Gay adventure on solo trip to Himachal – Erotic homosexual story

Gay adventure on solo trip to Himachal – Erotic homosexual story

Hi everyone, this is Rakesh from Mumbai, 26 years old, and medium-built. This is about the gay fun I had on my solo trip.

I love to travel solo as it gives me the option to hook up with various people, and this time, I was traveling to Himachal. I was very excited. I landed at Chandigarh airport and was to board an overnight bus to Manali. I prefer to travel with limited luggage and had just one rug-sack.

I took my seat on the semi-sleeper bus and was waiting for the bus to start. I had put on my earphones and was checking out Grindr for nearby possible matches. A young guy, who was lean and must be in his early 20s was supposed to be my co-passenger. I let him in and continued my search on the phone.

I was getting anxious to start the trip but the bus was not going to leave for another few minutes. While looking outside, I took proper notice of this guy next to me. He was cute, trimmed beard, nice smile, and a wheatish complexion. He was decently dressed.

He caught me observing him and asked me if I was traveling for the first time on this route. I said, “Yes,” and told him that I was from Mumbai. He asked me if my friends were to join me. I responded by telling him that I was traveling alone for 10 days as I really enjoy it. He was shocked and asked about my profession.

I asked him about his whereabouts and what he was doing in Chandigarh. He asked me if I had someplace to stay. I responded to him that I will look for some homestay online and if I couldn’t find one, then I will explore after reaching. He asked me if I preferred market areas or secluded areas.

I said, “I like to stay away from the crowded areas.” I then asked him if he knew some homestay or any hotel owner in Manali. He responded by saying that they lived in an independent house which was a little further from Manali, where they give out two rooms to travelers.

I asked him to show me the location on maps from Manali and a few photos of the rooms. It looked like a short drive and the room was fine. I asked if I could get vegetarian food for all days at the house or nearby places and he mentioned that he can cook whatever I want if I can inform him a few hours in advance. I also asked him about the rent.

Meanwhile, the bus finally started. I was happy, and he saw me smile. He quoted the rent for 3 nights which seemed pretty decent. I still tried my luck at bargaining and he said that if I was not happy with the place, I can pay 10% less.

I shook his hands and said that I would like to stay there. Then we started chatting about our lives, routines, things to do in Manali. He asked me about the rest of my trip and where I will visit.

He also mentioned that I was not carrying enough warm clothes since it would get very chilly at night. He also mentioned that he can take me to local areas of interest and for some shopping in the free time. I agreed to it.

After a while, the bus was about to take the first scheduled stop. I wanted to get off for a smoke and enjoy the chilly winds. Both of us got off, went to the loo and I smoked. I offered him a smoke but he said that he didn’t smoke.

He stood around and we were still chatting. I saw him look around at my dick a couple of times! I was wearing denim and my tool was not erect. I was not sure what was happening.

Then the bus was about to start and all got back in. I got an erection looking at my cute co-passenger guy’s ass when I saw him walking ahead of me. After we got back to our seats, I adjusted my semi-hard dick while he was glancing.

I then continued my search on Grindr and purposely opened up a few profiles with naked photos. He didn’t really peep into my phone and I felt I had read the signals wrong.

Then I started listening to some music and closed my eyes. After a while, I felt my co-passenger guy lightly brushing his hand on my crotch! I did not want to alert him so I did not move. He stopped and then I fell asleep.

The next day in the morning we arrived at the bus stop and he guided me to the taxi stand. It was a shared-cab and we waited for a few more passengers. I took a smoke again when he remarked that I smoke a lot. I said, “I am addicted and find it difficult to quit,” to which he slyly said,

“Smoking has other bad side effects as well,” and looked at my crotch.

I winked at him and said, “You don’t worry about that.” We reached his house and he showed me both the rooms. One of them had a beautiful view and I kept that room. He said that he will fetch some warm water for drinking. I put on the geyser to take a shower. He came back in a while and I was roaming around in a towel.

I asked him to come in but he hesitated and went downstairs. I headed for a shower and took a nap. I woke up and went to explore the local areas on foot. I came back just around sunset and was offered hot tea. I took it and stood outside with smoke and my company joined me with his cup.

I asked him if I could get any alcohol nearby just in case it got too cold. He accompanied me and we got some whiskey and rum. I told him that if he drinks, he can join me, to which he responded that his family would get to know and would not appreciate it.

I laughed and said, “Ok.” I asked him if I could use the terrace to smoke at night since I didn’t want to disturb others by going downstairs. He agreed and handed me the key for the terrace.

At night after dinner, I continued searching for someone on Grindr but was not satisfied since I was away from the city. I got down to my boxers and wrapped a towel on my back and decided to enjoy the chilly winds with a smoke.

Just when I was smoking and browsing on my phone, I heard someone call me. I looked around and he was shocked to see me without any shirt and in just the boxers. He motioned to me and asked me if I was mad.

I went closer to him and told him that I really loved the climate and it was fine. He made me throw away my cigarette and pulled me back in. He told me that I will catch a bad cold and I shouldn’t be roaming around naked like this. I was upset that I could not finish my smoke.

I went to my room while keeping the door open and grabbed a t-shirt. I asked if he was happy now. He entered the room and said that he has lived here for so long, that he knows that the cold could be hurtful and ran his hand through my hair!

There was a moment of silence among us. I broke it by asking if he would like to join me for some whiskey now that I can’t stay shirtless and enjoy the smoke!

He said if that keeps me from behaving crazy, he would risk drinking as well. I winked at him and poured him some whiskey in the second glass. He asked me if I was comfortable roaming around in boxers. I said, “Why not?” I asked him if he had tried wearing any. He refused and I told him that he should as it was comfortable.

We sat together on the bed. I turned on the TV to a low volume. Meanwhile, I got a message on Grindr and my phone beeped. I opened the message and there were some nudes from a guy I was chatting with earlier. I could see him peeping into my phone and he asked me what it was.

I told him that I was gay and was looking for someone around for fun. He seemed a bit surprised at me telling him directly. I asked him about his sexual orientation and he was shy to answer. I told him that it was ok and that his secret will be safe with me.

He looked at me and confessed that he liked guys although he never had the guts to do anything about it. I asked him if he was on Grindr. He mentioned that he found it risky to use around the house and therefore stayed away. I asked him about his sexual encounters which were none and then he asked me about mine.

I started telling him about my adventures and I was starting to get an erection which was outlining on the boxer. I could also see him get a boner in his track pants.

We both finished the whiskey. I asked him if he was interested in something more. He asked what did I mean. I got close to him and said, “Whatever you did to my dick on the bus.”

Suddenly, he pulled me closer and kissed me! He was passionate and inexperienced but it was an amazing kiss and my erection got stronger. His hands went right inside my boxer and he started playing with my dick. I asked him if he would permit me to remove mine and his t-shirt. He laughed and threw mine away and I took his off.

He had no hair on his body and he smelled amazing. I pushed him to the wall and held one of his hands behind his head and started licking his nipples. His other hand was busy fondling my dick and balls. He was moaning passionately. I could not control myself. I pushed him down and he got on his knees.

He pulled down my boxers and opened his mouth. I pushed my dick in and he started sucking my uncut dick. He asked me to guide him in case of mistakes. I reassured him that he was doing perfectly.

He started taking my dick deeper and deeper while playing with the balls and running his fingers from balls to the asshole. I didn’t want to cum so soon, so I stopped him and kissed him again.

I lifted him and threw him on the bed and got on top of him. I kissed his head, nose, lips, neck, ears, nipples, belly button. He was moaning continuously and said that he would climax soon. I got into a doggy position and got him to suck me again.

After a while, we again switched positions and got into 69. It was the first time he was being blown. He increased his speed on my dick while I continued sucking him. He removed his dick from my mouth and started rubbing vigorously.

He came on my chest and drank it all. We again got in a passionate kiss with our bodies sticking due to the sweat and the cum. He again got down on me with the sole intention of pleasing me. He was playing with his tongue on my dick and sucking the way I was sucking him.

The cute guy also licked my balls and ran his tongue from the balls to the asshole. I was in seventh heaven and made him do it again. I had never felt this pleasure and sensation before. I lay on my back on the bed and lifted my legs and asked him to run his tongue again as I was enjoying it so much.

I took his head into my crotch and knew that I would cum anytime. I asked him he wanted it, and he nodded his head. I shot my complete load in his mouth. I asked him not to drink and to share it with me.

We hugged and kissed again while I was drinking my cum from his mouth. We were both drenched in sweat, saliva, and cum and enjoyed a lot.


This was just the first day of my stay here. Keep waiting for the next parts! Please provide your feedback to this story on [email protected]

Hit me up if you are from Mumbai and would like to meet me in person!

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