Hottest Stepmom Ever! – Desi Tales

Hottest Stepmom Ever! – Desi Tales

Hi guys, I am Chintu from Hyderabad. I’m just 22 and currently working in an IT company in Chennai.

I lost my mother at the age of 2 so we are basically a family of 4 – me, my sister, father, and mother. After a few months of my mother’s death, my parents forced my father to marry again. So my father married a beautiful woman. She was 19-20 years old at that time and my father was 36. Later, my stepmom gave birth to my brother.

This story is about me and my stepmom. Her figure was around 36-30-36 with a sexy waist and a deep navel. I was sent to my guardians for my studies. Thrice in an year, I used to visit my parents. Initially, it was good and I didn’t have any feelings for my stepmom (let’s name her Latha) but later, I started to develop some lust towards her.

She was just 33 at that time and I wanted to be close to her kiss her and even touch her waist as it was so smooth and sexy. So I started being close to her.

Once when no one was at home except me and her, we started a general discussion. I moved closed to her while discussing and I was having an urge to kiss her pink lips. I took her hand and rubbing it, I said, “You are so beautiful.”

She was surprised and was blushing. She said, “Thanks but I am not that beautiful.”

I took my hand and touched her lips and praised her beauty again. Then I moved closed to her and took my step mom’s face in my hand and was about to kiss her. But she was pushing me away saying, “Hey, what are you doing?! If your father get to know about this, he will not even allow you inside this house anymore.”

But I said, “Please pinni, let me kiss you once.”

My stepmom just moved away and went to the kitchen. After a few minutes my father came and I acted calm.

At night I was scared whether she will all these to my father and at the same time I was happy that I got to touch those beautiful pink lips with my fingers.

Nothing happened the next day. After some days, I left my hometown. But whenever I used to talk with my step mom on phone, I used to praise her beauty. I was just hoping one day I will definitely get a chance to taste step mother’s body and fuck her!

During my B.Tech, my sister’s marriage was finalised. So I went back to my hometown.

During the wedding, all were getting ready for the ceremony and when I was getting dressed, my stepmom entered my room to take some clothes from the wardrobe. Damn, she was looking so hot in a navy blue silk saree.

My step mom’s boobs were visible and large portion of her sexy waist was also visible clearly. She also had some beautiful flowers on her head.

Seeing her like that was making me restless and horny. I was thinking about closing the door and fuck my stepmom on the bed then and there!

Pinni: Did I interrupt you while dressing?

Me: No, not all, as you are my stepmom, you can see me however you want.

She just smiled. Her smile was making me horny.

Later, all went to the marriage ceremony.

After 2 years, I completed my B Tech and got a job in Chennai. After a couple of months, we got a bad news that my father was expired due to heart attack.

So I left to my home. My pinni (stepmom) was crying a lot. I convinced her everything will be okay and we all were with her. And I left to Chennai later.

During Pongal, I reached my home. My step mom was not like before. She was a little depressed. Throughout the holidays, I tried to make her forget about the tragedy. So I requested her to visit Chennai for a few days so that she can visit a lot of temples and also see new things and get out of the depression.

She was okay with it. I convinced my grandmother and grandfather also. So I and my step mom left for Chennai. We stayed in my rental 1 BHK flat. As my friend was already out of station, there was no problem.

That night while sleeping, I was just thinking about how to fuck her and make her mine! She was just 39. The next morning she was getting ready to visit some places. I asked her to wear silk saree after taking a bath and left from there.

When she went inside the bathroom, I hid inside her bedroom and waited for her. She came into the bedroom with just a towel around her body covering her boobs and pussy. Seeing my stepmom like that, I was not able to control and felt like it was now or never.

I moved closer to her and hugged her from the back. She was shocked and was trying to get out of my grip. But I was stronger so I was holding her hands and trying to remove her towel. At last I removed her towel and she was totally nude and was covering her boobs with her hand.

Pinni: Why are you doing this?!

Me: Sorry pinni, I couldn’t control myself. I always fantasised about you from a long time. Please give me a chance to feel you. I will show you the real man power.

Pinni: No no, please go away.

Me: Even my father is not there. Let me be your man. Don’t waste your sexy body. Please let me feel your body.

Then I moved closer to her. I removed her hand and threw her on the bed and started pressing her boobs. Damn, they were so smooth and soft as a sponge. My step mom was not resisting anymore.

I moved closer to her and started sucking those brown nipples which was my dream. Then I moved towards her neck and kissed her neck to arouse her more. I moved towards her cheeks to kiss those fairy cheeks and bite them.

Slowly, I moved towards her pinks lips and kissed her to which she let out a suppressed moan. Then I moved towards her pussy and gave a hard lick with my tongue there. She gave a loud moan, “Amma..Aaa..”

I was happy making my stepmom moan. I undressed myself completely and again started sucking those boobs and was squeezing her sexy waist. Then I moved down and poured my saliva on her nave and licked it completely. Her stomach was soon wet with my saliva.

She was not able to control herself and said, “Dengu ra” (fuck me)

So I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I was teasing her to make her beg.

Pinni: Please dengu raa..

Me: I will only fuck you if you treat me as your husband and allow me to fuck whenever I want. (I was rubbing her pussy with my dick at the same time).

My step mom was totally out of her senses and forgot that she was in the bed with her stepson. She started begging me to fuck her.

Finally, I moved my dick inside her pussy and started giving strokes. She was not able to control her moans and started moaning loudly, “Abbaaa.. Ash..Aah..”

I moved towards her lips and started kissing her lips with my hands and squeezing her boobs and fucking her pussy at the same time.

After some time, we both reached the climax and I poured my hot semen inside my stepmom’s pussy without asking her.

She was worried about pregnancy but I said I will give her pills.

She then wore her saree, took a bath and we left for the temple. There was a long queue in the temple for darshan and people were pushing each other. There was a young guy who moving close to my step mom and trying to touch her. I was waiting to see what he will do.

The story will be continued in second part.

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