How I had unplanned sex with my best friend – Lush story

How I had unplanned sex with my best friend – Lush story

Hii everyone, I am sharing the real thing that happened to me with my best friend. Before that about me, I am 26, and she is 28. We actually met in the office where I am working right now. We were unknown to each other till we met in the office.

As days passed we became good friends for the last 3 years. I used to like her a lot but my bad luck because she was engaged. 5 months after I joined she had an arranged marriage. That was the only time when we were not in touch outside the office, during her initial married days.

Then as usual days were going we used to chat after office as well. Once she said she is having a lot of problems in her life. She never shared it with me but one day she will. And then one day, we met in Mc Donald’s and she broke down in front of me while sharing her problems.

I took her out, we went into the car and she hugged me and cried a lot. I was giving her full support and consolation. After a few minutes, she was feeling better. She said that she had to go but then I insisted her to allow me to drop her. Firstly she said no but then she agreed.

So I went to drop her home and she asked me for a coffee. Her husband was at the office so she was alone. She insisted me for the coffee that’s why I said yes and we went into her home. This was the first time I visited her place after her marriage.

We had a coffee in the hall itself and were just sitting and chatting. Then I was about to move, so I hugged and said bye, take care to her. But she was still hugging me, crying. I was actually shocked and worried now.

Me: What happened why are you crying?

She: Nothing just felt like crying, thank you, thanks a lot for being there always.

Me: I am always there with you and I will. So now stop crying and be a brave girl, come on.

But she was crying and I kept holding her, hugging for about a minute then she stopped crying. We were just looking at each other in each other’s eyes. And suddenly, we both kissed. We then stopped, and she stood back and said sorry to me.

Then I went closer to her and started kissing her. After a few seconds, she also started kissing me. We had a slow continuous kiss at that time standing there only. Then we went to her bedroom, I locked the door and we continued kissing each other.

Now while kissing my one hand was on her boobs and other on her ass. Then I started kissing her neck. While doing that, I removed her black top, which she was wearing. Now she was in a black bra and jeans. I then kissed her neck and cleavage while pressing her boobs.

She was just staring at me while I was doing that. Then she unhooked her bra on her own and removed it. She offered me her left boob to which I started sucking that. She was moaning very lightly. I sucked both the boobs, they were so soft. They were just cute.

Then she took me up and we again started kissing for some time. Then I turned her and kissed her back her shoulders and her armpits. Then I went down on my knees and kissed her stomach, her belly button. The moment I had my tongue in her belly button, she just moaned.

Then I unbuttoned her jeans and removed them. As soon as I removed it, I looked at her in hunger. She was also looking at me, but I couldn’t understand her expressions. I then turned her and started kissing her back while on my knees, and I removed her panty while kissing her.

I kissed and pressed her ass, then holding it there, I started licking it. She was moaning. I licked her ass from bottom to top, very slowly enjoying it. Then I had my tongue in her ass hole to which she was moaning. I was completely crazy while doing that I just loved it.

Then she turned to me and was looking at me. Then she asked me to stand up and we went to bed and then holding my hair she guided me between her legs. I started licking her pussy. I just loved it. I loved the taste, and I actually went mad. I started sucking and eating her pussy very passionately.

She was moaning intensely and was saying, “Oh yes, baby, oh my god.” Trust me, she was so wet at that time. While I was eating her out, she was also moving her pussy up and down up and down.

Then after a few minutes, she held me tightly on her pussy and was moaning, “Oh my god, I am cumming, I am cumming,” and she came. Then without waiting any more, she pulled me up. She said in a sensuous voice, “Come on, fuck me.”

The moment she pulled me up, I saw that her face and eyes were completely red, she was sweating instead of having AC on. Then I started putting my dick in her pussy to which she also helped me in that. Then I was fucking her at a normal pace.

After a minute, she started pulling me and saying to go fast. So I increased my pace for a few seconds. Because I didn’t want to cum early, I started giving her slow and deep shots. As soon as I started giving her slow and deep shots, she started moaning more heavily.

This whole time her eyes were half-closed, and I can clearly see that she was enjoying it to the fullest. After a few minutes she flipped on me and she was now on top. She then took my dick in her pussy and started riding. She was holding my hand very very tightly.

She was riding like crazy until she reached her orgasm. I just can’t forget her expressions while she was reaching her orgasm. Then she slept on me like that only. Then after a minute or two we again started kissing each other. I also sucked her boobs and pressed them very well.

She: I just can’t thank you enough for this.

Me: I must thank you for this. You are awesome.

Then after a minute of conversation.

Me: Can I lick your ass? It’s too sexy.

She: Yes, but only if you will do it a bit more deep and crazy.

I was so happy, and now she was lying in front of me, and I started licking her. I was so happy and enjoying it a lot. Then I had my tongue in her ass hole and was doing it. She was moaning and enjoying it a lot. She also raised her ass a bit up while I was doing it. I was continuously doing it.

After a few minutes, she holds me and said, “I can’t control now, please do it.” And it that position itself with her ass raised, I was about to put my dick in her pussy. She held my dick, guided it to her ass, and said, “Now do it.” I asked her if she is sure about it, to which she replied, just do it.

I started putting it in slowly. After it went in, I started fucking her, holding her waist with both my hands. After a few minutes, I started doing it at full pace. It was so amazing, and this time she was moaning like hell. Trust me, the way she was moaning this time was just out of this world.

I fucked her ass for about 15 minutes. Then she came to me and started sucking my dick and my balls. She was doing it as if she is hungry for long. I was now moaning. She was taking it deep and doing like crazy at a point, I said, “I am cumming,” and I tried pushing her away.

But she said shut up, and she continued, and I came in her mouth. I came a lot as I was controlling it since the beginning. She has a mouthful and she swallowed it with a smile on her face.

Me: You are just crazy.

She: I wanted to have it so I had it that’s it thank you very much. I will remember this always.

Then we both freshened up, and I went back home.

That was all for that day. We had it for almost 15 to 20 times after that. The one I shared was the first one we had. If you guys trust me and wanna know the best ever I had with her, please let me know in the comments section or message me.

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