Hot Indian college girl fucked by boyfriend in the open – Sex story

Hot Indian college girl fucked by boyfriend in the open – Sex story

Hey readers! This is Nikitha, I am 23 years old and currently during my masters. I just wanna share my unforgettable experience which happened a year ago and still makes me wet thinking about it.

To give a brief backstory, I was a chubby kid and used to wear glasses. I was never a popular girl in school but things changed when I hit puberty. I started to take care of myself, started using contacts and started to workout.

Things turned in my favor due to my healthy routine and I was able to get a lot of attention from guys. By the time I was 18, my height was 5ft 6” tall, long black silky hair, black eyes, caramel skin tone, slim toned body with 34c breasts and a small bubble butt. I even got few tattoos, one on my right wrist, one on my left forearm and one on the side below the breast area.

In my engineering, I met a few amazing people who turned out to be my lifelong friends and my girl gang of 4 was pretty popular. Sakshi, Tara and Natasha became my second family and we used to share everything.

Among us, Sakshi was the most daring one and used to flirt a lot with guys. Tara and Natasha were filthy rich and because of their dads, they were able to get VIP tickets to any concert or into crowded pubs without any hassle.

Coming to my love life, I dated a few guys during my engineering and none of them really worked out for me. Finally, I met this guy Rahul during Tara’s birthday party and we just hit it off really well. He is a great guy, has a great sense of humor and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We used to have sex almost daily (usually in his car) and our chemistry was great.

There was this area near his house which was still under development with only a few houses nearby and full of amazing spots to have sex. My boyfriend usually used to finish in my mouth as I loved to drink his thick load. And after our session, we used to curl up with a joint. So, my whole world revolved around these 4 people.

I realized this party life was almost coming to an end as we stepped into the final semester and everyone started getting serious in life. So, to bid goodbye to our amazing 4 years, Sakshi suggested a Goa trip and everyone agreed. Tara took care of our travel and Natasha took care of our stay.

The day before our travel, me and my boyfriend Rahul drove the car to our usual spot and I stepped out of the car. I felt the cool breeze through my hair and he walked up to me from behind as he hugged me tightly.

I closed my eyes feeling his lips on my neck and I move my hands over his as he started to move his hands over my breasts. My jaws dropped as he cupped my breasts and I let out a soft moan as he squeezed both.

Rahul: Damn, I will miss these till you get back.

Me: And I will miss this. (I smiled.)

Saying this, I moved my hand on his bulge and pressed my hand against his hard bulge as he leaned against the front of his car in pleasure. I then turned around placing my lips over his and we started to kiss passionately as our tongues swirled against each other.

I slowly moved my hand unzipping his pants as we kissed. I looked down as I pulled out my lover’s hard brown cock. He then quickly pulled up my tank top and my nipples got hard feeling the cold wind.

I started to moan softly as he started to suck my breasts and I continued to stroke his hard cock. He then slowly moved his hand unzipping my pants and start to finger my clean-shaven pussy as I gripped hard on his cock. Then he pushed me onto the car hood and pulled my jeans just a little down just above my knees.

My bf slowly rubbed his cock against my pussy lips as he lifted his shirt a little and held his shirt in his mouth. I then felt his cock slowly getting pushed inside me as I bit my lips and he moved his hands on my waist grabbing me tightly.

After a few slow strokes, he started to move his hips hard and my moans also got a little loud feeling every inch of his hard cock.

He then moved his hands in my hair grabbing it hard and I arched my back completely enjoying this position as he continued to pound me from behind. He then moved his right hand grabbing my breast as he pulled my hair with his left hand and I was in heaven as my pussy started to cream on his hard cock.

Me: Fuck Rahul, yess yess ohh god..

Rahul: Take it…..You like that?

Me (nodded): Yess babe….Ohh god.

He then pulled out his cock after few more strokes and he pushed me down on my knees without leaving his grip on my hair. I looked up in his eyes as I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and started to taste my pussy juice off his cock.

Rahul then pushed my head deep onto his cock as he moaned closing his eyes and I gagged hard as my saliva dripped down my chin. I continued to suck his cock before he pulled his cock off my mouth and started to stroke hard looking down at me.

I quickly opened my mouth, putting my tongue out. I cupped my breasts with both hands. I maintained eye contact as he jerked his cock and I squeezed my breasts hard feeling his first spurt on my tongue. He moaned hard as he unloaded his warm heavy load into my mouth and I quickly swallowed it like a good girl.


I hope you guys loved my narration and don’t forget to hit like. Part 2 of this story will be upload shortly. Till then, stay safe and jerk hard!

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