Housewife of jaipur

Hii to all readers �� The story is all abt my luck to have fun with a housewife �. I have seen thousands of girls women but she was the ultimate one �.i often feel jealous of her husband �right now I m not in contact with her ..where she is coz I have left the locality where we use to live once �. Let me tell abt me �..i m a 21 year old guy ,6 feet tall having n atheletic body as I have dedicated a lot of time to sports activities �.i m from jaipur the capital city of rajasthan. And I have mostly lust for the ladies elder to me specially the housewivies I always look for the bhabhies and aunties �it was going well until 1 year back ..i use to live in apartment where there was so many bhabhies n aunties to get mix up and getting my eye tonic �.though I had relations only with one woman �.about whome I m going to tell �..and I m looking for other bhabhi or aunty �lets hope for the best friends Her name was rina she use to live in the groundfloor and we were on the 1sr floor �her husband was in a multi national company �.her age was 26 �.5 feet 7 inches �.her body was ultimate she was not so thin like models nor fat as the normal housewifes �she was having perfect bodies �..average round boobs �her chest portion was the most sexy n gorgiosly built ��.so was the ass ��.round good sized ass ��and milky white skin ��.she was damn beauty �.i can t explain abt her beauty � Her face was like ovel shaped �.spotless big eyes sharp nose ��.and sone pe suhaagaa She just had her delivery 7 months back when I saw her for the first time �.u can very well understand how sexy a women become after she becomes a mother for the first time ��. So its how the curcummstances started building which ultimately resulted in having sex with that goddess of beauty �.. I use to park my motorcycle near her door humare beech hii-hello ho jaati thi coz she use to come at our house and she use to do gup-shap with my mom for our so we were quite familier with each other �when ever we mate she use to smile �.god meri poori body mai current pass ho jaataa thaa �..after few weeks I started going to her in the day time as she is an engnear � I was having maths science in 12th so I use to go het to study maths n numericals of physics �.but that was all just to spent time with her � secomd thing I use to do to meet her was going to play with her little kid �it all went for about 2 months ���she got mixed up with me �.she become a good friend of mine and we started sharing those types of things like about girl friends , affaires n all ��. Once her baby was having fever and it was in the evening time she asked me to with her to visit docter as her hubby was not there �that was the first time felt her body when she was sitting behind me �that was a dream ride for me �.and I used my full breaks so as to feel her body through jerks of breaks ��and she was very well understanding wat I was doing �.she was teasing me by saying �control yaar � when we came back home she was smiling on me and �..and asked me mischiefly that I think my little boyfriend has not given a ride to any girl ��nt it �� I was feeling a bit odd on her comment �but hr smile was really very naughty �.i was getting idea for the first time to try hard to taste her body �..and it was the right feeling . After that �.we use to go often for shopping �.and same thing I use to work with my breaks n all that stuff and she use to tease me my rubbing her breat on my back intensionly �she use to go with me mostly to buy baby cloths and other cosmetics n all �..but once I was shocked coz ,,,,,,,we were going to buy her under-garments �and she straight away asked me �in the morning when I was going to school that �ajay din mai free ho to market chalnaa hai �mujhe kuch innerwears lene hai �� .i sadi okk So in the shop also her behaviour was so open �she was choosing and looking for panties bras and all asking periodly to me abt panties �..�e kaisa hai �n all I was getting exited ��and I got n erection �.though the @jeans was tight still something was visible �.and she started smiling on my tensed state ��then she asked me makes choice between two bra �one was very thin designer type totally transparent and other was of silk like material but bot of net ��she asked which should I buy �..i said I don�t have any idea about these things how can I tell �.she said quietly to me ��from last 4 months u stare my innerwears through my transparent nighties at home �.n u are saying no ideas abt bra �..and she gave me a naughty smile �she said [bachhu I know everything �. don�t worry�� tell me which should I buy] I gathered courage and said that transparent bra would b nice �.she sais [oh ho so that �.my little boss can see my body more clearly ��.]�colour become red at that time �she laughed n said its okk yaar �don�t get tensed . So we went back home �I directly went to my home without talking much to her �..and I went to the bathroom �.n masturbated twice �.then for 2-3 dayes I didn�t got any chance to meet her 4th day ��..the day was 17th November I very well remember as her hubby was gone to delhi ��for a training of 2 weeks it was day time I came from school .she was already waiting for me �she asked me where were u �I sadi nothing asie hi �she said �rajat delhi gaye hue hai �. yaar mai bore hoti hoon �time mile jab mere paas aa jaanaa �.i said okk n wen upstaire near abt 4 I went to her house having my books �.she opened the door ,,,,,gave a naughty smile and said fursat mil gayi aapko ..sweetu were u �.i was missing u a lot � I smiled and and dialogue maaraa �.kyo ,hum aapke hai kaun �.y were u missing me . She laughed ,,,,n said achaa ji and she put her arms around my neck and came close to me and said silently �.lo abb hum ho aapke sab-kuch � went so fast I didn�t got any time to undersand anything wat has happened �.my heat beats were getting so fast and I was unable to speak anything at that time �..she hugged me . then I was aroused and I caught her tightly �I cant express u ��how it was feeling her wam body �.her boobs .sere pressing hard against me �I was already hard in my underwere and it was pressing against her stomach � I said �..rina I love u �.she started kissing on my face and said she also like me �.i was in heaven �..i too started kissing on her lips �.though I was very nervous �..coz I never had such n experience of sex before it was all for the first time �.but after 15 minutes I was quite comfortable n the love game was started ��I started rubbing her boobs ..with one hand and second was in her step cutted hair and kissing her face like mad ��. then I hold her face in my hands and again I started licking sucking her lips �.she inserted her tounge in my mouth and then I too started licking her tounge �.we were so hot �..shw pulled me towards the sofa and then I removed her kameez and she was wearing the same bra that I chose for her �.her big round boobs were looking so gr8 in that offwhite transparent bra �..i kept on staring her boobs while sitting on my knees �..she was on the sofa �..then she hold my face and guided towards her boob ��my nose n face was right in betweeb her boobs ��I started licking her boobs madly over her bra �it was feeling gr8 �.i keep on playing �.squeezing , licking biting her boobs for abt 20 minutes ��then I stood up and removed her bra and asked her to stand �then I removed her salwaar also � and I removed my t-shirt �I was in my @jeans �..then I hugged her �..started kissing her again on her stomach �.while caressing her back �.i was enjoing it �.its gr8 to feel the body of rina �I started rubbing her thighs near her cunt �she gave a moan for the first time �.i was getting so hot so as rina ..her eyes were closed �.i started rubbing her cunt �. it was already wet spot neat the cunt �.she increased her maoning �.i was in the heaven �..i move forward and dig my face in her choot�.i was rubbing my nose n lips on her cunt over her panty �..she looked towards me and caught my hairs and said don�t let me wait any more �I slided her panty down and she helped me by raising her hips ��and the most presious reassure of the world �.her clear pussy as clear as a mirror �.without a singlt hair on it �.i started kissing on her pussy and the ares near it �but didn�t licked her pussy �.her les were wide apart I could see her pusy getting so wet that �.some love juce was droping on her ass hole �.i stood up removed my @jeans �and then my underwear �.it was the first time I was standing naked infront of any woman It was quite strange feeling for me �.she tool my tool in her hand ..and started rubbing it��my god I have masturbates so many times with my hands ��but when she caught my 6and a half inch penis �(she was quie happy when she saw the thickness of my lund �..its near about 6 inches in roundness ��she said ur dick is very thick �.it will make me pain a lot ) �.. it was feeling different and nice that I cant tell u �.she said common jaan love me �..i move close to her ��she was lieing on the sofa �.having her legs wide apart �..her pussy widw open inviteing me to trespass her ��I put my cock on her pussy �.she moaned�..i tried to get in but I was not getting the exact place �.she smiled on me �and guided me into her pussy ��..again it was difficult for me coz of my thick lund �.it was really making her pain �she was moaning �. But after my continuous efforts I was finally in her pussy �..i look towards her face her eyes were closed ..having heavy breath ��so was the condition of mine �.then I gave the first jerk �..both of us moaned ad then I started slowly slowly ��in and out �.i was really in the seventh sky �.she was maoning continuously �.in silence ��and my face was and body was sweating �.i was fucking my darling �. i increased my face ��her body was getting tensed and she hold me tight and then she started ejaculating heavily n I also exploded heaviely �.we were both ejacutating �.while fucking with ful pace �.and I fall on her .full of sweat on cheast and face �.we were in the same position for abt 5 minutes then she again kissed me on the face �.and said I love u tooo ajay .. I went to my home after some times �..and I use to fuck her until last year when we left that apartment and she went to delhi with her husband ���.i m in final year now �. In those 3 years I fucked hard �enjoyed a lot those were my golden dayes with her �.i fucked her in all the partes of her house �..bathroom , kitchen ,bedroom ,living and drawing room

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