Guy loses virginity to married ex-crush on group trip – Sex story

Guy loses virginity to married ex-crush on group trip – Sex story

Hi everyone, my name is Kuttan at least that’s what everyone calls me. This is my first story. I am a 25-year-old virgin. This is my fantasy. This happened two and a half weeks back.

I have never traveled on a bus in around 4 years as I love riding my bike. I was enjoying the ride back from the bus depot. It was surprising to see my old friend Lilly, from my school days. I can’t really call her a friend as I had a huge crush on her for a long time.

Then when I told her it was too late. I was initially hesitant to talk to her because of the past. So, you can imagine the surprise on my face when she saw me and smiled. She was standing in the bus as there was no place in the ladies’ section.

Seeing me, she came and sat next to me. I said, “Hi, nice to know that you still remember me.”

She said, “Of course, I never forget a face. It’s been almost 6 years since we last spoke.”

I already knew that she was a lecturer in one of the reputed colleges in the city of Bangalore and was married now. Although we never spoke, I used to keep tabs on her through mutual friends.

We spoke a lot when her stop was approaching. She asked me if she can have my number. I told her my number has never changed, to which she replied, “I lost that phone,” and so I gave her my number.

Just when she was getting up to leave, my old school friend told me there is a trip to Mysore and they were short of a member to make the required group. I wanted to say yes but I said, “Sorry I won’t be comfortable with your friends.”

She said, “OK,” and left. I felt like an idiot after she left. I reached home around 9 pm and got a ping from an unknown number. Saying, “It’s me Lilly.” I said, “Hi.” She said about what I said on the bus. Can you reconsider?

I said, “My answer is not going to change. Why can’t you take your hubby?” She replied, “It’s for friends only.” I said, “Ok, but I don’t know any of your friends.”

She said, “I will be your friend don’t worry.” I was still not sure about this. And this same conversation continued for a couple of days.
Then finally I said, “I will come,” and the trip was next weekend. Let me tell you about Lilly. She is a Mallu (Malayali) like me. She was around 5.2” in height with a perfect hourglass figure. Sorry, I don’t know her exact stats.

Finally, we met on Thursday. We all had taken an extended weekend to have more time. They had a Traveler booked and there were a total of 8 people including Ram, Lokesh, Dhanya, Sheryl, Rosy, Ramya, Jeffy, Lilly, and me (Kuttan).

All of them were her friends from the school. After hearing that, I was feeling a little better as all of them were the same age group. The travel to Mysore was just like a school trip. We were tired of the travel and the time taken when we reached our resort where we were staying.

We didn’t want to lose any time so all of us took our keys and moved to our respective rooms. They had 4 rooms booked and I was surprised to hear that I will be it sharing my room with Lilly.

I asked her, “Why?” to which she replied, “You were the one saying that you were not comfortable with my friends.” I asked her if she is fine with this or I could book if she was not? (I had to be a gentleman, know).

She replied, “I am totally fine with this.” After all of us took the keys and got ready, it was around 2 pm. We had food and one of her friends Lokesh suggested that we all go to see the Mysore Palace.

It was really fun since all of us were of the same age group. And a lot of the jokes were related to the 90s. Lokesh was the funny one in the group and he was making fun of the things on the walls of the palace.

Some of them were sexual like, “Imagine how the kings would have had used some of these things to please the women,” to which no one laughed but he wasn’t the one to stop and continued with different comments.

We returned to the resort by 7 PM. We decided to have a drink. And we really needed the drink since all of us were tired. This is when things changed. I usually don’t drink a lot because I have to ride on my bike after a drink, but today since I don’t have to, I let myself get carried away.

That day I ended up drinking a lot. And the next thing I remember was waking up with Lilly yelling. I woke up and noticed that I was naked and so was she. She quickly put on some random clothes and rushed out.

I was shocked and couldn’t believe myself mainly because I don’t remember a thing from the last night. Lilly had gone to her friends’ room and I was regretting the whole morning.

In the evening as usual we went to roam around, but the only person clearly enjoying were Ram and Lokesh and the girls were with Lilly the whole time forming some kind of barrier between her and me.

I was feeling so bad that I was planning to go back as soon as I reached the resort. Upon reaching back to the resort at 4 PM, I ordered a bottle of whiskey and went to my room without talking to anyone.

I was going to start drinking and Lilly walked in. I was expecting a slap but instead, she said, “Sorry.” I was really baffled. I replied, “Shouldn’t I be the one saying sorry although I don’t remember what happened last night.”

She told me that it was she who had initiated it. I was out of my mind and the only thing in my mind were that I had lost my virginity to my only crush and I don’t even fucking remember what happened.

I asked her, “Could you tell me what happened?” She told me that it had started when we started drinking games and the question was when each of us lost our virginity came up.

I had replied, “Never,” and everyone gave me the aww look and carried on. Then during the game when Lilly was dared to kiss me, she did not hesitate for a second and went into a long kiss and the girls had to separate us as they felt awkward.

Things got a little more interesting when one of them asked Lilly if she had ever loved me and she replied that she had during our tenth but since I had never made a move she assumed I was not interested in her and moved got committed during her 2nd year PUC.

I had proposed to her during our B.Com days and both of us were In different colleges. I never knew of any of these things, She had hated me for a while and even blocked me (yes, it took me 3 years to get the courage to even tell her).

Then she slowly started leaning towards me during the drinking game. And she was too drunk, I took her back to the room and after reaching the room I asked, “Did you really like me?” and she had replied, “Yes a lot.”

Then she moved in and kissed me. This had more than just love in there. There was also lust from both of us. We went at it hard and she started taking my shirt off while we were still kissing. I reciprocated and started removing her tight top that revealed her magnificent body.

Without thinking twice, I went on kissing her neck which turned her on a lot and de started making moaning sounds. Still going slowly, I gave her a couple of love bites. Since this is something I was looking forward to for the longest time.

We lost our resolve to our inner demons and I went ahead and removed her bra revealing her gorgeous assets. The action moved on until both of us were completely naked.

I went right in without any prep. This was my first time and being drunk I was just right at it. When she was finished telling me, I asked her, “What now? Can I go back, it’s for the best this should have never happened. I am really sorry.”

She asked, “Why? Was it because of last night?” I replied, “Yes.” She said, “I really wanted this and it’s both of our sins to bear.” I was clueless I was not picking up what she was suggesting.

I asked her, “I don’t follow, you know I am very dumb when it comes to understanding girls. Tell me what to do and we will do that?” She replied, “You don’t remember anything from yesterday?” I replied, “No.”

She came and sat on my lap and said, “Let’s jog that memory of yours,” and kissed me. And I kissed back. We were interrupted by the waiter who brought the food I had ordered.

Even the man felt awkward and kept the food and left immediately. As soon as he left, we continued kissing again. As I was sober now, I took things a bit slow and enjoyed the kiss which lasted for around 10 minutes.

Our tongues rattled like two snakes mating. I could feel that she wanted this as bad as I did. I removed her t-shirt. We broke our kiss for a second and now I was stunned since I was seeing a girl’s body right in front of me and it was a perfect body.

I was just was enjoying the view and she immediately realized it and said, “You will have a better view without the bra.” My mind was numb and I could say nothing.

I removed her bra with a single hand which she was shocked and said, “I thought you were a virgin!” I replied, “Thanks to YouTube,” she giggled.

I went to her neck and noticed the mark from yesterday and asked, “Won’t your husband find out?”

She replied, “He is abroad.”

I kissed her. All this while, my hand moving around and feeling every inch of her body and slowly kissing my way down. I moved to her cleavage and feeling her perfect boobs on both side of my face I almost had a nose bleed.

I realized how soft a girl’s body was and it was something I was missing my whole life – the soft, smooth, and delicate feeling of skin and I was feeling every inch of it.

I moved down from her cleavage to her navel as she let out a loud moan. I realized she came for the first time and the sound was music to my ears.

I went down and removed her leggings only to be greeted by her beautiful pussy as she was not wearing any panty – cleanly shaved and perfect pink pussy that a guy could dream of.

Without hesitation, I went to kiss it and it was wet and the taste was out of this world. I had never imagined that I would be loving all this. Her moans were getting louder and louder and she was enjoying every movement of it.

I knew this as she had her leg wrapped around my head and the grip started to tighten every couple of minutes. To a point, I was clearly suffocating for some air. I found some gap for my nose to find some air and quickly continued tongue fucking her.

I was going little by little, deeper until she let out a loud moan and the juice came gushing out and some of it even went into my nose and she finally said, “Let’s go to the next stage.”

I didn’t have to hear this twice. I went and got completely naked. I slowly inserted my dick inside and all the pussy juice was acting as lube. We were fucking in missionary for 10 minutes.

I was about to come and told her the same. She said, “Go right ahead.” I was going to remove it, but it turns out that’s not what she meant. She had her leg around me and I understood that she wanted me inside and I came inside her.

We were really hungry and looked at the food and it was so cold that it didn’t even look edible. So, we put on our clothes but she insisted that we not wear inners. Looking at the time, it was 9 pm so we went to the dining area and had our dinner.

All the while, she was taunting me and I had a boner under the table. She was playing with it using her left hand. I quickly finished eating as my appetite was not important to me. We went to the room leaving our half-eaten plates.

She also came behind me. On reaching the room I asked, “What were you thinking?”

She replied, “I have never felt this way with my hubby and I haven’t had enough of it. I want more. I want this feeling to take it back home. I don’t know if I can ever feel the same again so let’s make the best of what we can.”

I was happy to hear this and in my mind, I was on cloud nine. We went at it again in the doggy style. When I became tired, she was on top of me cowgirl style until the point both of us were tired. We then fell asleep with my dick still inside her.

We woke up on Saturday and went to the beach. All the while, she was teasing me when her friends weren’t watching. We came back around 4 pm since Rosy wasn’t feeling well.

I took Lilly aside and told her all that all this while I was thinking that I was going to fuck her on the beach. With a naughty smile, she said, “Sex on the beach?”

I told her, “I have heard that there are abandoned beaches in Mysore, can we go there? I can strike one more off my wish list.”

She said, ‘Let’s see.” I looked at Google map and found one near our resort. I went and booked an ATV on rent and then told Lilly that it’s ready.

She asked “What?” I replied, “What I had asked earlier. I found a lonely beach nearby.”

Her response was that it’s too risky.

I asked, “Wasn’t what you did under the table risky?” She said, “Let’s go.”

We went there and I had a surprise for her. I had a few dry twigs and matches and some Maggie packed and some candles too.

On reaching there, I set all of them up and she loved the whole thing. We started eating and sharing the noodles and kissed each other, but like the other day, food was not our main interest.

We went at it, both of us eating noodles from our body instead of from the plates, and ended up fucking on the beach like there was no tomorrow. We were so lost that we hadn’t realized that the sun had almost set.

Since it was risky to wait any longer there, we quickly hurried back. And after a couple of times in the night, we woke up and it was 11 am. We had to leave at 4 pm, so we went back to her set of friends and was in one of the rooms, discussing many things.

One of the questions was, “What is something new that you did on this trip?”

The girls looked at me. I was speechless and replied, “I had noodles on the beach,” all had a weird look on their faces.

I told them that I was a boring person and not as exciting as them. I didn’t want anyone to know of our little adventure. Because like I mentioned earlier, she is married and this will be a big question mark in the guy’s eyes.

We had a couple of episodes after reaching back to Bangalore. Most of them to fulfill our sex wish lists and our kinks, but that’s for some other time.

Thank you for reading till the end I know it is a bit too long. I would love to hear your reviews on [email protected]

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