How I Enjoyed Sex With Professor After The Online Class

How I Enjoyed Sex With Professor After The Online Class

Previous Part: Online Classes And Offline Sex Part 1

Hi guys, this is Andy here. Hope you all are ready for this story of sex with professor.

I urge you all to read the earlier part so that it’d be more fascinating to read it from scratch. It was Wednesday at 10 AM, and our online classes started. Being a college kid, I was not in the mood to wake up at that time and attend my classes.

But I motivated myself as it was Vanita’s class.  I don’t wanna miss the class of the bitch whom I fucked. She wore a red saree with matching lipstick. She was looking so adorable that all the guys pinned her screen to a larger view and were observing.

As she was fair in complexion, the blood-red saree went well on her with nice contrast. I immediately texted her on WhatsApp, “Oh, you look so hot, babe!” She started blushing, which was visible to the class through the screen.

She finished that day’s class and got feedback on the online mode of classes, and her hot looks from many students. I asked her if we both can have a quickie tomorrow before the class starts. She was like, “No way, my mind will be distracted throughout the class, and I can’t let that happen.”

But I wasn’t accepting this answer, and my mind started thinking cunningly like always. And then Thursday began. As usual, the classes happened between 9-12, and then we logged out. I thought of an idea, her computer and my computer were in sync, as I already did it when I went to her place before.

My computer had a master server, and she was the host. I disconnected the server. So she couldn’t get an internet service. She rang me up at 2 PM. That was the time she used to masturbate and take a bath.

She told me that the wi-fi has some issues, and she’s not able to connect to the internet. And this problem has to be solved as it might affect her online class. I knew this chance was a good one, and things were perfectly going as planned. I told her I’m having some work and will reach her place by 6.30 PM.

I was also aware that I must have some reason to meet her, as it’s hard to reach out to her casually. I left my place around 5.45 PM as her place was not far from mine. I rang the bell as soon as I reached and she opened the door. The milk toned bitch was standing in front of my eyes, ready to get fucked.

And I was pretty excited about this. We went in, and I acted like I was doing the repair work and fixing the issue. She was standing next to me in a navy blue chudidar, which was exposing her assets nicely. I brushed my fingers on her arms till the shoulders.

She felt an electric current running through the body as I played. She immediately sat on my lap, and that made my dick become harder. She was moving over my lap as my fingers were playing around her stomach.

I raised her top a little and could feel the chillness of her body through her stomach. She was rubbing my dick with her ass through the clothes. Slowly her fingers rushed to my dick. My boy got super excited, and now the current was flowing through my body.

The vibe was getting ecstatic between us. She slowly knelt in front of me. I took out my dick from the shorts and directly went for the balls. She was sucking it with tongue by swallowing the balls inside her mouth. I could feel the warmth of her blows inside the mouth.

And her tongue was doing a fantastic job inside. I was massaging her hair and breathing heavily as she was blowing me. I took off her tops, and to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing a slip or bra. That delighted me a lot. I wasted no time and grabbed her boobs right away.

I played with them nicely. 38D is surely a delight for a 20-year-old and that too his professor. She was moaning my name while I was pressing her boobs, which made me even hornier. She started tweaking and sucking my dick, and she was in no mood to stop.

I lifted her up and made her undress completely. I made her sit on the desk and fingered her pussy. My fingers became wet instantly with her pussy juice, while we entangled with a lip-lock. I moved down to her boobs while the pussy being drilled with 2 of my fingers.

The heat between our bodies was intensifying, and nipples were starting to get erect by the work of my tongue. We both had no track of the time, and it was already 7 PM. We heard the doorbell ring. Vanita got up immediately and dressed up in a rush to open the door.

It was her hubby, he was tired and went straight into the room. I finally got myself dressed and then told the work was done in a naughty way to Vanita. I silently sneaked out of the house without him noticing. After reaching home, she texted me.

V: Hey, that was so close. We should be aware of the surroundings next time.

M: Yea, true, let’s make sure we don’t have any issues like this in the future. Now goodnight, see you tomorrow in class, ma’am.

V: Goodnight, my dear student.

The Friday classes happened, and it went on normal. But I could see the bite marks which I made on Vanita’s neck and texted her to hide it with foundation. The following night I texted her.

M: Hey, tomorrow you must be free, right? It’s a holiday, so no online classes.

V: Yea, I’m free. But that depends on which purpose!

M: Obviously, you know the reason. I will be entering your house, and you don’t act like you don’t know.

V: Hahaha, nice try, but my hubby will be home, and our game can’t be played.

M: I’ll make sure his presence won’t bother our game

V: Don’t even think about it, now goodnight.

I laughed as I saw that text and slept. The next day I woke up and got ready at 10 and started to her house, I got myself neatly dressed up in formals. And I sent her a pic of mine saying, “On my way.”

She was shocked, saying her husband is at home and asked me not to come. By the time she sent that message, the doorbell had rung. It was me on the other side with a box of honey and ice creams.

She opened the door, and she was stunned, seeing me like that. Her husband was asking me who it was. She was stumbling to answer as she wasn’t ready for it. He came to the door to check the situation, and then the twist happened in the story.

I’ll be saying it in the next part about what happened. With this the part 2 ends.

Do give feedback for this story, which will help me to write more.

Stay safe, stay home.

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