Having Sex With My Cousin Sister – A Virgin Sex Story

Having Sex With My Cousin Sister – A Virgin Sex Story

Hi, guys, I am Choco (name changed) I am 20 years old, from Chennai. I am a bit tall guy with an athletic body and a tool size of 7″. And this was my first incident that happened a few months ago. Let’s get into the story.

As I completed the 2nd year of my college, I had my semester holidays at that time. So my aunt called my mom and asked her to send me to her place for a few days. My cousin was coming from Bangalore for a vacation. So I went to my aunt’s place which is in Chennai. Office Colleague Became My Sex Partner Within A Day

She welcomed me and gave me some tea with some accompaniments. I asked her where is Suji (my cousin sister). She told me that Suji will be arriving in the evening. So I went to the bedroom, changed my clothes and I took a nap. After a while, my aunt called me for lunch.

We had lunch and we had a little conversation about my career. Then I started playing games and she started to wash the dishes. All of a sudden a call came to my aunt and it was Suji. She told her mom to pick her up from the Railway Station. My aunt told me to pick her up as my uncle was having some work.

So I went to the Railway Station and I was waiting for her train to arrive. After a while, the train arrived and I couldn’t find her among those people. So I made a call on her mobile and finally, we met. After 2 years we both met and I was staring at her. She looks very hot and gorgeous.

She didn’t notice me as she was talking to my aunt on the cellphone. Then she sat in the backseat and she started to talk with me. I was riding my bike. We reached our house. She went to take a bath and I was in the bedroom. She came into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her body.

I stood up suddenly. She said, “No problem, you can stay inside the room.” We were very close since our childhood. I was shocked. I turned my head around and she started wearing her clothes. I slightly turned my head. She was facing the cupboard and wearing her black bra.

I got a boner. I controlled myself. And after a while, we went for dinner and came back to the bedroom. Aunt and uncle were sleeping in another room. So I and Suji slept in one room. The cot was not so big but the medium size. So we laid beside each other and we started talking.

Since we used to text each other every day we both know each other. We used to talk about sex and other stuff through text rarely. And after some time, I started yawning. I went to sleep as she was using her mobile. After a while, I can feel something on my dick and can hear some sound.

I opened my eyes slightly. I saw that she was watching porn and she was touching my dick. I was shocked and my dick started to grow. But I pretended to be asleep and I was observing her. After a while, she went to the bathroom and she started to masturbate. She came back and she slept beside me.

The next day morning it was 10 am. I woke up before her and saw her cleavage. I noticed that she removed her bra. The impression of her nipples was visible to me. As she was in her deep sleep, I touched her nipples with my fingers. I started to play with them.

Then I touched her boobs. It was so soft like a sponge and I pressed it lightly. I was getting hard inside. And after a while, I went out of that room and I saw my aunt. she told me that she is going to her relative’s house as there was a function going on. Also, she told me she will be returning only after the sunset.

I was a bit happy inside and I started thinking about my cousin. My aunt left the house and I locked the main door. As I was already hard inside because of her boobs I went to the bathroom. I started jerking off by thinking about her boobs. As she was sleeping I’ve not locked the door and I was playing with my dick.

Suddenly the door opens and Suji saw me with my dick. She was stunned for a while and she ran towards the bedroom. I put my dick into my boxers. I went to her and called her. She asked me, “What are you doing inside the bathroom?” I replied to her, “I was doing what you were doing yesterday.”

She got shocked and she was staring at me for a while. I went closer to her and sat near her. She saw my dick which was still hard. She started to bite her lips. I put my hand on her waist. She said that she never saw a dick in real-time before. I can hear that it was a green light for me.

We both moved closer and closer. She took the lead and she started sucking my lower lips. We both started eating each other’s lips. I place my right hand on her right boob and started pressing it. And started to lick her ears and neck which made her horny. Then I removed her t-shirt.

I started to kiss around her boobs and I started to suck her nipples. As she was white her boobs turned to red because of my sucking. And she removed my boxers and took my dick into her mouth. She gave me a nice blowjob. As it was the first time for both of us we went crazy on each other.

We started to enjoy ourselves. After a while, I put my hand inside her shorts and I came to know that she didn’t wear her panty. I can feel the juices dripping off her pussy. I started to rub her pussy as she was kissing my ears and biting it. I removed her shorts. I lifted her and landed her In the bed.

I started to lick her thigh from the knees to her pussy. She started loving my action. I reached her pussy and I kissed it. I started to lick it slowly. She locked my head by putting her legs around my head and she moaned. And told me to lick more and more. I started to lick fast.

After a while, she started squirting. I drank all of the juices and it was so nice. She was in heaven as she felt her orgasm with the help of her fingers. I climbed on top of her and I started to rub my cock on her pussy. I started to tease her. She started to move like a worm in the bed.

I placed my dick on her vagina and I slowly started to push my dick. She felt the pain as she was a virgin. And she was almost crying. She said not to stop and I gave some pressure. It reached some inches inside her pussy and I took my dick out. I can see blood on my dick as her pussy was bleeding a little.

I continued to put my dick inside her and this time I inserted deeply. She was feeling both pain and pleasure. I slowly fucked her and started to increase the phase. As I was about to cum, I took my dick out. She started to suck my cum and emptied without leaving a drop of it.

Then we went to 69 position and started sucking and licking each other. She felt her second orgasm. Then she sat upon me in a cowgirl position and started to jump on my cock inside her pussy. We fucked for a while. We went to the bathroom and took a bath together. Then we dressed up and watched TV.

After that, we had sex every night after my aunt and uncle went to sleep. We both had a great vacation. I hope you guys enjoy my sex experience. Make sure you share your feedback on my story to my email

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