Hot Odisha college girl lured and fucked – Virgin sex story

Hot Odisha college girl lured and fucked – Virgin sex story

Hi to all the sexy college girls, working women, recently married women, widow women, divorced women, and the rest of the beautiful women.

First of all, I would like to tell you all that you are the best creation by God.

I am a massage therapist and was working as a freelancer. During this process, I met many college girls and housewives who really want to release their tensions through massage and have a good sex session in the end.

I also would like to tell you that all those who get massages will not get banged unless they want it and it’s also a professional job.

This is my first story here. I hope you will all enjoy reading it and visualize it as well.

Now coming to the story – this girl is a native of Odisha but pursuing her graduation in Bengaluru. Her name is Saagnika and her physique stats are 36-34-36. I basically love chubby Indian girls. They are so cute like teddy bears and I love cuddling with them.

I met this Odisha girl through Instagram. Initially, as you all know, it was just trying to know each other and the whereabouts of each other. After gaining the trust of each other, we exchanged our numbers and the first step was cleared.

We started chatting in WhatsApp till late nights. I was not in a hurry to jump on my target. One day, one of my clients wanted a massage and I travelled to Bengaluru. This was purely a professional massage and I informed Saagnika that I was in Bengaluru. She was excited to meet me in person and asked me in which hotel I was staying.

I gave her my hotel details and she reached there by evening 5 pm after her college was over. She was a fair chubby Odisha girl looking stunning in a saree. I get super excited and have an instant hard-on when I see girls or women in saree.

I asked her what was the occasion that she wore a saree today or she wore a saree just to impress me? The sexy Odisha girl just winked at me and gave a beautiful smile.

We proceeded to my hotel room and I asked her to make herself comfortable. I sat on the couch and she sat on the cozy bed. We both slowly started to become more and more comfortable in the next 1 hr, cracking jokes.

I thought this was the right time and started praising her beauty. Saagnika was blushing and I took this opportunity and asked if I can take some good pics for her because she was wearing a saree that day. (Which girl will deny if someone wants to take their pics after a lot of praise?)

I took so many pics of this Odisha beauty. After some time, she asked me if we can take pics together. I was waiting for this chance and immediately jumped next to her, touching her shoulders.

We took so many pics and then I went behind her, holding her from behind. Saagnika had a big ass and I was waiting to play with it. My dick was instantly hard. I knew she felt it too but she didn’t react. I took it as a green signal and kissed her on her shoulder and neck! The Odisha college girl didn’t stop me but was breathing heavily.

I continued to kiss her on her neck and earlobes, holding her waist. I slowly moved my hands inside her pallu to her navel and pressed it. She immediately turned towards me and looked straight into my eyes with so much of lust.

The room was filled with chilled breeze. I kissed her lips without wasting any more time. Saagnika also gave in and we exchanged our tongues for almost 15 minutes. We were exchanging our saliva and it was building heat in both of us.

Then I removed the safety pin holding the Odisha girl’s pallu and the blouse. Now I could see her huge 36B melons waiting to come out from her bra.

I pushed her onto the bed and removed my t-shirt. I started kissing her lips, neck, and cleavage and she started moaning slowly and was rubbing her hands on my back.

While kissing her lips, I opened her blouse and she was wearing a red bra. (Guys, it just gives a kick to your session when girls wear seductive matching inners like red, blue, dark pink, yellow etc.)

I removed Saagnika’s blouse and was pressing those huge melons before letting them free. She was also enjoying it. Finally, I unhooked her bra and those huge melons just popped out from her bra. She had medium size brown nipples, fully erect and I started sucking one nipple while playing the other with my fingers.

Now the cute Odisha girl started moaning more loudly and was brushing my hair and pressing me against her boobs to suck them fully. I bit them and did circles with my tongue on her areola and she was fully enjoying it.

Then I kissed her navel and raised her saree to play with her thighs. I was caressing her thighs and went down to kiss her thighs.

As I told you earlier, matching inners will give an extra kick to the session. She was wearing a red pantie and it was already wet by then. I was in no hurry. I was kissing her beautiful fair thighs and my hands were playing with those huge boobs on the top.

Saagnika widened her legs fully as a signal to proceed further. Before removing her pantie, I was kissing her thighs and rubbed her pussy over her red pantie. She started rolling on the bed when she felt the male touch on her pussy. She was fully lost in the session enjoying it to the core.

Now I removed my inners and my dick was fully erect to enter her mouth first before entering her virgin pussy. I took it close to her mouth and she was shocked to see my hard penis. Saagnika opened her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. She was not a pro but I guided her on how to give a blowjob.

She was a quick learner and in no time, she was giving a proper blowjob. I was holding her hair and banging her deeper. Tears were coming out but she was enjoying it as well. I wanted to release all my sperm in her pussy later. So I didn’t waste it releasing in her mouth.

I slowly raised her bums and pulled down the red pantie. She was clean shaved with a pink pussy. It was already wet with her precum.

I widened her pussy lips and gave a kiss on her wet pussy. The beautiful Odisha babe sighed with a loud moan and started talking dirty.

Saagnika said, “Eat me fully and fuck me hard today. I am all yours.”

I started licking her clitoris and I am an expert in it. Saagnika was moaning loudly and was rolling on the bed and pushing me deeper into her pussy to eat. I licked her clitoris for more than 15 minutes and she reached her first orgasm.

I didn’t want to fuck her before she reached her second orgasm. So now I continued licking her clitoris and inserted my middle finger into her pussy. Initially, she had a little pain but in no time, it turned out to be pleasurable.

I was licking and was fingering her g-spot. Slowly, I increased my pace and was hitting her g-spot and I knew she was getting close to her second orgasm. I gave a bite on her clitoris and she released all her precum with a loud moan. It was so tasty guys!

Now Saagnika begged me to enter her pussy and fuck her to the core. I pulled her to the corner of the bed. I raised her bums and tried to insert my dick in her pussy. It was a little painful, I could see it in her face. (But girls and women can bear anything if they want it.)

It was so warm entering her virgin pussy and she just closed her eyes enjoying the pleasure for the first time in her life. I slowly started banging her and her huge boobs were bouncing according to my pace. It was a beautiful scene to be enjoyed.

I increased my pace after 10 minutes and was hitting her little deeper and harder. The young Odisha girl was liking it and was calling my name saying,

“Fuck me..Fuck me deeper and harder..”

I was pinching her nipples and was fucking her deeper and harder. (Girls/Women love it when you pinch their nipples. It gives them an instant mood.)

Now I asked her to come on top of me and ride me. Saagnika was unaware of how to do it so I helped her to sit on my dick and then ride me. She initially did it slowly but then she caught up the pace. Her huge boobs were bouncing. I wanted to lick those nipples when she was riding on me.

After 5 minutes, she reached her third orgasm with a loud moan again. She got up from my dick and filled it with all her precum. She was shy and fell on the bed tired. But I want to make the best use of the given opportunity.

I asked her for doggy style after she regained her energy and fucked her for another 10 minutes. I was also spanking on both the ass cheeks. They turned red in color and I was hitting her deeper. She was literally shouting my name. I felt that I was also getting close to releasing my sperm.

Finally, I asked her to sleep on the bed. I widened her legs and entered her pussy in one go and asked her to lock me with her legs. I started banging her for another 5 minutes and released all my sperm deep inside her pussy.

Saagnika was fully tired and I was also fully tired after such a long session. We slept naked and the next morning, she left in a hurry because she needed to go to her college.

Before leaving, she held my hands and thanked me and promised me to keep this relationship until she gets married.

As you all know, the first time sex is always memorable for both girls and boys. We are still in touch on Whatsapp and I meet her whenever I go to Bengaluru and have many such sessions which I will be narrating in further stories.

I hope you were all able to visualize our steamy session and hope you were also a part of it.

Love You All. ❤️

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