Hot, erotic story about my first Tinder dating experience

Hot, erotic story about my first Tinder dating experience

Hello guys, I am going to share my first ever Tinder dating experience with you. My name is Yash, and I am 19 years old. I am in my second year of college. This incident took place a few months ago when I was done with my 1st-year exams and was waiting for my results.

After a month of intense study, I was finally free from my exams. Of course, my mind was fucked up. I wanted to do something excited to enjoy myself. One of my friends recommended me to start using Tinder. At first, I was not very keen. Around 1.5 years, I had made my tinder ID. But nothing exciting happened.

Maybe that was because of my skinny physique and under-confident personality. But times were different now, I had started hitting the gym around 1.5-2 years ago. Now standing 5’11, I had a shredded physique. A lot of my friends told me that I was a completely different person.

I was now a pretty confident and good looking guy. Girls also sometimes hit on me, which made me feel special. My friend helped me set my profile, which would be very attractive for me to get more likes and matches. Even after my dismay, my friend uploaded a shirtless pic of mine.

He told me I’ll get a hell lot of likes after uploading that picture. I didn’t argue with him because he was very experienced in online dating. When we were done, he told me to have patience and assured me I’ll find someone within a week. I was happy and started swiping.

To my surprise, I could se a lot of girls looking for hookups. When I asked my friend about this, he told me many Delhi girls are up for hookups. That was normal. I was not a virgin but never hooked up with anyone online. How odd it would feel to fuck anyone whom you had never met?

I didn’t think about it a lot and continued swiping. There were a lot of girls, some were average looking, but some were hot as fuck. I got a boner after 15 minutes of swiping. I could see this Tinder thing working for me. Then I came across this beautiful girl.

She was 21 years old fair looking. Her height was around 5’6 feet. She was hot and had an attractive figure with measurements of 35-27-36. She had uploaded a lot of photos of her. One could easily see all her assets, which made me even harder. I swiped her right, and jerked off straight away, thinking of us together.

The next day I woke up late and thought about her because she was the only girl whom I liked. I checked my ID, I received some likes from girls, but she had not liked me till now. I didn’t reply to anyone and started doing my daily work. In the evening, I got a message from Tinder.

When I checked, it was that girl. I was very happy and saw her message.

She asked me, “Are you here for what I think you are?

I replied, “Absolutely!”

Then to my surprise, she asked me, “How wild can you be?” By now, I was sure she was a bitch category girl and was regular in online hookups. I replied, “I can make you scream like calling for help from another planet without even touching you.”

She wrote, “Hmmm. That could have been better, but that’s fine.” I was surprised. She continued, “Are you free tomorrow afternoon? We’ll surely get along well.”

“By all means,” I replied

She sent and smile emoji, and we exchanged numbers. We planned to meet in a mall in Delhi and then come to my place as I used to live alone. This conversation and thought of fucking her made me hard, and I jerked off watching porn.

The next day I woke up early and went to the gym. I was all the time thinking of sex with her because it was a lot of time since I had sex. I was excited and reached before time, waiting for her. She was 5 minutes late from the time, but that was fine for me. She was more beautiful in reality than her pics.

We hugged, and I could feel her breasts touching my chest. She smelled very good. I got a boner which I, of course, hid from her. She was wearing a cut sleeves t-shirt and a denim shirt with a mini skirt. She was looking very hot and could not resist my eyes from her.

We went to eat something in the food court. I could see almost every guy checking her out. This made me even more confident. We talked about ourselves while having our food.  She told me she was in her last year of college.

She asked me about hooking up online before, to which I replied with a ‘No.’ I asked her is she regular with these online hookups, which she said, “Yes, I am pretty active.” Noticing the puzzled look on my face.

She continued, “I had a boyfriend who cheated on me by hooking up with one of my friends. Since then, whenever I feel like having sex, I find a guy whom I like to have sex and fetch my thirst for a cock in my pussy cause I am so done with relationships.”

I said, “Your boyfriend must be an asshole who cheated a girl like you.”

To which she smiled and asked, “What do you think about me?”

I said, “I think that we are going to have the time of our life and thank that asshole who cheated on you.”

I had not had sex for a long time. But I was pretty confident on my 7 inch tool. She said, “Then we should leave now,” with a sparkle in her eye and a soft naughty smile. I was getting hard. We were on the 3rd floor and had to go to the basement where I had parked my car.

We entered the lift. I took the initiative by grabbing her waist and started to play and tickle with my fingers. I could not do anything more physical because there were people with us in the lift. I took my middle finger and started to circle around her pussy.

She closed her eyes and grabbed my t-shirt. I could feel that she was enjoying it. I then started feeling her ass, and slowly her hand went down to feel my cock. It was hard. By then, we had reached the basement and were very close to one another.

When we got in the car, I straight away took her denim shirt off and started kissing her hard. Her lips were very sweet, and it tasted like a strawberry flavor lipstick. Then we started to play with our tongues together very hard. I could taste the cheese pizza which se had.

I simultaneously played with her breasts, which aroused her. We were so involved in each other that we forgot that we were in a malls parking. I straight away drove the car towards my house. She became horny as fuck and took my fingers in her pussy, which was wet and started fingering her.

It was a bit difficult fingering her while driving, but it was fun. Then I took my finger out and put it in her mouth, she was sucking madly. I stopped the car at the chemist and bought a condom.

We entered my house, kissing madly. I shut the door, took her to my room in my arms, and threw ourselves on the bed. By now, her wild side was evident, and the same was with me. We took aur clothes off and then I saw her big melons. She was wearing a black bra and panty, which made me horny as fuck.

I started licking her chest and could smell her excellent bra. I took her bra off and kissed her while playing with her pussy over her panty, trying to make her hornier and beg me to get in. She put her hands in my underwear and started feeling my cock, which was hard.

Slowly she started stroking my dick, and I started playing with her boobs. They were very soft. I started by slowly circling around her nipples and softly pressed them. She was enjoying it, and so was I. I could not see even a single hair on her body except her head. That was very nice. I liked shaved pussy.

Then I smelled her bra while she was still playing with my cock. Damn, it was so good it made me even harder. I then took her panty off, which was pretty wet by now. She said, looking me in the eye, “Make me scream for help from another planet, you motherfucker.”

I put my cock in her mouth straight away deep throated her by pulling her head and pushing my cock deep. She was out of breath shortly. I could see her saliva dropping from my cock like an open tap of water. I took my cock out without troubling her. Then I started to play with her soft and beautiful pussy.

I rotated my nose in a circular motion over her pussy, exhaling slowly through my nose, which made her shiver. Then I rotated my tongue around her pussy. After some time, she was completely aroused and told me to lick her. I replied by giving a love bite on her inner thigh.

She resisted first but was enjoying it later. Then I used all the might of my tongue and lips on her pussy. I kissed and licked her madly for a few minutes. She was enjoying it and screamed. After a few minutes, she pulled me up and kissed me hard, and so did I.

I went to her breasts and started squeezing them. I took her left boob in my mouth and sucked it hard. Damn, the sweet milk that I could taste was a whole different level experience. Her moaning was now very clear. I was fingering her with 3 of my fingers simultaneously. I continued, and she cummed.

Then she started giving me a blowjob. She was very good at it and sucked my cock like it was a daily thing for her. She also took my balls in her mouth, which was also nice. Then after 15 minutes, she started kissing me again, and so did I. I was holding her very tight to which she said, “Dheela thoda.”

I straight away loosened my grip on her and went over her. I placed the condom on my cock, and in a single go, I inserted my 7 inch cock in her wet pussy. It was as solid as a rock. I could feel the sensation of shock across her body while getting in her to which she screamed.

I could feel that my cock was big for her, but I continued. Slowly, I started picking the pace so that she was comfortable. I was fucking her in missionary. My hands were on her boobs, playing with her nipples and mouth in her mouth, kissing like it was the end of the world. Now I was, in full force in her.

I fucked her hard, holding her knees from behind for elevation. Then became mad. She started to scratch my chest and abs, which made me even more aggressive. I grabbed her and placed her on the bed in the doggy style. Harder and harder, the louder she screamed in pleasure, the harder I fucked her.

I started to spank her ass, which she was enjoying. I put my other hand’s fingers in her mouth deep to which she straight away reacted by sucking them hard. It was heaven. Fucking a beautiful 21-year-old hot and beautiful girl, spanking hard with one hand and another in her mouth was an unforgettable experience

She said to me that now she wanted to come on top, which I agreed immediately. She was on my top. I was lying on the bed doing nothing but enjoying each and every moment. Now she was the one who did all the work. She was also enjoying it.

Her eyes were closed and biting the lips cherishing each and every moment with her hands on her hair playing with them. I grabbed her left boob and squeezed it while used my right hand to pull her hair down. It made her breasts closer to me.

They were like big red water balloons whose water I wanted to drink till the Judgment Day. The noise of her ass patting on my abdomen was very satisfying. We both were having the time of our lives. Then suddenly I put her on my side, she was a bit surprised. I told her I wanted to cum in her ass.

She was fine with that. I started spitting on her ass like a mad man. While spanking and scratching her ass, which was red by then, I fingered her ass. She cried in pain to which I did not react and continued getting deeper in her ass. After some time, it was easy for me to get in her ass.

In a single stroke, I went in. She cried in pain. I stopped immediately. She told me to continue and don’t stop before cumming . I fucked her in the ‘Posterior Plank position’ as she was getting tired. I used all my power and stamina made in the gym on her and fucked her ass for 15 straight minutes.

I cummed in ass and fell on her. We both were tired. Dead tired. She called her roommate and told her she won’t come tonight. It was night, and we both had around 2 hours of great fun. We didn’t even have dinner and slept without cleaning ourselves.

That was the best experience till now, and I could never forget that. I sucked her boobs again at night to which she didn’t resist because she was tired. The next day we got up cleaned ourselves. I dropped her to the nearest metro station. We kissed and said goodbye to each other.

Now, whenever any of us wants to have sex, she comes to my house, and we fuck each other hard. We meet at least twice a month and enjoy each and every moment. There is no feeling of love between us. But we respect each other and fuck how we both want to and agree to.

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