Fun Night In Dubai – Indian Sex Stories

Fun Night In Dubai – Indian Sex Stories

Hey everyone. Penning my first story here. I hope you ladies and gentlemen like it. This is a true incident that happened when I was in Dubai working 3 years back.

I am Jaydee (name changed) age 32, good looking male with a good body and a normal cock size of 6 inches you can say. So the day started with me going to the office. It was a Thursday night(weekend in the middle east countries). It was a busy day and the monotonous work life was frustrating me.

I mean we all have those days right when we just think of doing something out of the blue when we get frustrated. So I felt like doing something spontaneous. As I got back to my house I thought of doing a solo bar hopping. I wanted to drink, relax and maybe find along some good people to meet.

It was a random plan and I just wanted to do something adventurous that night. So I headed out after a shower, wore smart casual clothes and was looking forward to something happening. I went to a bar in the downtown part of the city.

I have always liked downtown because it is a posh area and the nightlife offers quite a lot. I went to a place called ‘Ewaan Lounge’. You guys should try it in Dubai if you visit. Nice pool area next to Burj Khalifa which serves good shisha and alcohol with a very cozy, elegant atmosphere.

I ordered some Gin and tonic and was getting ready to start the night. I didn’t see the crowd. I was expecting so moved to another bar close by which was called ‘Fai Bar’. I usually went there with my buddies. The crowd was much better.

There was a couple who were drinking a lot and were full of fun type of people. I mean they looked like that at least. The guy was Indian maybe from the south. Later I got to know he was Tamil based in Singapore. The lady was European, slim, petite, long hair and was quite pretty.

Later I got to know she was Romanian. These two were husband and wife and had a love marriage. Anyhow the music started playing and we all were dancing with a drink in our hands. I had to break the ice somehow and get a conversation going.

So I took a cigarette out and approached that man for a lighter since he was smoking one a few minutes back. He gladly offered and then I was like what’s up and the rendezvous started. He introduced her wife named Sarah (name changed) and him as Vinay (name changed).

We clicked from the beginning. They were a bit drunk and I was also in the mood to drink it up more. We talked a lot and then, over the period Vinay called me out for a smoke. We went outside the bar and lit up. While talking he asked me, “How do you find Sarah?’

I was like, “Hmmm, she’s nice.” But he was like, “No, as in her appeal.” I was like no doubt she is sexy. Then he said, “You know, Jaydee, we are a very adventurous couple. We have a great sex life and we spice it up whenever we get a chance.”

I was like ok. I was gathering they wanted me to join them tonight for some ‘adventure’ maybe and I was excited. Anyhow, we moved back inside. We ordered some snacks and a few more drinks. All 3 of us were pretty buzzed and it was also getting late at night.

We ended up staying quite late. I had no idea what was in store for me, till they invited me to their flat for after drinks. The best part was that their flat was right next to the Burj Khalifa. I, of course, said yes not knowing what was happening exactly. A mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement sank in, I have to say.

We entered the house. I and Vinay went to the balcony sitting there talking while Sarah went to the room. Vinay told me to help myself and get something from the kitchen if I wanted. I went ahead to the kitchen to see Sarah standing there having red wine. She told me to have some.

She offered me wine from her glass and said drink it from here. I did and then while drinking somehow in a matter of seconds, we were kissing and licking wine from each other mouths. She even had one hand on my crotch. I was deeply engrossed in our kissing.

Later I found out that Vinay watching us from outside the kitchen room secretly. Sarah held my hand and let me to the bedroom. The room was very romantic with dim lights and a great fragrance. Vinay saw all this and smiled at me and said enjoy my wife.

I was like wow these people are broad-minded and adventurous. Sarah stripped me naked and I could not wait to strip her as well. I took out her top and with her bra placed I cupped her rounds tits. I played with them while kissing. I got down to kiss her navel and lick it before moving down to her thighs.

She made a gentle moan. And I could not resist my dick was hard now. I went up again this time to unhook her bra and suck on those beautiful bosoms. She let out a soft moan and pushed me to bed. I grabbed my cock and started sucking it like a lollipop.

I felt an adrenaline rush and after a few minutes got up and removed her panty. We both were in bed now stark naked kissing hugging each other. I turned left to see Vinay sitting in a chair with his cock hard. He was stroking while watching us two people cuddle.

Trust me the sight of a man when he jerks off to his woman being banged by someone else is just a feeling from a different planet. I was also very cool and handled it well. The only thing going on mind was I hope Vinay is not bi.  Because I am a straight hetero person.

Luckily he hinted that later on, that’s it’s all cool while I and Sarah were very busy with cuddling and foreplay. The moment arrived when finally we could not wait any longer. Sarah told me to wear protection and fuck her. She made me wear one while playing with my balls and then said to mount on her.

We started with missionary and I could hear her ecstatic moans which made me bang her faster. After a few minutes, I turned her up in the doggy style position. I grabbed her boobs from behind and kept banging her till I came. All this time her husband kept watching and he also in between he came.

I and Sarah had great sex out of the blue and it was a memorable night which I remember to date. I hope you people enjoyed the story. I can be contacted at Now I am back in India and I reside in Bhubaneswar.

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