Hot gf fucked by lover and his friend – Sex story with video

Hot gf fucked by lover and his friend – Sex story with video

Hello guys, Ved here back with the continuation of my previous story. Thank you for the response you all have been showing and this would be the story of what followed after that crazy experience.

So, my girlfriend Alina and my friend Samarth were lying there on the bed, panting after that hot sex session. I was sitting on the chair tired, just by being a spectator.

Then I got up, put on my pant, and went outside to wash my face and drink some water. My girlfriend and Samarth closed their nude bodies with a bedsheet and slept on the bed. I still couldn’t believe what I had witnessed and that my fantasy had come true. But then I also wanted to feel her now and give her more pleasure.

I came out of the bathroom when I saw my girlfriend Alina outside wearing nothing. She asked me, “How did you feel, babe? Did you feel awkward?”

I couldn’t believe Alina had just walked out nude in front of Samarth without any hesitation. I said, “Yes, baby, it was the best time ever, but I need to fuck you now”.

Alina had come to wash her body because she was covered in cum. She said, “Wait for a while and I will be back.”

I went and drank some water and went inside my room. It was like there was not a bit of awkwardness in the room because I and my friend Samarth always got along well and our conversations were always humorous.

My girlfriend too gets comfortable once she knows them pretty well. But the scene here was more than getting to know a person. My girlfriend and my friend had sex!! In front of me!! Damn!

So I sat there asking him how was it and he said it was the best fucking sex ever! He asked me, “Why were you just sitting there?” and I replied that I was so turned on by them being together that I didn’t wanna interrupt.

So we were just chatting when my gf came inside, totally nude and wiping her face in my towel. She stared at both of us and said, “You shameless bastards”, in a sarcastic tone. Man, my girlfriend was hot!

She took all her dress, undergarments, and went outside.

She went outside and wore them while I and Samarth just sat in the room. After a while, I was so freaking turned on.

I went outside while Alina was using her phone sitting on the couch. I sat beside her and started kissing her aggressively. My girlfriend responded too and started kissing me viciously.

We both started making out as she kept her phone aside when Samarth came in his pants and said, “Without me!???”

Alina said, “Join in Samarth.”

My friend came and sat on the other side of Alina and started rubbing and touching her back. Again I took off my girlfriend’s shirt while Samarth was rubbing her ass. He removed her bra and started squeezing her boobs from behind.

She then got up and removed her pants. She was in her pink panties and Samarth started rubbing her vagina with panties on. We both then removed our pants.

Alina was so turned on seeing two cocks next to her! She held both of our cocks and started giving a handjob. Samarth then removed my lover’s panties and threw it away.

Alina then got up and started sucking my dick. As she sat in the position, my buddy went and brought condoms from the cupboard.

My gf was giving me the best blowjob ever. Samarth came in with the condoms and kept it aside. He then put Alina in a position where he could lick her vagina. Alina spread her legs and Samarth started fingering her pussy while she moaned and made noises.

My friend then started licking my girlfriend’s vagina. Her vagina was so fucking wet! She held my dick and was giving a handjob in one hand while he was licking and was giving her pleasure down below.

Samarth then got up and put on a condom and started putting his dick inside her wet pussy. She started moaning and yelled, “Aw come on, Samarth, harder.” It was erotic to watch his dick gleaming with more and more of her juices and her pussy being fucked hard.

After a while of fucking, I put on a condom and signalled him to come aside. I went and started stroking my dick in my girlfriend’s vagina and started being more rough. She moaned and moaned while Samarth closed her mouth and started sucking her big boobs.

After a while, it got so rough and we all were in hardcore mode. I started being rough and fucked Alina harder while Samarth gave his dick in her mouth. She was enjoying each and every bit of it. She was having double pleasure and in a while, I wanted to cum on her. So I came near her face while and came on her boobs.

Right after me, Samarth said he wanted to cum and he went down and came on my girlfriend’s vagina. Boy, wasn’t it amazing!

Alina was literally drenched in our cum. It was a great sight to watch!

We all sighed and sat on the couch, completely out of breath and panting. Alina’s pussy was pumping and I could see it filled with cum. I wanted to clean it a bit so I was looking for a cloth when I found her panties lying there. So I didn’t think and just grabbed her panties and started cleaning her body off with it.

It was hot seeing our cum on my girlfriend’s panties.

Alina then went and washed while I wore my pants and went inside my bedroom and laid down to relax.

We did this almost three to four times that night and my girlfriend didn’t wake up until 12 the next afternoon because of the intense sex session that we had the previous night.

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Author’s note: So, this is it for now and I will be back with more of our wild stories. Until then, see you all!

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