Hotwife fucked by husband and a young stud – Sex story

Hotwife fucked by husband and a young stud – Sex story

This is my story. I turned 52 last week. I am happily married with wonderful children and a handsome husband to boot. No complaints really. A good life and yet; something was missing. Our sex life was never bad, but in recent years it had gotten into a routine as most of my married friends also complain and comment on it.

We had a good routine, but a routine nonetheless. In recent years, I had started enjoying reading about the sexual experiences of women on the net. I realized that whenever we spoke dirty in bed of threesomes, I would get really excited and wet, and so would Sid, my hubby.

Deep down inside, we definitely wanted it! I knew that while we both looked good and were healthy, this was our last chance to experience, great kinky sex.

I knew that I had, in the past been conservative and Sid loved me too much to push me. So I decided that this time, I was going to be the one that wants this for us. It was my decision. No inhibitions or boundaries of any sort.

Of course, we would check out the guy(s) (I secretly wanted to feel at least two new men.) It would have to be a person that we got to know really well. Who would be 100% committed to us sexually! So, a single bisexual man would be an ideal choice.

My husband is straight, but being in a threesome with a man who is also straight would be too awkward. Now watching Sid with a man having pure lusty sex in my presence made me want to masturbate hard!

We had spoken about him trying bisexual acts in the past and he seemed excited to experiment with my presence and me being a part of it. I know one thing about him, if something sexual excites me, it encourages him to indulge in it guilt-free.

My job was simple. I had to ensure just one thing. Just take away any social guilt he might feel in my presence of enjoying sex with another male. In a sense, I would need to liberate him sexually. In any event, we had shared these fantasies often enough while fucking so I knew he was ready!

That evening, I put on nice pink lingerie, perfume, red lipstick.. the works for Sid. When he saw me dressed like this after a long time, he was surprised and got his clothes off immediately. We kissed passionately and then I motioned him to stop by saying, “Hear me out and don’t interrupt.”

Aditi: Sid, let’s try out our threesome fantasies. I have been thinking a lot about it these last few months when we have been stuck at home and if not now, then, when?

Aditi: I have decided that I want us to experience it properly with a man or men (giggling) who is bisexual, young, unmarried and will be committed to us. You and I have both hated condoms. So, no condoms. I love semen and cum and I am sure you will too.”

My husband looked shocked when I said this.

“We will get to know him really well, to the point we like him and trust him and vice versa before we get into bed with him. We test him out totally and then take the next step. I want us to enjoy some real dirty sex with no holds barred while we still can.”

Sid: Wow, are you serious? What do you mean by dirty?

Aditi: I am not only serious, I am determined. And ‘dirty’ means really dirty. I want to SEXUALIZE our relationship. Look, the kids are gone. The home is empty. Let’s try something new. I want to be a slut for you and have lots of sex. If it does not work for us, we can stop anytime knowing we gave it our best shot. The only rule is we do this together as always.”

Then touching my husband’s nipples with lubricant on my fingers, I said,

“Now, tell me would you not like to fuck me with my cunt full of our lovers’ juice mixed with mine? I have heard that it gets really smooth, creamy, and slightly stretched so you can glide inside of me. I know I want to feel the warmth of the cum of our lover inside me. I cannot get pregnant. I am even more horny post my menopause and want you with me in this journey of sexual discovery.”

Sid and I were so excited that we fucked immediately. We then took nice semi-nude pictures of us both, to post on the net without showing our faces and registered with a website for bisexual men.

We created a new email identity and got a new sim card. I said that I would do the initial screening till we decided to meet together and the journey had begun.

In just two days, our mailbox was full of requests. To cut a long story short, after chats, we decided to meet Chris, a 27-year-old student from Pune studying medicine. He lived alone in the city and had a girlfriend in Pune but they had broken up.

He had also experimented with a man and loved the experience. After a few video chats, we met up on Carter road. He was really nice to speak to, thin and not too tall. Not handsome but pleasant and seemed as fastidious as us in terms of hygiene.

We decided to keep in touch and met him again a few times till we had reached a zone of comfort with him and decided to go ahead with the second stage of our journey.

To my delight, all the tests came clear (and we tested for every communicable disease). We decided to call him over that Friday. I gave the maids the day off so that the home was empty. I put on nice lingerie and did my lips and eyes with nice makeup. I wore a simple skirt on top to hide the lingerie.

My husband was watching me excitedly taking the lead, putting candles in the hall. Chris came early by 6 pm, he said that the anxiety was too much to handle. We had met him over a dozen times by then and even discussed sex so there was no awkwardness about what we intended to do.

Still, when he sat in the hall, I could sense his nervous energy. So, we opened a bottle of wine and had a drink. Knowing very well that the men would not make any moves, I decided it was time to seduce them. So I put on some nice music and asked Chris to dance with me holding him closely.

I could feel his hardness against my belly and my hands began to feel his butt. Chris was still shy when I moved my lips close to him and kissed him. I was already getting wet just feeling a new man (in over 25 years) now beginning to caress my back.

I took off the dress to reveal the lingerie as my husband joined us on the dance floor. He held me from the back, licking the base of my neck and gently squeezing my breasts as Chris and I continued to kiss.

Then I then turned around to kiss my husband. I could feel Chris’s hands now on my breasts searching for my nipples and pressing them with his palms. We moved to the sofa with me sitting between the men. Unbuttoning my bra, both men began to lick each of my nipples.

Chris reached out to my very wet vagina and started to explore me. I was moaning already when Sid’s hands also began to touch my vagina. Soon enough, I had Chris’s penis in my hand. It was longer and thinner than my husband’s.

I could feel the wetness on the tip and using my index finger I tasted some of his semen. The taste of another man’s cock was simply awesome and I bent down sucking Chris. Sid by then was enjoying watching me.

I told my husband to stop being shy and touch Chris’s nipples which were so erect. Sid was only too eager and needed only my instructions to play with a man’s nipples. Spreading my legs wide, Sid began to lick me with Chris kissing my nipples.

Soon they changed positions as Chris wanted to lick my vagina. I could see that Chris was ready to enter me. He started to fuck me deep and slow initially and then harder. Sid was licking my nipples and I was totally enjoying the feeling of a new cock inside of me.

As I felt my orgasm building, I reached out to Sid to kiss him whispering in his ear, “Thank you so much, my horny husband, you have really made my day.”

Chris came after fucking me for almost 5 minutes groaning loudly. I could feel his hot juices shoot inside me. There was so much semen and sperm from the young cock! I wanted more and asked Sid to take his place, “This is what we have been waiting for honey for a long, long time. Go ahead, fuck my very wet and creamy hole.”

Sid needed no more encouragement. He entered with a look of pure satisfaction on his face and started to fuck me hard. His first exclamation was, “Sweetie, this is so smooth and warm that I cannot even begin to explain how nice it feels.”

Chris now positioned himself behind Sid and pinched his nipples, Sid came instantly! I had another orgasm! What a wonderful sex act we had just accomplished.

The ice was broken and we talked like excited teenagers about how hot this experience was for the three of us.

Sid got out a bottle of Champagne and we had a glass each. Within 10 minutes, Chris was erect again, I giggled and touched his cock remembering how Sid used to be when we were young! Chris had other ideas in his mind.

He started to caress my husband touching him gently. Soon I could see that Sid was slowly getting hard. It then struck me like lightning; that my husband could get hard again, only it needed something new after all these years for that spark! This was really exciting.

We both started to touch Sid and at one point, both Chris and I were kissing Sid together with brief flicks of our tongue. I was wet with the juices of two men to start with but could feel myself getting horny again.

Understanding these new dynamics, I took Chris’s cock and began to lick it. I invited Sid to also taste his cock, not knowing if my husband was ready for this. To my utter surprise, Sid licked it saying, “If it is good enough for you, it is good enough for me.”

We kept licking his cock and I encouraged Sid to give Chris a blowjob by sucking his cock. Sid was a natural. I guess men are men when it comes to cocks. They know exactly what makes a cock tick!

Within a few minutes, Chris was groaning and cumming into my husband’s virgin mouth. And guess what! He was actually swallowing the semen as much as he could with the balance falling down the sides of his cheeks. Later on, he confessed that he realized when Chris was cumming that he loved that taste and feeling in his mouth.

My darling husband had become such a cute bisexual! Watching him suck a cock was very sexually pleasing. I knew that this was not the last time I wanted to witness such raw sexual lust in him. With Sid almost erect by then with all this sexual energy, I was wondering what would happen next?

And then I was surprised by the turn of events. Sid had maintained that he would never be able to deep kiss a man. I thought it looked hot but he was sure it was not for him.

Chris was now licking Sid’s cock and slowly coming up, licking his stomach, his nipples and finally came to his lips, parting them softly with his tongue. They kissed sexually for what seemed like a minute or longer.

With Chris softly masturbating my husband’s cock while kissing him, Sid seemed lost in lust. To him, Chris was a man providing pure sexual pleasure with no strings attached and he was actually enjoying every aspect of being sexually tongue-kissed by another person!

This went on for another minute or so and Chris reached out for the lubricant I had kept ready. He spread the same on his palms to give my husband a handjob all the while continuing to probe his tongue with his own.

Within seconds, Sid was coming, bucking his hips in spasms groaning loudly this time. As he lay down on the sofa, he exclaimed to me, “Now, that was really something to remember and repeat.”

We all laughed and headed for a shower.

Chris used our extra room while Sid and I used our bedroom shower. He seemed lost while I was chatty. After a while, I said that we are really fortunate to have had such a good time with full trust in each other. He agreed and said that he really enjoyed the evening and it was sexually very liberating.

We had dinner and then I asked Chris if he would consider spending the weekend with us at a friend’s farmhouse. Chris said, “Yes,” and headed back to his apartment to pack some clothes telling us that we could pick him up in the morning.

That night Sid and I cuddled all night and slept like babies. We were also excited about spending that weekend with Chris.

The next day we drove to Alibaug. It was hard for us not to play around in the car, however, since it was a small Maruti we could not do much.

Chris was sitting in the back seat and would on occasions hug me from the back and feel my breasts getting me all wet. To be fair, I encouraged him as did Sid so that there was no negative sexual tension between us.

We reached the farmhouse by about 10 am and within 15 minutes, I had Chris and Sid first sucking my nipples then taking turns fucking me.

Chris fucked me for a longer duration before finally filling me up. We then tried something that was what I call ‘dirty’. Chris encouraged Sid to lick my clitoris making him taste his wife after being fucked. Now, if you remember, Sid had already admitted to loving that taste last night.

He was only too eager to go down on me and lick me. As soon as I saw him doing this, my orgasm began to swell, and with Chris pinching my nipples, I had one of the hardest orgasms I have ever experienced.

As soon as I began to cum, this time yelling, Sid spread my legs and entered me fucking me hard and kissing me. Clearly, he loved fucking my creamed hole!

Obviously, this was going to be a long weekend. So we started discussing our sexual fantasies. Sid wanted to feel a cock inside his anal hole. He loved my finger and wanted to feel a real cock in there. Chris wanted to have anal with a man so that was perfect.

I wanted to feel two cocks inside my hole. Having had babies and seeing that both these cocks were not thick, I felt that it was achievable. With so much sexual energy and comfort between the three of us, we tried it all.

The most pleasurable act for me to watch was seeing a cock enter my husband’s anus and hear the way he whimpered with his prostrate getting so much attention. Although his cock became limp when being fucked, it secreted a lot of semen.

I truly believe that he had multiple orgasms. For two cocks to go into me, we were going to need more practice as one kept slipping out and we laughed a lot. Eventually, I realized that having two men fuck me one after the other was just too satisfying and we did a lot of that.

Chris was the bonus we did not expect. He could come 5 times a day and boy was he fun to have around.

Over the next two days, we hardly left the farmhouse literally fucking like rabbits. I too had a session of deep anal sex with Chris since he had a long thin cock that was perfect.

But to me, the revelation was the beauty of watching my man with another man. It was everything we had fantasized and spoke about. We plan to do this as often as possible for us all.

Our sex life has HUGELY improved. We cuddle a lot more as well. As a hotwife, I have the advantage of being in a marriage and a young stud with my husband’s permission to have great sex with.

Whenever the next event occurs, I will send in my story.

Aditi X

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