Gay anal sex with mature stranger puffing cigarette – Sex story

Gay anal sex with mature stranger puffing cigarette – Sex story

Hey guys, this story is a real incident that occurred with me. I’m bisexual guy but I enjoy looking at older mature guys a lot. I’m 18+ years old with a chubby figure of 5’6″ and with small man boobs with a girly ass. I like to imagine that it is getting spanked, and finger my hole.

So, these things occurred when I realized I’m into old mature men. I went to smoke a cigarette on the outskirts of my locality on my scooty, when I saw a mature man smoking a g-cigarette.

It was 8 pm and the street was empty and so there were no people around. I just saw this guy and he too saw me. I smiled looking at him.

That day I had worn tight track pants and a t-shirt which was exposing my man boobs and ass. I turned around and saw that the guy was checking me out from behind, which I was enjoying. I felt like the mature Indian man could grab my butt or spank me, but I didn’t have the courage for making that happen or have any scene with him!

I finished puffing my cigarette and then went to throw the filter in the garbage which was a kind of box. I didn’t miss any chance to make him check me out.

I bent slowly exposing my round butts and then threw the filter in the garbage box. I saw the lust in that mature guy’s eyes. I sat on my scooty and drove back towards my home.

That night I couldn’t able to sleep. I was thinking about that mature guy who might be around 5’9″ in height. He had a dark complexion, was wearing glasses in formals. He was looking a fit guy and had a beard.

I was just thinking about that man to whom I’m willing to give my ass and surrender to him. I just jerked off that day thinking about him. I was wondering and wishing that I could find him on some social networking site.

The next day, I went again to that street at the same time, hoping that I may see him again, but I couldn’t find him sadly. I bought my cigarette from that shop. I then asked the shopkeeper about that guy. He didn’t know him very well but said that he sometimes comes there to smoke cigarettes.

I felt so bad that at least I could have asked him for his number.

The day passed and my exam dates were nearing. I started to engage in my studies and couldn’t find time to hang out or watch any TV series. I was fully dedicated to my studies. I had bought a pack of cigarettes already and a lighter and kept it in my scooty to pass my time efficiently.

One day, I was studying for a long time at night and I really felt frustrated. I wanted a break and to get some fresh air. It was around 2:30 in the morning and I also felt the need to smoke.

I had worn shorts and a thin t-shirt and a hoodie over it. I took the keys to my house and scooty and went for a ride near that street where I smoke.

I parked the scooty and removed my pack and lighter from the dicky. I removed a cigarette, lit it, and dragged some puff. When looking around, I saw a man coming from a distance walking towards me.

He saw me from far smoking my cigarette. He came near me and asked me, “Hey sir, if you don’t mind can I have a cigarette? I can pay you for that.”

I just looked at him and remembered that he was that mature guy who I had seen a week before. He told me that since the shop near that street stays open till 3 am, he felt that it would be open. He told me that he could have bought it at the shop, but unfortunately, it was closed. I felt a current in my body seeing him.

I just nodded my head and offered him my cigarette. Later he also recognized me. He asked me about what I do, where I stay etc.

I was feeling shy and at the same time aroused looking at him. I came to know that his name is Rakesh. He was a 46-year-old, a divorced guy who stayed near that street.

The mature man told me that he stays with his parents and his younger brother in an apartment. Later, I thought that I should seduce him cause this was the only chance to get closer to him.

I don’t know from where those thoughts and guts came to me to approach him. He was giving me the money for the cigarette for which I refused to take. Instead, I offered him that I can drop him at his home. He was reluctant but I insisted. Finally, he agreed. He sat behind me a little close.

I started to drive. I was applying lots of brakes to make him come closer to me. He was getting what I’m doing. Suddenly, I felt something poking on my ass.

Holy fuck, he had just got hard. I was feeling so good to know that he is hard because of me. His hand rested on my hips. Suddenly a speed breaker came, and I landed on his lap.

Now, I was feeling his crotch, and I’m getting too horny. I stopped the scooty and got down. I told him, “I want to suck your dick…”

This excited him too. I parked my scooty, and we went inside a building. Luckily the watchman was asleep, and there was no security surveillance.

We went inside that building and went up to the terrace which was luckily opened. I entered inside and grabbed his collar and took him inside.

I went on my knees and unzipped his pants and removed his dick. He removed his phone and switched on the flashlight. OMG, his dick was 7 inches and clean shaved.

I didn’t waste time and started to blow him. I licked all his pre-cum which was tasty. I removed all his clothes and made him naked, then later he removed my clothes.

I was holding the iron railing of the staircase on the terrace, and he was removing my undies. It felt so sexy when his cold hands were touching my butts.

He removed my undies and started to spread my butts and began licking my asshole. I was on cloud seven. He spanked me so hard that I was enjoying his every act.

I couldn’t wait for his dick to get inside my asshole. I removed a condom from my wallet which I always keep for emergencies. Then I removed the condom from the packet with my mouth and rolled the condom on his erect dick.

That scene was too hot and made us both turned on. Later he teased me with his dick by keeping it on my asshole. I just grabbed his dick and make him push it inside me.

My ass-hole was tight. He just pushed it more, and it started to pain me a lot. I spat on my hand and fingered my hole with saliva.

He spat again on my asshole to loosen it up. He tried again and this time he pushed it so hard that I started to cry with the pain. Then he just put his hand on my mouth and started to bang my ass.

Later on, I started to enjoy him fucking me from behind. He grabbed my hair and I turned myself to smooch him and getting fucked at the same time.

He was pressing my man-boobs so vigorously that they started to hurt. I was enjoying his every action. Then we both got reckless, and he removed the condom and I wanted to feel his fleshy cock.

He grabbed my hips, lifted me, and took me to the wall. Then he took his cock and inserted it again in my hole and started to fuck me.

I was enjoying him, and again we lip-locked fucking each other. Then he sat on the iron staircase, and I was on his lap getting banged by my hero.

While he was spanking me very hard, I couldn’t control myself and began to moan loudly. Later I just sucked him again, and he shot his cum inside my mouth.

I was too horny and managed to swallow half of his thick cum and spat the remaining out. We dressed up, and I couldn’t walk because of this hot encounter.

We exchanged our numbers and had a smoke, and we kissed each other again. I then drove back towards my home.

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