Gay bottom boy becomes slave of 4 mallu uncles – Erotic story

Gay bottom boy becomes slave of 4 mallu uncles – Erotic story

Hi readers, let me introduce myself. My name is Akash, 20 years old, and I am from Kerala. I am doing my degree now.

I am a slim guy with a 5-inch cock. I have a medium-sized ass that most of the guys who fucked me told but not boobs and has a girlish mind. I am a bottom gay who likes well-built guys with black cock and has a weakness for uncles.

This story happened when I was 19 and when I didn’t know that I was gay. I used to watch porn, especially blacked videos, and I was amazed by the size of cocks of black guys in those videos. And sometimes, I fantasied about having a big black cock in my mouth.

I had completed my 12th and was waiting for my results to come and had no idea what to do next. So I just sat at home watching TV, playing games and all, as I had no friends of my age near my house.

After one week, I was so bored that I decided to go for an evening walk. I went for walking and that day, I saw some uncles who were playing badminton at a house which was about half a km from my home. I like to play badminton but hadn’t played for a long time. I just stood there watching them play hoping they would ask me to come to play.

They did ask me and I joined them and became close with them easily.

Let me introduce them. The first one was Scaria uncle (age 52), who owned that house and was unmarried. He was abroad and had now settled in Kerala. He was alone in that house and it was a usual place where they get together and have fun.

The others were Aju (age 55), Shaji (age 49) and Biju (age 46). I became friends with all of them and started going to play badminton with them every day at the evening.

Within two-three days, we became very good friends, and then it all started. At first, I couldn’t understand. But whenever my team scored, my teammate uncle slapped my ass like an appreciation and hugged me. They were doing it in a sexual way but I didn’t know it then (later they told me).

Then, one day, we finished playing and were resting outside the house. Then Scaria uncle took his phone and randomly played a porn video on Whatsapp. He told everyone how good it was (this was actually their plan to seduce me).

He told us that his dick got erected by watching this. Then Aju uncle said it was not that much and have seen better than them. Then Scaria uncle told him to show his dick to look at whether it was erect or not.

I was looking at them amazed for what they were arguing about. Suddenly, Aju uncle pulled his shorts down and showed his dick to us and told me that it was not erect.

Oh guys, what a sight it was! Let me explain it. Aju uncle was a black guy who was tall and stocky. When he pulled down his shorts, I saw his big cock which was not erected but was even bigger than mine when semi-erected.

I felt like it was the same cock that I saw in porn videos. Seeing that cock, I suddenly said, “Oh my god”. All of them looked at me and laughed.

They asked me whether I haven’t seen a cock this size.

I said that only in porn I have seen cocks and not in real life. I said I was seeing one for the first time. They said we have all seen each other’s cocks since they are friends and asked me to show mine. I was shy and I told no. They said, ok.

Later that day, at night, Sacria uncle messaged me asking that whether I liked Aju uncle’s cock. I didn’t know what to say but anyway, I told him that it was very big.

Then Scaria uncle sent me a pic of his cock and asked whether I liked it. I was shocked and didn’t say anything. He said, “It is okay, you can tell us we are friends.”

Scaria uncle’s cock was not big like Aju uncle’s but it was big about 7-inch. I told him that I liked it.

Then he sent me some gay porn videos and asked whether I watch them. I told him no. Then he told me to come to his house earlier than usual and we will have some fun.

I was not sure about what he asked but when I saw those videos, I got erected and was shagging looking at them. Anyway, I decided to go to their house and see what they have planned.

No one was outside the house and I rang the calling bell. Scaria uncle unlocked the door and told me to come in. He was only wearing a lungi and I could see an erection through it.

I asked what was going on. He told me to come in and we both went to the hall.

I was shocked at that sight. All other three uncles were naked and mutually shagging their cocks watching porn! Then Scaria uncle also removed his lungi and suddenly, he pulled my shorts from behind. I was standing there in a t-shirt and underwear. By seeing the hot scene in front of me, my dick got erected.

I asked him what was going on and then Scaria uncle told me not to worry and asked me to sit on the couch. They moved to make space for me in the middle. I got goosebumps all over me seeing those hard cocks.

They removed my underwear and t-shirt and told me to enjoy the show and started shagging my cock also. I was so aroused by this.

Then they took my hands and kept it on their dicks. I automatically started to shag theirs. Then Scaria uncle remarked that I was a natural at this. I felt very shy.

After some time of shagging, Scaria uncle told me to suck his dick. I was so aroused that I was ready to do anything!

They were all sitting on the couch. I went to Scaria uncle on my knees and put his dick in my mouth and started licking. I did like I saw in porn videos. Then the other three came around me and beat my face with their cocks. I was sucking Scaria uncle’s cock and took the other two cocks in my hand.

Then I started sucking Biju uncle’s cock. That was the thickest cock among them even though not long. Then came Aju uncle’s which was my favorite. When erect, it was about 9 inches and I couldn’t take it fully in my mouth even this day. Then Shaji uncle gave me his dick to suck. It was 7-inch long.

After sucking all of them, they told me to stand up. Then they started to lick my body and pinch me and slap me in the ass. Scaria uncle asked me whether I was ready to be their slave. I was in heaven and told them yes. They asked me to be their bitch and told me I should accept everything they say and if not, they will give punishment. I agreed.

Then they told me to kneel down and sit in doggy style. They stood in a line and one by one, they came to me and shot their cum on my face. It was so thick and sticky. I wiped it off my face and went to bath.

They also accompanied me and we all took a bath. Before going, they told me that we can enjoy every day like this and told me I can ask for any help from them.

This is how I got into the world of gay sex. From that day till now, I am their slave.

I will share my next experiences with you soon.

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  1. I like your story please tell me how can I become a gay slave of gang

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