How I Met And Fucked A Beautiful Hot Girl In A Chennai Bar

How I Met And Fucked A Beautiful Hot Girl In A Chennai Bar

Greetings! This is Kaizad. I am here with my story about a beautiful hot girl. For those who don’t know me, I am a resident doctor, basically, from NCR, currently in Chennai.

This happened when I was an intern (2019), maybe a week or two before Holi. While the internship was hitting hard, I decided to take a break, explore, and chill at least on weekends. So I started going out with friends to clubs, pubs and live music.

At one such instance, I happen to come across this girl (Mehek) at a bar. She looked gorgeous in her shiny party wear top and black jeans. I was shy in the beginning but noticed she was stealing looks too. We had a few eye contacts. I started checking her out – head-to-toe – examination.

She had a pretty nice curvy figure, fair with amazing assets. Unfortunately, nothing much happened on the first day. I couldn’t gather the courage to go over and ask her out. I saw her again the next Saturday and figured that she comes there every Saturday for live music.

We again had a few eye contacts. She was like eye candy for me now. I loved staring at her bra strap, or thin lace top, her naked waist (at times), and of course, her amazing ass in that tight jeans. I decided to go over and talk to her on the 3rd Saturday.

I dressed up decently that day and went alone (without my friends) and waited for her. When she came, I went to her and offered her a drink. To my surprise, she was waiting for me to ask her out all these days. I learned she was 2 years older than me.

We had a nice ½ hr chat. Damn, she smelled so sexy and her aroma- it was all so seducing for me. I could not resist the temptations to look at her beautiful round boobs where I wanted to bury my face in. I guess she noticed but was pretty comfortable with it. She was getting a bit tipsy by now.

We went to the beach after that and sat across the shore. I asked her if she was feeling okay, to which she told she was a bit dizzy and wanted to lie down. I was shy and didn’t want to hurry and spoil things.

After making her comfortable, I asked.
Me- We can get a room if you want? There are many good hotels nearby. Don’t worry, I won’t bite. (damn I wanted to bite her and eat her all over.)

She- Well, well, I can see someone’s getting straight to business. (this was my green signal, and I just held it tight as fuck)
Me-Maybe, maybe not. Depends. Let’s see how things go if you’re interested.

I winked. She came closer now and said.
She- Have you ever had any experience, boy?

I could feel her breathing heavy. She was getting horny now. I made a bold move, kept my hands on her thighs, and start moving up while talking.

Me- Why don’t you find out yourself?

I’ve had some experience, but never any bar escapes. She held my hands and pressed in deep in her thighs.

She- I could see you staring me as if you wanna eat me. I love your eyes on me.

Me- Of course, I want to.

I was pressing her inner thighs by now and kissing her neck. She was biting her lips.

She- You like what you see?

To this, I planted my lips on hers and kissed her softly. Damn, that felt so good. We didn’t separate for a minute. I held her face with both my hands and smooched her. I was sucking her tongue, kissing her lips.

She was responding very well. We were exchanging saliva. I moved my hands on her waist and slowly up her boobs. I needed that desperately, and I started pressing. She was moaning softly. We had completely forgotten we were on the beach. We separated.

I immediately booked a nearby hotel. She asked me to get a t-shirt for her. We checked in, and I went back to the hostel to get one of my t-shirts for her. I jumped on her as soon as I entered the room. I planted a small kiss on her lips when she opened the door. The valet was still standing there.

I got in, and I closed the door. She said seductively, “Let’s see what you got, boy.” I was kissing her passionately now. She closed her eyes and had given all in. I took her to bed, kissing all the way.

Then she said, “Did you get a condom?”

Me- Oh, shoot! I forgot.

She got a bit disappointed and said no sex without a condom. I said, okay. But I was sure in my mind I won’t let this opportunity go without banging her. I was kissing her lips again, with one hand on her boob. Crushing them hard now, she was moaning.

She kept my other hand on her boob, and I started crushing them together. I undressed her hurriedly. Wow, she was looking amazing. I jumped on her boobs, kissing her neck. I came slowly down, licking her ears to her boobs.

Unhooked her bra in a go, I started licking her areolae, sucking her nipples, biting them. She was going crazy. It was painful, but she was enjoying it to the core. She held my head and pressed in against her bare breasts. I approximated both her nipples and sucked them both together.

I was rubbing her nipples, pinching, and twisting. “Ah Kaizad, that feels amazing. Please don’t stop, baby.” She had very sensitive nipples. She told me later she had an orgasm when I was playing with her nipples. She was in her jeans only and no top. She got up a bit to adjust.

Damn, she looked so sexy half undressed. She smiled and came closer and kissed, “You definitely have some experience.” Now she was pressing my dick above my jeans and rubbing while kissing. I was getting really hard by now. I started pressing her tight ass above her jeans while kissing.

I was literally groping and snatching her butt cheeks. She was enjoying it. Then I kept my hand on her thighs and began pressing on her pussy above her jeans. She was damn hot down there. She split her legs, welcoming me. I was licking her neck now.

She was moaning, “Remove my jeans, I wanna feel you touch me down there.”

Me- Down here? (inserting my hand in her jeans) You like it, sweetheart? My fingers on your panty?”

I was rubbing her pussy over her panty by now. Her panty was dripping wet by now. I went down and undressed her jeans. She was in panty, splitting her legs wide open for me. I could smell her wetness, that aroma. It was all so sexy. I went down her navel to her thighs. Kissing her inner thighs.

She was spreading wide for me, moving her hands in my hair. I was kissing all around but not on the pussy. I told her, “I wanna drink all your juices, huh.”

She-Oh, baby, it’s all yours, Kaizad. Stop teasing, please. I cannot take it anymore.

I kissed finally on her panty. It was literally drenched with her juices by now and was all sticky. I loved the mess. I was kissing her wet cunt above her panty. She was moving her hip and pushing my face in. “Rip my fucking panties off and fuck me, please.”

I removed her panties with my teeth and kissed her wet cunt deep. I gave a long deep lick on her pussy, spreading her labia. I was moving my tongue in her pussy, kissing her clit, and exploring her love hole. I drank all her juices. I was fucking my tongue in her vagina now. She was moving her hips accordingly.

She was moaning loudly by now. I started licking her clit fast like a dog. While fingering her cunt, I increased my speed. She was about to cum now. And she came. I was still down licking her pussy. It was such a mess, all my saliva with her juices was dripping till her ass hole.

She saw and said, “Wow, look at the mess you’ve made out of me. That was amazing.” But that was not all, she was still horny, and I was still on her pussy. I got up. She was kissing me endlessly and unzipped my jeans. She started stroking my dick. I was rubbing her clit while smooching.

She said, “Baby, you’re huge, and your dick is so beautiful. I am reconsidering my decision. Besides, you’re a doc, so you can handle it very well. I want you in honey. Fuck me raw. Fuck me, please, will you? Fuck me with that fat cock of yours. I wanna feel it all in me, Kaizad.”

I was so turned on by her words. I went down, kissed, and licked her pussy for a while. She spat on her hand and applied saliva on my dick and pointed it herself in her vagina. When It touched her pussy for the 1st time, I was like ‘wow’- it was so warm and sloppy. I rubbed her clit with my glans.

She was literally losing it by now and was out of control. I teased her, “You want me in, baby? Do you want my dick in your wet cunt? Tell me how bad you need it, sweetheart? Kaizad, fuck me now, please. I want you to fuck me and destroy my fucking pussy.”

I pushed it all in without delaying further. I made it halfway through. God, she was so warm and wet in there, and she was tight. She screamed at once, “Fuck. It’s paining.” I kissed her then, and with another push, I was all in. I stopped a bit and kissed her and started moving my hip now.

She was enjoying it now. I increased my speed. I was fucking her really fast now. She was moaning like anything. We were about to cum now. I told her and started fucking as fast as I could. She had cum already by now. I came a few moments after her and released my load on her tummy.

She seemed so happy and satisfied. I collapsed on her, and we were hugging and kissing again, all nude. She said, “Damn, you’re so good at this. We should do it more often.” I smiled and kissed her.

So, this was my first bar escape experience with a beautiful hot girl.

PS- I am really very sorry for all those who tried contacting me previously on hangouts after my last story was posted. I did not notice the invitations section. But I tried making up to all by replying as soon as I saw their messages. And I can assure you that I am very much available for you all now.

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