Getting my athai in bed – Family sex story

Getting my athai in bed – Family sex story

I am Prashanth . I am back again with another story. I thank all my readers for the wonderful feedback I received for my previous story, Magical Moments With Telugu Neighbour Aunty.

The story I will narrate happened a few years ago with my athai (my mother’s brother’s wife). It was a season of festivals, and my maternal grandparents’ house was filled with people for a function. I, too, was there with my mother.

We arrived at 4 PM in the evening and were greeted by my athai or aunty. She was my mother’s younger brother’s wife. She was in her late 30s, a mother of two young boys. She was not great in appearance. She was slim, short, with small boobs but a little protruding ass.

I always had hots for my maternal aunts. I had already had a fling with the elder one, who was 42. I had once fondled her boobs and ass but had not got the chance to dip my tool inside. This aunt let us call her Uma was always in my mind.

I had managed to brush against her boobs many times before. But now I don’t know why I had a strong urge to make her mine. That night after dinner was served, we were all watching TV. When it was time to hit the bed, questions aroused about who would sleep where.

My uncle’s family consisting of four, husband, wife, and two children, were given one room. I was asked to sleep there, along with one of my cousins. The mattresses were laid out on the floor: four mattresses together and two at the side. My uncle’s family occupied the four.

My cousin and I occupied the two that were laid out perpendicular to those four occupied by my uncle’s family. We slept in such a way that my cousin’s and my head were near the family’s legs. I was nearest to them, meaning my hands could touch the sleeping family members’ legs if stretched.

My uncle slept at the far end, my aunt beside him, and the two kids next to their mom. It was past midnight when I suddenly woke up to answer nature’s call. I went to the restroom, relieved myself, and came back. As I was preparing to sleep, the light from the street light made me look at something.

It made my brother stand up. My aunt’s sari had moved up a little showing the fair skin of her clean legs. The nail polish on the toes with the sparkling silver toe ring made her legs look very sexy. The fair skin is hidden under a cotton sari, and a light green petticoat was an awesome sight to watch.

I slept, turning to my side with my left hand placed close to her legs. I was in two minds whether to go ahead and feel her smooth legs or refrain from doing it. The strong sexual urge made me take the wise decision of going ahead. I slowly placed my fingers on her toes, and I started feeling the toe ring.

There was no reaction from her, which made me make the next bold move. I placed my palm on her ankle and held it there for some time. I also gently pressed my palms to put pressure on her ankles. There was still no reaction from her.

It was quite strange as anybody in a new place would not sleep so tight. However, I did not want to think too much about it and decided to make further moves. I started feeling her legs by moving my hand up and down the smooth fair legs and once managed to take it up to the knees and stop there.

I still did not find any reaction from her and pushed the hand further up into her petticoat. Now I was touching her thighs. She did not have thick thighs, but they were enough to make me go berserk. My tool by now had stood up like a hoisted flag.

I could not bear the pressure of my cock against my underwear and the shorts. I managed to press my cock for some time with my right hand to see if I could make it calm. I was about to take it further up when she turned towards her side. Now my hand was placed at the back of her thighs.

A little movement up took my hand almost near the base of her ass. I moved one finger up to feel the thick material of her cotton panty. I was on cloud 9 and kept my finger there to test the waters. Seeing no reaction from her, I put the entire hand near the panty bas.

I moved one finger inside the panty to feel the bare skin of her ass. I could even feel the thin strands of hair that I think stood up as she was feeling horny. I moved my hand completely into the panty. Now I could feel the entire ass cheek. It was not wide but had sufficient meat to enjoy pumping the ass.

I kept my hand there and intermittently started pressing her ass cheeks one after the other. All this time, she was in the same position sleeping on her side. The next move she made sent shivers through my body. She returned to sleep on her back, making my hand sandwiched between her ass and the mattress.

I did not know what to do but did not want to take my hand out. I slowly pulled my hand out but did not remove it out but placed it on the sides of her thigh, and now my hand was on her hip bone inches away from the love hole. I slowly took my middle finger up, and now I could feel the sides of her vagina.

I made a little more effort, and now my finger felt her pubic hair hidden inside the panty. It was now a do or die situation. I moved my full hand inside the panty and placed it on her wet vagina. I started feeling the cunt lips and occasionally push the middle finger inside the hole.

She was now completely awake and horny. She also did not know how to react. She was stuck between the devil and the deep sea. On one side, her morals were asking her to resist, but on the other hand, her lust was asking her to enjoy the moment.

I think she gave in to lust and allowed me to do what I wanted. I started rubbing her cunt vigorously. I could even hear a faint moan escape her mouth. She once put her hand on her cunt over the sari and pressed my hand, indicating me to continue to do whatever I was doing.

After fingering her cunt for some time, I took my hand up through the elastic of her panty and the petticoat, and now I had reached her naval region. My forearm was now touching her cunt. My palm was placed on her naval. I still could not believe that I had achieved what I wanted in such a short time.

I kept playing with her naval for some time and then pushed my hand even up. She is a petite figure. I did not have to stretch too much. My hands had now reached the area where the last hook of her blouse was. I removed my hand completely out back through the vaginal region.

I now directly placed my hand just below her blouse and inserted my middle finger inside the blouse. I could feel the bra. The only disappointing factor was that her boobs were very small. They were probably the size of a tennis ball.

I managed to unhook the last two buttons of her blouse and placed my entire palm inside. I kept pumping her boobs and pinching the nipples. The nipple had become thick and hard, and I could not control myself. I had no choice but to be happy with just the pumping of the boobs.

The next day morning, I was afraid to look at her and kept avoiding her. She had a faint smile on her face. Whenever we passed each other, she rubbed her body against me while walking past me. I knew she was aware of what I did and sensed a chance with her.

The function went off smoothly, and it was time to depart.

A few months later, I visited Bangalore during my holidays. One morning, I went to my uncle’s house. It was a small one-bedroom house. My uncle had gone to the office and the kids to school. My aunty greeted me with a smile and forced me to stay back for lunch. She said she would cook something nice.

I also wanted to test the waters and agreed to stay back. She started cooking. In between, she used to do other chores like putting the clothes in the machine, washing the dishes, etc. All the time, I used to be with her. When she bent down, I could see the small boobs hidden in her bra.

She was in a nighty, and it was easy for me to devour the beauty of her chest. The boobs were small, but I was still attracted to them. Her ass was not wide but protruded a little, indicating that whatever fat she had accumulated there. We ate lunch.

While eating lunch, she asked me about my college, studies, etc. Finally, she asked me if I had any girlfriend. I said no and then asked her why she asked that question. She just smiled and said, “You have become naughty.” I did not know how to answer, and kept quiet.

After lunch, she cleaned the kitchen. We watched TV for some time, and then she said she wanted to sleep for some time. I declined to sleep but told her she could sleep. I will keep reading something. She slept on the bed in the bedroom. I was sitting on the bed reading a novel.

After some time, she turned to her right and slept. Now her ass was facing me. I don’t know where I got the courage from. I kept my right palm on her ass but did not do anything. I could feel her panty lines on my finger. I was aroused a lot. After some time, I gave a gently squeeze and again just held my hand there.

She did not respond, and without turning towards me, she asked me also to sleep for some time. I sensed a chance and just laid down beside her. I continued to keep my palm on her ass. After some time, I also turned to my right and slept. Now her ass and my cock were close.

I moved my hand from her ass and placed it on the bed just behind her back. Now I could feel the bra straps from within the nighty. I now moved my left hand a little up and gently placed it on her left arm. She did not say anything and continued to sleep.

I then moved my hand and inserted it between her arms and her left boob. My hand was now sandwiched between her left arm and boob. I could clearly feel the bra, and I had become extremely horny. I moved my left hand a few inches inside. Now I could clearly feel her boob.

I pressed gently, and I could feel the boob becoming hard. I kept my hand there and kept applying pressure. To my surprise, she pressed her left arm inside, indicating that she was liking what I was doing. I pushed my hand even further and held her left boob in my palm, and started pressing it.

She let out a small moan and managed to say, “Beda, yenu maadbeda.” (Stop, don’t do anything.) But I was in no mood to listen. I kept mauling the boobs, and then I did the unthinkable. Her nighty had a front zip, which I pulled down and inserted my hand inside. I could feel her boobs now covered by a white bra.

I inserted my hand inside the bra. Now my hand was holding the tiny boob with erect nipples. I pinched her nipples for some time, and then I nudged her to turn toward me. She reluctantly turned towards me. Her eyes were still closed but could sense the heat from her body.

I moved my face a little forward and kissed her on her lips. She opened her eyes and managed to say. “Idhu thappu kano, beda.” (It’s wrong, don’t.) But who had the patience to listen? I kissed her once in the neck region, and then I pulled the boob out and started sucking the nipples.

She kept pulling my head towards her in excitement. I slowly moved my left hand down and started rubbing it on her cunt region. I could feel the thick mound covered by her panty. I kept massaging her cunt, and I realized she had also placed her hand on my hand and was edging me to rub it.

I started pulling her nighty up along with the petticoat. As I pulled it up, I also started rubbing her leg with my leg. I could feel the smooth skin of her legs. When the nighty, along with the petticoat, reached her thighs, I put my hand and squeezed her thighs once.

Then I moved my hand inside and could feel the wetness of her cunt on the panty. I inserted my hand through the sides of the panty and felt her cunt dripping with wetness. I could sense the wetness sticking to the small strands of hair.

Meanwhile, my mouth was devouring the petite boobs. I was sucking and occasionally biting the hard nipples. I kept circling my tongue on her nipples. She was letting out loud moans. I felt her hand squeezing my dick. I slowly got up and kneeling on my knees. I started removing her nighty.

Once successfully removed, I could see my aunty sleeping in her bra and petticoat, which was moved till her thighs. The yellow petticoat on white thighs and a white bra covering the small boobs was a great sight. I quickly untied the knot of her petticoat.

I slid it down and removed it completely from her body. She was now in a white bra and a dark green panty. I quickly removed my shirt and pant and was kneeling beside her in my jockey. I put my hand behind and unhooked the bra. I could see the tiny boobs with taut nipples waiting for me to make my move.

I once again put my mouth there and started chewing the nipples. I then slid her panty down and put my mouth on her pubic mound. The smell of her dripping cunt was intoxicating. I quickly removed my jockey, and holding my dick in my hand, took it near her mouth.

She knew what I wanted, but she refused to take it inside. I asked her to at least kiss it. She kissed it and wiped her mouth with the back of her palm. I slept on her holding my dick in my hand and put it on her cunt hole. The hole looked small. She was afraid that my 4 inches thick and 7 inches long cock would tear her cunt.

She said, “Yeno idhu ishtu dappa idhe?” (What is this? It is so big.) I proudly shook it with my hand and then pushed it inside. I could hear a sound, “Amma,” escaping from her mouth. It took some time for it to go in completely. When it had reached deep inside, she cried out, “Amma, sathe.” (I am dying.)

I started the to and fro movement. After a few strokes, she also started reciprocating by pushing her ass up to receive my monstrous tool inside her. I kept humping, and intermittently took her boobs in my mouth. I took my hand to her ass and started mauling it.

The whole room was filled with sounds and smells of lust. I kept pushing it with vigor, and after almost 8 to 10 minutes of passionate sex, I unloaded my cum inside her. I knew she was operated on, so there was no fear of impregnating her.

I just slept on her hugging her tightly, and after some time, rolled to the side. We both slept like that on our backs for some time. Then she was the first to get up. She started looking for her nighty. She wore the nighty without the innerwear, and then she looked at me and smiled.

She started moving her fingers in my hair. She asked me to promise that I would never mention this to anyone.

Even today, no one knows about this. Now, you, my readers, have come to know about it. Please share your feedback about what you felt to

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