladies are more experienced and really take good care of you while having sex in bed. They are matured as well and know how to hide the relationship from their families.

I live in a 1 BHK alone in Bangalore and work for a startup near MG Road. Since I have been living in Bangalore for around 3 years now, I really like it being here as it’s really a cool place and the hub for pubs.

Since the owner’s sister used to live next to my house, her husband used to interact with me very often. Initially, I never had any bad intention towards her but later things started bubbling up as she got friendlier with me.

Her husband used to find my company very safe and used to always call me over when there is any festival or any special occasion in their family.

Richa’s husband Milind was a workaholic. He works in an IT company at a reputed position and leaves for office at 9 in the morning and used to be back around 9 or sometimes even later in the evening.

Richa used to get bored almost every day having nothing to do but to watch TV or talk to her relatives. Since I used to work for a startup, I used to work from home most of the days and she used to notice me being at home a lot.

Sometimes, she used to come to my house around noon and ask if I am free to help her get some stuff from the market or if I have some new set of movies that she could watch.

This kept going on for almost a year. I used to help her out keeping in mind that she is alone, and has no one to accompany her for shopping. This continued for many days and since we used to go to get her things done.

Richa one day asked for my number so that she could call me when she needed any help rather than walking in almost any time. Milind was okay with me helping his wife getting daily things as he was not able to help her out during working days.

Things were going good and Richa and I started sharing, “Good Morning and good evening,” messages and some random forwards too. Slowly our chats started increasing from some forwards to our personal lives.

It so happened one night that she had a fight with her husband and was feeling very low because of that. She started texting me while she was on her bed,

Richa: Hi, Nishant.

Me: Hi, Richa ji.

Richa: Tum mujhe Richa ji kyon bulate ho? Please itna old mat feel karwaya karo. You can call me Richa.

Me: Okay, Richa.

Richa: It is 11 pm and you are still awake?

Me: Ha main 12-1 baje tak sone jata hoon.

Richa: Kya karte ho itna late tak?

Me: Kuch khas nahi, thoda bahut office ka kam, ya kabhi-kabhi dosto se baat.

Richa: Dosto se ya girlfriend se?

Me: Arey, nahi-nahi mera girlfriend nahi hai.

Richa: Are you kidding me? Tum itne ache dikhte ho, our kitna ache nature hai tumhara. I can’t believe ke tumhare girlfriend nahi hai.

Me: Arey, trust me, nahi hai mera girlfriend. Pahle tha, but 6-month pahle breakup ho gaya hai.

Richa: Ohh, so don’t you feel alone? Girlfriend ko miss nahi karate ho?

Me: Karta hoon, but abhi single acha lagta hai.

Richa: If you don’t mind, can I ask you something?

Me: Ha..sure.

Richa: Tum dono ke beech sex hota tha?

Me: (Main iss baat ko sun kar shocked ho gaya). Ha, we both were very active in sex, almost 2-3 times every week.

Richa: Kitne kushkismat ladki thi. Aur yaha mere pati ko mere jawani ke fikr hi nahi hai. Usko mere se jyada apne kaam se paar hai.

Me: Arey, aise kyon bol rahe ho aap.

Richa: Tumhe toh dikhta he yoga ke Milind mujhe time hi nahi dete, mere bhi kuch shauk aur jarurat hai. Har kisi ke hote hai jaise.

Yaha se hamare baaten thode erotic hone lage.

Me: Milind ji, is not active in bed?

Richa: Are nahi, bilkul bhi nahi. Subah jate hai… raat main late aate hai, aur kha pekar that ke so jate hai.

Me: Ha but weekend main toh woh apko time dete honge na?

Richa: Weekend main bhi woh apne office ke meeting mein lage rathe hai, aur kabhi hua toh 5-10 minutes main unka nikal jata hai. Aur uske baad woh so jate hai. Mere koi chinta hi nahi hai.

Me: I can understand that.

Richa: Tum nahi samjhoge, main bata nahi sakti main kitna akela feel karti hoon.

Me: Arey, aap udas mat ho, main hoon na. I will be there with you always.

Richa: Tum kya karoge?

Me: Jo aap bolo. Main apko udas nahi dekhna chata hoon.

The next question was a shocker for me, it made me go blank!

Richa: Can I come to your room.

Me: Abhi? Iss waqt?

Richa: Ha, I am feeling very low. Mujhe ek ache company ki jarurat hai.

Me: Theek hai ajao aap, but what about Milindji? Agar woh neend se uth gaye toh?

Richa: Kuch nahi hoga. Woh ek baar sote hai toh seedha subah hi uthte hai.

Me: Aap sure hai na?

Richa: Ha, I am sure. Tum apne room ka gate unlock karo. Main aati hoon.

Me: Okay.

Main bed se utha, aur room ka gate unlock kiya.

2 minutes ke ander hi maine gate khulna ki awaz suni and I can see Richa there. Woh jaldi se gate lock karke under aagayi our mujhe tight hug kar li. Maine bhe response mein Richa ko hug kiya. Woh boli, “I needed this very badly.”

Maine Richa ke cheeks pe kiss karte hue bola, “I will be there with you always.” Woh bhi mere cheek pe kiss ki our dehere-dhere hamare hont ek dusre se mile our hum log smooch karne lage.

Hum log around 15-20 minutes smooch karate rahe. Phir maine halke se uske gardan ko lick kiya. Richa bolne lagie, “I like to get loved.” Maine uske ankhon main dekha aur bola, “You have a great figure Richa. I would make you feel like a goddess.”

Because of my licking, she got excited. Woh dere-dere mere chest ko kiss karna start ki aur apne knees pe jakar baith gayi. Woh mere dick ko mere pant ke upar se hi apne hath main pakad rakhi thi.

Aur fir deere se mere boxers ko niche karke mere lund ko apne hath main lekar feel karne lagi. Maine excitement mein apne ankhen band kar li.

Richa mere lund ko apne muh mein lekar ander-bahar karne lagi. Main bhi pagal ho raha tha. Maine uske sar ko pakad kar zor se aage-piche karne laga.

Mujhe bahut maja ah raha tha. Kareeb 15 minutes tak mujhe Richa ne blowjob diya aur fir mera nikalne wala tha. Maine Richa se bolo, “I am going to cum, ” woh hasste hue boli, “Mere muh main hi ejaculate karo. I want to taste your sperms.”

Uske baad mere bari thi favor return karne kie, aur next minute hi maine Richa ko bed pe letaya, aur uske night gown ko upar kiya. Usne panty pahne hue the.

Maine uski panty ko side kiya, aur uske chut ko chatna start kiya. Mujhe chut chatna bahut acha lagta hai. Woh madhosh hokar mera naam bol rahi thie, “Ohh Nishant, you are too good. Aaj tak kisi ne mere chut nahi chatte aur mujhe aaj tak itna acha nahi laga.”

Woh mere balo ko pakad kar aur apne chut ko upar utha kar apne chut mere mu ke taraf daba rahi thi. Aise he karte-karte woh bhi excitement main apne ovum’s release kar de.

Uske baad hum log deere hug karke leit gaye, aur so gaye. Kareeb 4 baje ankhen khuli, toh maine Richa se bola, “4 baj gaye hai.” Woh bed se uthie, mere ko smooch ki, aur apne ghar chali gayi.

Is tarah hum log ne ek dusre ke sath sex karte rahe aur next story main apko main batunga kaise humne 5 din tak ek dusre ke sath pathi-patni ke tarah chudai ki jab uska pathi Delhi gaya tha official trip pe.

I hope you all enjoyed this story. Please send me feedback on [email protected]

If any girl or lady got excited by reading this, please contact me to be a part of my sex life experience. This is especially for Bangalore girls and ladies because I am staying in Bangalore.

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